Sunday, July 15, 2018

Is there an anti-Liverpool bias in the media?

Have the media got it in for Liverpool?

There was a story all over the media yesterday saying that Didier Deschamps had been approached and interviewed for the Liverpool manager’s job prior to Roy Hodgson getting the job. The Marseille manager said,


“I am very proud that a club of the standing of Liverpool showed interest in me this summer, but, to be fair, it wasn’t good timing. I had just started pre-season training with Marseille. I don’t think the fans or the club officials would have been very pleased if after two days back I was looking to join another club.”

The media went on tell us that Deschamps captained France to glory in both the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000. As a coach he took Monaco to the 2004 Champions League final and won the Serie B title with Juventus in 2006-07.


In other words, it seems, they were going to great lengths to show what a good and successful manager Liverpool could have had!

You may think that this is just a fairly interesting news story that is worthy of little comment. Having looked at it, I am a little concerned by it.


Let me make one thing absolutely clear. I am in no way a Liverpool fan. I have been known to join the group of people saying that their supporters live in the past, they are two man team, and all the other things that the press and media tend to throw at the Anfield club.

What worries me about this story is the timing. The interview took place back in the Summer and everyone in football knew that it had. In fact, I’m sure similar quotes from Deschamps were publicised at that time. It is hardly unusual for a club to have to interview more than one person before they appoint a new manager.


So why release the story again now? Could it be because Roy Hodgson is clearly struggling and the team are not performing well? Could it be because the behind the scenes goings on at Liverpool seem to get worse and worse?

I just don’t see why this story is in the news unless the media wish to orchestrate some kind of ‘kick them while they’re down’ policy. If that is the case, then why is it?


I don’t understand why there would be anti-Liverpool bias in the press but I am really struggling to understand why I had to read this story yesterday if there isn’t. I mean, it certainly isn’t an anti-Hodgson media as they were falling over themselves to praise him just a few months ago when he deservedly won the manager of the year award.

Maybe it is just Liverpool’s turn as the English media do seem to so love ‘sticking the knife in’ to whoever is currently struggling. Maybe if Chelsea or Arsenal or Manchester United had a bad run we would start getting silly articles about them.

I know Liverpool fans will think that the media have got it in for them, but what do other people think? Is it anti-Liverpool or is it just the media doing their usual slightly distasteful thing?


Graham Fisher



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Artie Fufkin
Artie Fufkin

The press love to have a go at Liverpool in all aspects of life not just soccer. It’s an amazing city with amazing people, it sure is a nicer place than press blue eyes London and Manchester but the press don’t want you to know it so they beat the crap out of Liverpool and shove how fab London and especially Manchester down the publics throats.


I’d expect that from a manchester hater. I may support Manchester United, but I’ve always had respect for Liverpool, for the two clubs there, plus the Beatles. I don’t have any real bias.

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