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Come on Leicester!

Claudio Ranieri's Leicester's has taken the Premier League by storm this season

Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester’s has taken the Premier League by storm this season

This season has been one of the most interesting in the history of the Premier League.

All the money clubs have struggled to make an impact on a league that apparently is a more level playing field now financially.

All the talk of a level playing gets me annoyed and frustrated. How can Leicester’s team, put together with very little funds, be compared to Manchester City’s, Manchester United’s or Chelsea’s?

In truth Leicester’s current first team probably cost little more than City spent on Kevin De Bruyne, yet they are top of the Premier League table by five points. Leicester are the ultimate David, who is not only beating Goliath but stealing his woman in the process.

Adventure and success go together

I am a neutral and I find myself cheering on Leicester every weekend. I am not the only neutral out there who does this. The message boards and forums are covered with neutral fans professing their man love for the Foxes.

Leicester are not only going up against the established order, but they are doing it in style. They are not beating teams with just sheer hard work. They are playing a brand of football that most fans like to watch.

For most of the campaign they have had the audacity to play two men up front and boy has it paid off. Leicester are no street thugs, they are a team that can play the beautiful game.

Riyad Mahrez is the dazzle that makes the Foxes shine, but the likes of N’Golo Kante and Danny Drinkwater should be given immense credit for their work this season. Their hard work in the centre of midfield allows for the adventurous style of play that the Foxes play.

Deserves all the credit he gets

I have to say I have always liked Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri. The Italian has always come across as a genuinely nice guy. He was regarded as something of a flop at Chelsea for the Blues finishing second. The veteran boss helped develop that Chelsea team and the club are stronger for his input to this day.

Ranieri has been pretty successful throughout his managerial career, but he has always been the nearly guy. Nearly winning leagues and being the perennial runner-up. I just hope for his and Leicester’s sake that changes this season.

The Italian has proven he does have decent tactically nous and if Leicester holds on to top spot this season then Ranieri will finally receive the reward for all his managerial hard work down the years. It could not happen to a nicer guy.

The veteran boss has just tweaked Nigel Pearson’s side from last season and added a few players to make the Foxes title contenders, which quite incredible considering they were such short odds to be relegated in pre-season.

Firm favourites for the title

Leicester’s fairy-tale ending is now in sight. The Foxes are now firm favourites for the title at odds of 11/10 following their 1-0 win at Watford on Saturday. The fact that title rivals Spurs and Arsenal drew 2-2 earlier in the day means that Leicester are now five points clear at the top of the table.

Leicester fans must be hugely enjoying this season’s campaign, but at the same time they must be wishing the season away. I know I am for them.

This season is like the sort of campaigns of the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s were teams came from absolute nowhere to win the league title. Big money did not spoil the fun of every team having a chance of challenging at the top.

This season could be a once in the lifetime opportunity for Leicester City. They will never have a better chance of claiming a Premier League title and it seems the players are grasping the opportunity.

The Foxes players seem to be taking their title challenge in their stride, while title rivals Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City players are suddenly rushing to the toilet every five minutes.

At the moment it seems that when brown trousers time arrives, it will be Leicester with the cleanest underwear in the league. The Foxes players are coping with the title race extremely well and so may that continue.

Everybody connected with Leicester must now realise that most neutrals in the world are willing their team on to glory this season. All that is left to say is COME ON Leicester!

Is there a neutral out there that does not want Leicester to win the title?


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Sure i want Chelsea to win prem league, but it basically impossible, so i have been cheering for Leicester to win. everyone loves an underdog!

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