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Bale: Ronaldo more complete than Messi

Tottenham forward Gareth Bale says Cristiano Ronaldo is a more ‘complete footballer’ than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

Tottenham forward Gareth Bale says Cristiano Ronaldo is a more ‘complete footballer’ than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

The in-form Spurs attacker, who is rumoured to be a transfer target for both Real Madrid and Bayern Munich this summer, has scored 13 Premier League goals so far this season.

Asked the question “Messi or Ronaldo?” by Life’s a Pitch, Bale revealed his admiration for Los Blancos’ star.

“For me, personally, I’d say Ronaldo,” the 23-year-old Welshman responded.

“He’s got the whole package. He’s strong, he’s powerful, he’s pacey, can head the ball, strike the ball. Obviously, you can’t say anything bad about Messi, but for the all-round complete footballer, I’d say Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The comments are likely to be taken as a welcome sign by Real Madrid that the Wales international would relish the chance to link up with Ronaldo.

According to reports, Los Merengues are expected to challenge Bayern for his signature at the end of the season in a move thought to potentially be worth around 50 million euros.

By then, Bayern will be managed by Messi’s former Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, who is said to also have a great interest in bringing Bale to the Bavarian outfit.

Sun 17 Feb, 2013
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  1. VAZZ says:

    SMS…that doesn’t prove anything…n I m sure u r one of those kind that follows anyone who is at the top at that time…not a true fan….u must have been Ronaldo’s fan before…n then messi now…hehehe… N the fact still remains that messi can’t play in the EPL…he has lot to prove….n guess what…I m pretty sure u’ll be a fan of Neymar soon…typical..

  2. VAZZ says:

    SMS….now don’t start digging the messi files again…I believe messi is good..but I’m just saying its not a fair judgement until he plays for other clubs or leagues…don’t u think so…??now that Neymar is in the club…just like messi n ronaldo he is gonna score many goals…n with the support of his great team mates around him he might even surpass messi….what do u think…??…I think it’s time for u to change ur footballer…i know u will…hehe

  3. SMS says:

    Maybe you are not a very good telepath. Your prediction about me is really stupid and childish (as I said earlier). Your prediction about Messi is the same. Ronaldo didnt score as many goals as he is doing now. I mean his scoring ratio was less than 0.5 at MAN U. He didnt prove anything. Any good striker can do that when he has Giggs and Scholes at peak to support him.
    Why do you want to impose your attitude over me?
    You must be having this attitude of changing your stars. You must have jumped to Ronaldo and since he has still not declined you are just not able to make up your mind that Messi is better.
    Please just don’t keep repeating the same thing. (Especially laughing stupidly). And stop thinking that everyone is like you. Remember that I am neither a Ronaldo fan nor a Neymar fan. Keep your telepathing skills to yourself.

  4. SMS says:

    How will Ronaldo show that he is better when he realy isn’t?
    Real Madrid isn’t just about Ronaldo. It has many other legends.
    One more thing, Barcelona is better than Real Madrid. Have a look at the facts. Barca have won 4 of 5 last LIGA BBVA which means they have consistently been better than Real Madrid over the entire years.

  5. OTONG says:

    Yeaaaaaaaa… that’s your opinion, of course every human being has a right to saying about their idols.. well for me, Messi is numero UNO, in javanese language is NOMER SIJI!!

  6. VAZZ says:

    SMS…..hehe..can’t help after reading your comment old man…hehe…the fact that messi can’t play in other clubs remains the fact…n you can’t do n say anything about it old man…n that’s why Ronaldo is better…as for my telepathy skill I’ll keep it to myself cos u might not live that long to see Neymar surpass messi….right old man…??!!hehe..

  7. SMS says:

    How can you say that Messi cant play for other clubs?
    Dont you remember how he destroyed Man U in CL final.
    Dont you remember how he has repestedly destroyed Madrid?
    Dont you remember how he destroyed Milan?
    Dont you remember how he crushed Bayer Leverkusen single-handedly?
    Still you are trying to impose your attitude over me.
    Perhaps along with your poor telepathy skill, poor future idol, whom you are gonna make your idol when Ronaldo has declined, and poor memory, you should take a break from the game UNCLE.

