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Is Roy Hodgson set to be unveiled as England boss?

Reports in the English media are suggesting that West Brom manager Roy Hodgson is set to be named as the new England boss.

The appointment of the veteran boss will come as a bit of a surprise as Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp was considered the heavy favourite for the job.


It has seemed for a long time that England had chosen Harry Redknapp and nobody else was really considered for the position.

Tottenham’s recent blip in future and Redknapp’s off the field controversy may well have contributed to him not getting the job.


The Tottenham boss claimed that he holds no grudges towards the former-Liverpool for getting the job. He told Sky Sports News HD: “No problem. I wish Roy, if Roy takes the job, all the best. I’ve got a great job here.

“I am going in today working with some fantastic players, had a great result yesterday and played ever so well. I am very lucky to be working at such a good club as Tottenham, very fortunate.”


Hodgson is one of the most experienced bosses in the English top flight. The 64 year-old not only has experience of coaching in the Premier League but also has experience in European and international football. Not only has he been an international boss, but Hodgson has also been an advisor to FIFA.

That means that Hodgson has a far greater knowledge of international football than his counterpart Harry Redknapp. In fact Hodgson has a fantastic knowledge and intelligence about the world game.


Roy Hodgson seems to be a very unpopular choice with the media and the fans. Everybody was expecting media darling Redknapp to get the job and it will now prove even harder for Hodgson because of the apparent snub of Redknapp.

The media have a habit of criticising and chastising England bosses and the British press is merciless when it’s not going England’s way. Hodgson himself has stated that he would only want the job if the fans want him. Unfortunately for Roy I don’t think the majority of England fans want him.


When Roy Hodgson was the manager of Liverpool he felt the pressure of being at a high-profile club. The fans and press were very quick to turn on him when the team struggled in his short tenure at Anfield. He only lasted 28 weeks at Liverpool and his time on Merseyside really did damage his reputation.

Hodgson struggled with the pressure from the media and fans. The veteran boss will get far more pressure as England boss, simply because he is not Harry Redknapp.


Roy Hodgson is regarded as the safe appointment by the FA. A person with experience and a tactical awareness that will produce solid results for the Three Lions. Roy Hodgson apparently fit’s the FA’s bill of what an England manager should be.


The FA have taken a long time to select on a new manager. It’s been three months since Fabio Capello left his position, yet the FA still have yet to confirm a new boss. This dwelling could cost England at this summers European Championships.

If Roy Hodgson does get the job then he will have just over a month to prepare for the tournament in Poland and Ukraine. It’s really not an ideal situation heading into a major international tournament. The FA shouldn’t avoid criticism for their decision to wait this late to appoint a new boss.


I really do think that Roy Hodgson will be a decent appointment as England manager. He will be the sort of manager that will be able to keep the team solid. However I am just not sure if the British media will give him any leeway to do his job.

If England are going to be successful then the country needs to get behind the team, whoever the new manager is. The England team need support to achieve anything. Good luck Roy, you’re going to need it!

Is Roy Hodgson the right choice for England boss?


David Nugent

David is a freelance football writer with nearly a decade of experience writing about the beautiful game. The experienced writer has written for over a dozen websites and also an international soccer magazine offline.
Arguably his best work has come as an editorial writer for Soccernews, sharing his good, bad and ugly opinions on the world’s favourite sport. During David’s writing career he has written editorials, betting previews, match previews, banter, news and opinion pieces.



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.. i’m no English nor european, I’m Asian. But i like the England National Football Team. My friends have high hopes when Fabio was appointed as coach. And now, if this comes to fruition; Mr. Hodgson will be the best man for the job. But the biggest problem the English Team has is the tabloids, no matter what they do, win or lose, the tabloid always wants to say bad about them. They dig up the players personal lives to the point that it affects their performance. .. from an outsiders point of view, it’s not the coach nor the… Read more »
.. i remember during the reign of Mr. Sven Eriksson; England was doing well but then the British Press made a meal out his extra marital affairs and so everything went downhill. .. and the British Media also ALMOST ruined Wayne Rooney, we all know he has a small patience during games and that he needs to be well guided but again, here comes the press and made an issue of every step he made in his private life. .. but the worst of them all is when the F.A. bowed down to the British Media and took out John… Read more »

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Roy Smith
Roy Smith

Shocking. Why take a man who’s brought a Tottenham team to great heights over a man that absoloutely made a mess with his tenure with Liverpool? I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t get the feeling that he knows what he’s doing. Almost like Andre Villas-Boas. Granted, I’m not one to talk, as I’ve never taken an average Fulham team to the Europa League final, but I foresee an England in a worse state than Fabio Capellos’s reign.


.. i’m guessing that the FA already approached Redknapp but him being tied to Tot-Spurs, maybe that was the hurdle the FA wasn’t able to overcome.

.. but what should be the qualities the Coach of England should have ??

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