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Lionel Messi will stay at Barcelona for the rest of his career

Barcelona and Argentina superstar Lionel Messi has revealed that he has no ambition to play in the Premier League, because he believes he will stay with the Catalan giants for the rest of his career.

Messi however has stated his liking of the English top flight.


The Argentinian told Soccer Saturday: “ It’s a league I like. I have friends that are playing there and I follow it as and when I can. Players I like are Kun Aguero and Rooney. These are two players that I like.

“The truth is my idea has been to always stay in Barcelona and see out the rest of my career here. Like I always say, one doesn’t know what can happen in the future but if it were up to me to decide, I would stay at Barcelona for the rest of my career.”


Barcelona is Messi’s second home. The 24 year-old has in lived the city since he was just 12 years of age. He has spent as much time in Catalonia as he has in his native Rosario. His whole family is based in the city and I imagine it would be like leaving home all over again if he left Barca.


Lionel Messi has been very loyal to Barcelona, because the club put so much faith in him as a youngster. The Catalan club paid for his growth hormone treatment when none of the big clubs in his native Argentina could afford to pay for his treatment.

The Spanish giants however knew that Messi was a special talent and he would come good if he received the right treatment. There probably hasn’t been a wiser decision made in the history of the club.


Lionel Messi is obviously a special player but he just happens to be in one of the best clubs sides to ever grace a football pitch. The likes of Andres Iniesta and Xavi make the team tick but Messi adds the special star quality.

Without Messi Barcelona seem like a team without inspiration. At international level without Xavi and Iniesta, Messi has struggled to find his best form for his national team.


Lionel Messi is the best player I have ever seen play and many an argument has been conducted on whether he is the best player ever. The fact that he has only played in La Liga has been one of main reasons why people have stated that he isn’t the best player ever.

Messi is often compared to compatriot Diego Maradona. His former-international boss played in different countries and achieved success. He also won a World Cup with his national side.


Many of Messi’s critics have claimed that until Messi has got out of his comfort zone of Barcelona he will never be able to prove he is the best player ever.

Brazilian legend Pele spent most of his career in his homeland with Santos, yet nobody ever questioned his quality, just because he only ever played for one club (although he spent a two-year spell in America at the end of his career).


Without a doubt Lionel Messi is the best player of his generation. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo may have something to say about that but you can’t really argue with three consecutive Ballon d’Or awards. Messi is simply a phenomenon.


Only time will tell if Lionel Messi is the best player ever. The fact that he stays at one club for his whole career shouldn’t really be a factor in the matter. Lionel Messi is a Barcelona legend and will continue to make history with the Catalan giants.

He is at one of the biggest clubs in the world. He has no reason to leave the Nou Camp. He will win trophies, break records and more importantly enjoy his football. Lionel Messi leave Barcelona, why would he?

Will Lionel Messi spend his entire career at Barcelona?


Sat 17 Mar, 2012
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  1. Brad says:

    He’s not the best ever. At least, not yet. He’s got the chance, and he’s making great strides towards it, but for now, he’s still not on the same level as Pele, Cruyff, and (even though it kills me to say it) Maradona.

    He shouldn’t leave Barca, because the guys ( especially Iniesta and Xavi) there are his best chance of becoming the best player ever. He can’t make it there himself, really. Pele didn’t. Cruyff didn’t. Maradona didn’t. Messi’s career anywhere else will be less productive that what it is+will be at Barca.

  2. franco 11 says:

    i see uv moved from putting him below pele to equalling him hahahah brad u cuming closer and closer buddy

  3. David Nugent says:

    Brad, I agree that he shouldn’t leave Barcelona. I’m not one of those people that thinks he has anything to prove by moving to another country or league. By the way hows your career going?

  4. Fawaz says:

    Messi is de best and will always be de best,i luv u messi!!!

  5. khaya says:

    when we talk about messi we talk about barca nothing more.messi is barcelona @ his roots are there so no one would leave his roots behind for some other things


  6. solomon says:

    lionel messi is always the best due to his style and the magical system of playing.he got a creative talent to play even in other clubs like Man united,Real madrid because of his talented ideals.at one point he can creat magic.i love you messi is your time to shine.