  8. Chillax Guys says:

    Ok… Tough Debate but i have to agree with Vazz. Messi can only play 433,4312 whereas Ronaldo can play almost all of them. Ronaldo is taller, Ambidextrous, but the thing that kills him is his attitude if not for that Ronaldo would be much, much better than Messi. Also to make good caomparisons you have to see Messi in other clubs hes been at barca way tooooooooooo long. My point is there exactly at same level now, but Ronaldo has way more potential.

  9. VAZZ says:

    Chillax guys….exactly…that’s what I’ve been trying to tell this old guy(SMS)…but with age he’s lost his sense…hehe….messi is like domesticated…can’t survive in the wild…while Ronaldo can play anywhere….

  10. SMS says:

    @Vazz @Chillax
    Is Man U wilderness?
    Man U is perhaps one of the best teams in the world.
    Dont you call a player who plays for just one club, who is devoted and loyal to a team which has done so much to him a not so good player?
    Perhaps according to you Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Ramos, Xabi, Shwiensteiger, Giggs, Scholes, Lampard, Terry, Gerrard, Ferdinand are stupid players.
    What stupidness is this?
    I already gave a proof that he can destroy the best teams of the best leagues in the world. Hence, he will have no problem in playing in any league in the world.
    Chillax, Messi used to play as a winger until Villa got injured. Talking about formations its not upto Messi to decide the formation, perhaps it is up to the coach to decide.
    I also told you that Messi has a better scoring average than Ronaldo for Argentina and Portugal respectively.
    Talking about height and power, yes Messi doesnt have that, but Ronaldo too cant dribble, pass, defend and run past defenders like Messi.
    So, its a no brainer that Messi is better than Ronaldo since he is more effective.
    -a 16 year old UNCLES

  11. Vazz says:

    SMS….that STILL DOESN’T PROVE THAT MESSI CAN PLAY IN OTHER CLUBS IN OTHER LEAGUES…GET IT GRANNY???(for you poor eye sight)hehehe…it’s no use trying to reason with an imbecile…so I give up…u win granny…I don’t want to be a reason for a stroke or something…hehehe….so until messi leaves barca there is no fair comparison…no debate..i rest my case…chill..

  12. AAHY says:

    Either this way or another Ronaldo will always be better than Messi.

  13. Jake Centenho says:

    poor SMS old man.. got no friends?lol
    CR7 is still the best player in the world.

  14. SMS says:

    I need no support.
    You had to give up poor UNCLE Vazz cause you know you are wrong.
    Messi can score against these teams means he can play in these leagues.
    Well I found another fault in you.
    Your understanding skill is zero Vazz. LOL

  15. An impartial observer says:

    The fact everyone always argues that X is better than Messi, or Y is better than Messi proves one thing – Messi is the measure of all others. So you do the math.

  16. SMS says:

    @An Impartial Observer
    Well said brother.
    Thats what I have been saying.

  17. Brad says:

    nicely phrased. when it comes to modern day players, at least.

  18. mr13 says:

    To be comparing both is not fair and a tough job..both hv qualities and own skills..messi has been in the same club since his childhood,so he knows the style of club play and ideas of his team mates like xavi,puyol,pique,andres(iniesta) etc.so its not difficult for him to team up and score cause they are together for last decades..bt ronaldo has been test and tried again and again in different clubs and leagues and he has emerged better and bettter..messi needs to be tested with other clubs before both can be compared.as for their national sides both have nt done much..for barca ronaldinho was the one who took the club from bad phase to dominating force again in world football.so messi enjoyed to join the seniors when the club was enjoying success.bt madrid was struggling after the retiring of the giants like zidane,raul,ronaldo,figo etc.so ronaldo had a task to prove and he did..bt both cant be compared to pele,maradona,zidane ,ronaldinho and other legends coz they are better only in club games and not with the national side…

  19. Barry says:

    Totally agree that it is a hard job to compare both but really its down to your own personal opinion. Therefore you have bias towards one over the other as you’ll favour your choice.
    Personally I prefer Messi as the guy all round is a football player and has remained truly down to earth where as Ronaldo is a fantastic player but to me loves his extravagant lifestyle as much as his football.
    We currently live in a footballing world where you get looked at initially by size, if your not 6ft tall autmatically your not physically capable of the modern demands of the game – untrue as Messi, Xavu & Iniesta have proved.
    The guy earlier who made the comment can’t be Messi as he hasn’t proved it in the EPL, that one made me laugh. THE EPL is hanging onto the 3rd best league in Europe below Spain then Germany while just keeping above Italy.
    The Champions League 2012/2013 proves this!!

