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Eto’o: Barcelona won everything because of me, not Ronaldinho

Samuel Eto’o still cannot understand why Pep Guardiola made him leave Camp Nou. The Inter forward says he will retire at Montpellier.

The Cameroon captain rejects claims that he was a disruptive influence in the Barca dressing room.

“I’ve played and I’ve won with Ronaldinho, Messi, a lot of great players. Instead of worrying for my place in the team, I contributed to the collective success. When Ronaldinho arrived to Barcelona, he won nothing. After my arrival, we won everything.”

Eto’o also admits that Leo Messi begged Guardiola not to sell the Cameroonian.

“When Guardiola wanted me to go, Messi came to him and said: ‘Sell whoever you like, but not Samuel’.”

The Cameroon international says he is likely to end his career at Montpellier.

“As a favour to Roger Milla, it’s not easy for me to say that I intend to play my last season at Montepellier.”

[Source: L’Equipe]

Sun 19 Sep, 2010
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  1. blaze says:

    yep 4 ril but remember etoo u were part of a team n we ddnt win because of you only but you contributed in a BIG way to our success.

  2. I’m still angry at the manner with which eto’o left the club. Guardiola swapped Eto’o for Ibra who only lasted a season after some verbal confrontations between him Pep. Eto’o has rights to his claims. He was the one i grew up wanting to be like. Eto’o scored in two champions league finals against arsenal and man. voited. Other similar cases include the sales of Yaya and his ultimate replacement is Masch. A man who doesnt seem to get his tackles right. In all i have concluded in my heart that Pep is either a racist or He doesnt get is transfers right. with the latter a more suitable choice for my dear c coach. Kesi2hotty@yahoo.com

  3. Eto’o Messi is a good boy he begged for Javier Saviola, GDS and Ronnie too.

  4. madeintheunitedkingdom says:

    kesi2hotty.com…..why did u add ur email link??weird do u reckon??i do,cause when u mention u grew up wanting to be eto,does that mean ur abt 15??

  5. Brad says:

    A statement like that makes me think Eto’o might be a bit self centered. I don’t like thinking that, but I can’t help it.

  6. the_real_deal says:

    This is very unprofessional from a great player like Eto’o.

    Ronaldinho was and still is in a class of his own, it’s a shame a former team mate of his should belittle his value like Eto’o has just done.

    Dispicable stuff from Eto’o!

  7. madeintheunitedkingdom says:

    eto’s been sayin that all along…..he famously 1ce said if his name hada been eto’dinho – he’d have won world player off the year ….. i liked that1,lol

  8. Brad says:

    but it doesnt matter, it was still self centered of the guy to say any of this.

  9. Pablos says:

    Eto’o is a bit arrogant but he has the talent to back up his claims.

    I think the Eto’dinho thing is true and Pep might not think black players are worth keeping.

    In fact Barcelona is just like Real Madrid except they have a good guy image unlike RM’s evil empire image. They are twins, those two monsters deserve each other.

  10. Brad says:

    Eto’o is better than Ronaldinho at the moment. but the key words are “at the moment”. I think dinho has had a much better career and is a better player. Not by much but the difference is there to be seen by all.

  11. cularfin says:

    that statement from Samuel is very selfish. How can he claim that it’s his SOLE contribution that made Barca the unstoppable team of that period. He might have forgotten the demi-god Messi. Barca won everything because they were a SOLID TEAM.

  12. Brad says:

    true, cularfin, here’s a guy who knows his football more than Etoo

  13. bora says:

    Very unprofessional to say such a word. No need to say, i think everyone know how great Ronaldinho is.

  14. Douglas says:

    I think some of you guys missed the point where he claims THEY won.

    Ronaldinho was a great player but the Barça success was due to a collective effort. Even Belletti.

    After his arrival, the team became more solid than it was before, so he did make a big contribution, as all others did as well.

  15. Daniel says:

    …Hmmm very very unproffesional. Personally i think and im quite sure that most people would agree, that ronaldinho is another league and for eto’o to say that is first is selfish, mean and unreal. dinho was awarded two years in a row World player of the year… playing for barca and eto’o has the nerve to say he was the reason for Barca to be unbeatable.. thats funny.

  16. Brad says:

    and yet even with him on the pitch Barca were sometimes defeated. so he can’t say they were undefeated, and that makes it a bit funnier

  17. Aight no problem,dis is funny,samuel Etaaaa isn’t the sole cause of barca’s invincibility not even Ronniedinho,there were deco,xavi,iniesta,guily,messiless.etc barca’s sucess came 4rm collective influence.PEACE

  18. james khan says:

    peace brother…..honestly fill me in on what they won with him and what they won with out him….this man was pure raw class,up there with henry on eye candy……ronnie was blew up so far his fleet lifted off the ground,..eto was the man …….done it …. doing it …. gonna keep doing it …… pep the tit would love him bck,villa will never fill his boots…..FACT……and at then end of the season dont wanta hear stupit rato’s……ibra couldnt even get close…..cant buy class………

  19. Brad says:

    Man City and Real Madrid seem to think they can buy it. . .

