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Arsenal Suarez bid always doomed to failure


Arsenal are looking to add some bit to their attack, but have failed with a £30million bid for Liverpool's Luis Suarez

Arsenal are looking to add some bite to their attack, but have failed with a £30million bid for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez

On Sunday night Arsenal put in a sensational £30million bid for Liverpool’s want away striker Luis Suarez.

The Reds forward has repeatedly stated that he wants to leave Liverpool because of the British media victimising him, so a move to Arsenal would not exactly solve that problem.


I do not believe that Arsenal ever realistically thought that they would sign Suarez.

It seems like a not very subtle way of telling Real Madrid that they have got other options apart from their striker Gonzalo Higuain.

The Argentinian has been expected to complete a move to the Emirates for what now seems an age. However, for one reason or another the believed £21million transfer has not yet been completed, despite all parties seemingly wanting the deal to happen.

I do not know what is holding up the deal, but this move suggests that Los Blancos are holding up the transfer, rather than Arsenal or the player himself.


I do not think that Arsenal signing Luis Suarez was ever going to happen. Arsenal do have money to spend this summer. However, signing Suarez would take a huge chunk out of the Gunners transfer kitty this summer.

Not only that, but Suarez claims he wants a move abroad, and last time I checked London is not abroad. If Suarez made the move then he would make himself look like a complete and utter liar, to add to his already long lists of career misdemeanour’s.

The bookmakers have now shortened the odds of Suarez moving to the Emirates, because so many people have backed the move to happen. Spanish giants Real Madrid still remain favourites to sign the striker though.

Chelsea are also believed to be interested in signing Suarez. The same obstacles stand in the way of that move as well. Chelsea is in London also for those that are not very good with geography, like me.

They may have a glamorous foreign boss and host of foreign players, but they are still based in England’s capital I believe.


At the moment I really would not bet against Luis Suarez staying at Liverpool. It will be difficult for the Uruguayan to go back to Liverpool after all his comments about leaving, but Suarez has proved that he has more front than Brighton in the past.

Suarez was a Liverpool hero prior to this summer, when he has constantly tried to sell himself like a lady of the night to Spanish giants Real Madrid. The majority of Reds supporters seem to have now lost patience with the Uruguayans antics.

Talking to Reds and reading Liverpool forums it looks as though Liverpool fans would now be willing to take £40million for their star striker and move on. Unfortunately nobody has yet put that sort of bid in for the striker and he could be left in limbo (also not a foreign club Luis!).

Talented but temperaMENTAL

Luis Suarez is a player that is a major contradiction. He is a fantastic footballer, whose abilities cannot be questioned. However, to use an old fashioned English term, the Uruguayan definitely has a screw loose.

He will work tirelessly on the pitch for the teams he plays for, but seems to be a ticking time bomb. You just never know what is going to happen when he enters the pitch. He could produce a moment of magic, or he could make a meal out of the opposition. You just never know.

I know I have used the phrase flawed genius when describing Suarez in the past, but maybe that would be over egging his ability slightly. He is a very good player, that can produce fantastic skill. However, in football terms I would not call him a genius, so that just leaves the flawed bit….

If Luis Suarez does move to Real Madrid this summer, I expect the word ‘loco’ to be used in the likes of Marca and other Spanish publications a lot in the next few years.


I would be very surprised to see Luis Suarez joining another English club this summer. If he does then Liverpool fans will be well within their rights to hate the Uruguayan, just like a host of opposition fans.

However, I believe that Luis Suarez will probably join Real Madrid this summer, or return to Anfield to face a very frosty reception from the Liverpool faithful. I know which one Suarez is hoping for this summer.

Was Arsenal’s bid for Luis Suarez a realistic one?



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Suarez transfer will not happen at any cost. Liverpool will not sell him to Arsenal and i don’t think he will join Arsenal.

Then why we tried him. Is it just for creating news and cheat fans effectively. Is it Arsenal FC strategy to cheat fans. Strong doubt. Because Arsenal is behind never happen transfers with cheap money like Rooney, Torres, etc….


Whats that youngster’s name? Oh yess, Raheem… i rate Wenger should invest there!

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