  20. ROCBAC says:

    Ronaldo is bigger and stronger than Messi and yet Messi is compared to him, so that means Messi is better. Example, if a 100lb man beats a 250lb man in a fist fight u would say he can fight better than the 250lb man but if it was the other way around u would say the 250lb man took advantage of the 100lb man so with all the advantages Ronaldo has over Messi, Leo still out shines him so what does that tells u

  21. rk says:

    Cant compare Messi nd Ronaldo….but I belive Messi is better than cr7 …….

  22. Misrak says:

    For me Gareth Bale is not fit enough to comment about Messi . He is nothing (again for me). Messi is the best player ever after Maradona . It will be so unfair to compare such a great star with cr7.

  23. Ob901 says:

    @SMS @Vazz.. You are stating opinions.. Messi isn’t better than ronaldo and Ronaldo isn’t better than Messi… Shut up and stop arguing.. Messi wouldn’t be wear he is, if he didn’t have Xavi, Fabregas, Sanchez, Dani Alves and all of the Barca players… Ronaldo wouldn’t be anything if he didn’t have Ozil, Benzema, Higuain, Di Maria, Alonso, Khedira and the rest of RM… So stop arguing on who’s better, They are different play styles and different players… And this is coming from a 13 yr old…

  24. SMS says:

    You have no right to shut me up. I will speak whenever i want and be quiet whenever i like. Why are you just rekindling a fire which has already died down? If you try to do that you will yourself burn in it.(ask Vazz).
    Football is not a one man game, it is a team game. That is what i have been trying to tell these stupid Cristiano Ronaldo fans who think Real Madrid is a one man army.
    For the case of both having different styles i have already said that Ronaldo is more physical but Messi is all skill. Since, Messi’s style is more effective (as records prove) therefore he IS a better player than Ronaldo.
    You are pretty darn stupid (as you are just 13) to repeat the things i had already said.

  25. Brad says:

    funnily enough, it’s the barca fans who make all the noise about how Madrid fans think it’s all about Ronaldo, and that RM is nothing without him, and yet Barca fans actually have the same train of thought about Messi. . . hypocritical.

  26. Johndoe says:

    Oh come on now… These guys stats are both strong in there own way but it’s a fact that Messi stats are a little bit more stronger. Messi IS the best player in the world, Ronaldo is second. Like I tell many Ronaldo fans is being the 2nd best footballer in the world really that bad that you have to cry about it? They are both “complete” in there own way as they both excel in the areas they are good at. Maybe Ronaldo will beat Messi this year.. Who actually cares.

  27. michael says:

    U guys ar 2 dull.messi is d best tin dat has happened 2 football.frm a loyal barca fan.bt i luv ronaldo,neymar nd bale wit all ma heart

  28. rashed says:

    ok…all the messi fans belive …..messi is the best in the world….but CR7 best in the universe…..

  29. Abduselam,Ethiopia says:

    Messi is 2 years less than ronaldo,so imagine what will he achieved with in 2 years. He is destroying different records held by differrent legendary players(not ronaldo). In all areas of stats messi is better. Again they are 4 to 1 on ballon d’or, so it is difficult as well as impossible to compare 4 consecutive winner with one time winner(as many footballers.) being one’s fan and accepting the fact are different. I think the issue should be ”is messi the greatest footballer of all time ?” rather than comparing 2 things which have a huge difference. Messi is in another level. One amaizing fool thinking is that messi can’t be successful in another leagues while seeing him destroying the better teams of the other leagues in champions league,which means you are saying, QPR,derby.sundeland,wigan,reading,…. are better than the likes of arsenal, man utd; teams like palermo,genoa,atlana,…. Better than milan. Supper messi again.

  30. Rajshekhar says:

    CR7 is d bst……records doesn’t mean messi is gr8…messi plays well only wid barca….ronaldo can play anywhere n score goals…..CR7 can blend in anywhere

  31. The Guy who actually knows soccer says:

    It is true messi dickhead. Ronaldo awesome. Ronaldo plays fairly, while Messi just falls on ground crying like a little baby when you touch him. Ppl don’t see it.

  32. SMS says:

    It looks like you are the guy who doesnt know anything about football but pretends to know everything. Its Ronaldo who has cried many times on the field and not Messi you idiot.

  33. The Guy who actually knows soccer says:

    you see this is the problem with guys like you. Your just so blind and cant see anything.

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