  7. franco 11 says:

    i dnt knw hw u manage brad,cloud and russ ru bt if u view these comments either therz smthng u missing or m getting comments from three blind guys who here abt soccer and dont watch it and ask their sisters to type out their comments on this website

  8. hisham auwal says:

    I personally doesn’t recognised messi as a best player ever bcos take look at ronaldo he played in man u and proved that he is excellent coming to madrid is doing great,i think is good for messi to leave barca to another club to face new challanges and see how he can perform

  9. Brad says:

    Franco, that last one didn’t make any sense. I read these people’s comments, and I love watching Messi to begin with because he is fantastic, but he still has a lot of work to do, and he’s still far away from being some much as equal to Pele, let alone better than O Rei. And I don’t see anything in my last comment that said Messi is equal to Pele.

    I watch footy all the time, Franco, on youtube, FSC, ESPN, even Spanish speaking channels where the commentators speak too fast for me to comprehend anything but “GOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!” Blind? Definitely not, I can see stats and magnificent plays for myself. Don’t watch soccer? I just told you otherwise. My sister? She’d never do anything for me. . .

    And about the other comments again. While everyone notes that Messi is magnificent, they’re like gangsters that spray paint “Messi is the best” on a wall (that wall representing soccernews and facebook) and then run away without bothering to give facts to support their claims. Watch just how many Messi fans here come back to argue against me, besides you. No one else has even stood a chance.

  10. Parker says:

    he’s not the best. he plays for the richest team in the world with some of the best players in the world. he hasnt done anything for argentina, complete flop in the last world cup. he doesn’t even compare to players like thierry henry or samuel eto’o. they overshadowed him when they played at barca. basically what im saying is him as well as pele were way overrated and were too afraid to leave their comfort zone in their country.

  11. Brad says:

    Um, Parker, Pele did leave to play for the New York Cosmos in the old NASL, you know. And it was that certain signing that caused other big names like Beckanbauer and I believe Eusebio to sign for that club.

  12. ellijah says:

    his last games of his career brad whe he was over 30 when he was no longer important to santos

  13. cloud says:

    @franco, why in the world am i mentioned, when this is the first time i post in this article. hehehe

    .. but as for Messi staying at barca for the rest of his career ?? I don’t think so, there are many factors that may result in him actually leaving Barcelona, one would be Pep Guardiola, the other would be Xavi and the other would be the Club’s President.

    .. if Pep would leave or resign then Messi will find it difficult to adjust to a new coach, even if the system revolves around him. We all see this in argentina, yeah, his hat trick last time out was good, but hey, it was only a friendly.

    .. i would sight an example of a player who eventually transfered to another club: RAUL of Real Madrid, a legend in Madrid, but in the twilight of his career he stepped down and joined Schalke but still was a driving force for them.

    .. it would not surprise me if messi would play in one of the Milan teams.

  14. Roy Smith says:

    Once you’ve shattered all the existing records for Barcelona, would you still have the passion to play your heart out each and every week? For me that answer is a no; I just don’t see a Steven Gerrard in Messi. It could be because he’s not Barca’s captain, it could be because he’s quite the humble shy introvert. Whatever the reason, we fans would embrace a footballing maestro in Messi here at Stamford Bridge. I know it’s a seemingly impossible task to give Messi a blue jersey, but, hey, a man can dream.

  15. Brad says:

    Haha, Ellijah. I need something better than that to actually have a real argument with you.

    Look at Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes at Manchester United. Look at Carles Puyol and Xavi at Barca. How about Didier Drogba, of Chelsea, despite his lack of goals this season? I’m guessing that none of them, being over 30, are important to the team anymore? Tell me, Ellijah, just who happens to be the main provider of ammunition for Messi to fire in goal after goal? XAVI. And Puyol keeps it safe in the back. Giggs and Scholes are still going , and they’ve been playing since 1991, and 1994, respectively: Scholes has been playing pro football longer than I’ve even been alive! And Drogba? I believe he’s scored over 150 goals for Chelsea (correct me if I’m wrong Roy).