  20. Danilinho says:

    Bottom line, eto’o scored 30+ goals a season for about 5 years straight, NO striker in the modern era will do that again. Barca was beautiful because of BOTH Eto’o and Ronaldinho. Eto’o the ever present predator and Ronaldinho the magician. I hate ignorant people talking trash about Ibrahimovic. He scored 25+ goals in his debut season in La Liga, and was INJURED for about 8 games. Saying he isn’t class or doesn’t cut it is a joke.

  21. I am a boy who always like to be and also like to play like samuel, but i do not like the way samuel put it by saying that he is the one that won the cup for the team,but with everything i still support him for not living barcelonia. I blame our coach for that

  22. Brad says:

    @Danilinho, make Pele a good 40 years younger and he’ll do it with a lot more ease.

  23. james khan says:

    i wasnt talking trash abt ibra not been class…..it was ronnie i was talkin abt,i just dont like him to lazy for me…i love ibra actually met him when he play’d for arsenal…..ive been lucky to have seen nearly all my favorite footballers up close….my uncle was a physio one time at highbury ….and ibra was good but no where near as good as eto or henry ….again there goes these ratio’s and goals,assist bla bla bla. bla black sheep….the following is a FACT like it or lump it……ibra pushed through his loan transfer to AC….he told his agent Raiola to find him another club cause he was “embarrassed” abt how little he could do at barca…..even google it u clown…..

  24. james khan says:

    actually i would like to see the whole interview cause things look bad sometimes outta context…..

  25. esmerelda says:

    barcelona was unbeatable that period because they were a great team. not because of messi or eto’o or dinho or xavi or any individual. it’s because really great players played really great teamwork. eto’o i love you, i miss u so much in barca, but pls don’t say things like this. you might lose ur hard earned respect among fans. everyone knows how good you are. so relax, ok.

  26. steve says:

    etoo is the best striker even drogba knows

  27. The Bobsky says:

    jamesy jamesy jamesy. yes you james khan. what do you take us for. your statement became irrelevant the moment you said ibra play for arsenal cause if memory serves me right ibra was an ajax player never arsenal.

    and come to thonk of it pep is quite racist i mean players of colour seem to be on their way out of barca. so who is next keita and abidal?

  28. james khan says:

    look it up to,your another clown…..think wenger actually handed him the 32r36 jersey,not sure….only he didnt sign cause somthing abt been asked for a trials game instead of been handed a straight contract….then he sign’d for koeman’s ajax instead from a club called MALMO FF……he had his time and more at highbury when he was 18/19…..good dame it im good when it comes to football…….

  29. james manga says:

    Samuel Eto’o for me is very correct he got two goals for the two champions league finals and at least 15goals per season when he was sick and 24goals when he was inform.I think he deserved recognition from Barcalone football club and the fans.He is proving that already at Inter,Eto’o u are a legend amongst Africans.

  30. naijaboy says:

    Honestly it pains me when i see player like mash… in Barca’s jersey bcos he hardly get things right.Collectively dinho, etoo, have both made there mark for barca not to 4get ibra and henry.I think sentiment shld nt be the yardstick on who comes in and go out of d club.I just cant forget d good old days.

  31. sergio ramos says:

    Guardiola is certainly losing a grip on winning….. as rightly said Eto really made a differnce at barcelona, he’s best inter’s success a alot goes to cameroon striker , a big mistake by guardiola , but never learned again done foolishness by selling ibhramovich…..

  32. mashasha says:

    i think eto`o is the best striker in all european league so far………he is more than ibra.and those `dinhos pple a talking about…………..look at it now how many goals has he so far 6 out of seven games he played so far in a league i consider the turfest in the world……….do not let him loose focus…………he can even silence racist by scoring goals….

  33. Brad says:

    I’m not rascist but I hate how he said crap like this. If barca were a one man team than their name would’ve been Eto’o FC, not FC Barcalona.

  34. Fan123 says:

    After selling Eto Barcelona has yet to find a player worthy enough to replace him. How can you sell him for Ibra and then sell Ibra, Pep made an error. Eto was a proven quality striker and one can’t say that he wasn’t performing, if there is one thing Eto will give you in the absence of goals is that he is going to run for the full 90 mins, the same can’t be said of Ibra and now the Villa ( who is still trying to adapt to life at Barca). I think you should read eto’s statements in context as this is a guy who was hurt by a club that he helped and also a club who helped him.

  35. vinit says:

    fuck u all

  36. Brad says:

    How immature are you? You insult everyone and fail to give us facts on why we’re “wrong”. leave us, we have no use for fools.

  37. rewz says:

    cmon etoo was n is just a predator.ronaldinho was da playmaker n magician.its bcoz of him n deco,xavi etc. dat they were sucessful n why barca style is revered now. if we remove now also sneijder or coutinho he cant like in case of cameroon in da wc.

  38. baka says:

    He’s african, dood

  39. The Expert says:

    I agree. People do not realize that the best players that Barca had at the time were Eto’o and Deko. They won the trophies for Barca. Ronaldinh0…over rated player.

  40. Johnny says:

    Ronaldinho is and was always better than eto’o.. I cant even believe he has the nerve to say that

  41. benny says:

    Eto you should shut up, you’re already a great player just leave it at that and don’t destroy yourself, to say things like that is disrespecting all other great players like messi, ronaldino, henry, etc.

    Barcelona was a great tream because there were many great talents on the team, not just one person. Messi won many award because he’s not only talented but he carries himself well too…to win awards you have to be more than just a good player.

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