    And while you’re at it, consider Sir Stanley Matthews, who didn’t retire until he was 50, and yet still was vital to Blackpool and Stoke City.

    My point is that these guys are ALL over 30 and are still important to their respective clubs. So, now then, when you’ve got someone who’s won 3 WCs for Brazil, and scored around 1,000 goals in roughly the same amount of matches, even if you’re over 30, why would you still not be important? The answer is simple Ellijah, you STILL ARE important.

  16. ellijah says:

    Bead i don’t wanna argu i just wanna ask who do you think shold provide for Messi? Who do you think should defend for barca ? did Pele defend,provide and score .
    I stiil repeat my self he was no longer Pele when he left santos . For wc Pele was lacky to be with such a strong team at that time .he was young and he was playing in those 3wc .as for goals don’t say he scored 1000goals in 1000matches he scored 1281in1363 games . Messi this season he scored 55 goals in 45 games . There is no Xavi in Agentina and there is no Messi Spain i think they both need each other Spain srike with Villa while Messi don’t have anyone he is every player in Agentina

  17. russ ru says:

    first off hi to my old friends brad, cloud and yes even you franco! Messi is the best player right now no doubt… Leaving spain and playin in other leagues like italy germany and england would further cement his status. Nothin more to prove in spain boy needs a new challenge. Ronaldo left england for spain, and that arrogant maradona left spain for italy. To keep Winning trophies like that is a statement on its on in my opinion. Lets wait till he’s done playin out his career before labelling him the greatest

  18. cloud says:

    .. hi russ :p
    . and to further give examples of champions leaving his team for a new challenge would be SCHUMI, he left Benetton for the lowly Ferrari, he struggled at first but then made it into the most devastating team in the history of Formula One.

    .. other famous transferees in football are FIGO, ZIDANE, R9, CR7, HENRY, BATISTUTA…

    .. it’s nice to be dominant but it’s better if you’re on top and reset your career and start from the beginning and work yourself to the top once again, like what Schumi did.

  19. sunnybest says:

    Let he stay there we love his stay,and he will become word best again in jesus name amen!!

  20. Brad says:

    Howdy Russ. . . .

    hmph. lucky. . . Ellijah, simply said, Messi’s lucky too to have those teammates at Barca himself. And here’s a question: how many highlights of Messi defending are there? Not that much; same with Pele. Both were/are providers as well as scorers. About scoring. . . don’t tell me about 1281 goals in 1,363 matches in Pele’s entire career, and then compare it to one season of Messi’s career. Last time I checked, Messi was only in the high-200s, low to mid 300s on career goals (including national team goals). Possibly the same as Pele had at the same age, I dunno. . . when I said 1,000 goals in roughly the same amount of games, I knew already the precise number: what’s important is that he not only played a quadruple digit amount of games, he also scored in the same amount, regardless of the fact he began a natural decline in form as he aged (I assure you Messi will do likewise, everyone does).

  21. cloud says:

    .. anyone here still following Raul ?? Schalke is a so-so team, no Big Name in midfield, but yet, Raul still score goals on his ripe age of 33/34.

    .. as for today’s crop of players, i still say Christiano Ronaldo is miles better than Messi. For the simple fact that he wanted out of United when their system revolved around him and when he arrived at Madrid, he was still in devastating form, having been injured in his first season stopped him from scoring, but on his second year, he smashed the record, and now, he’s on 37 goals already.

    .. Messi can stay at Barca if he wants, but will it cement him as a true gifted player ?? i think not. You Messi fans might argue with me that Pele stayed in Santos and yet he is of legendary status, well, Pele being only 17 on his first WC and demolished the opponents. Where was Messi when he was 17 ?? What did he achieve at that age?? Nothing.

    .. this is a big WHAT IF. Santos is great in Brazil, but let’s face it, they’re nothing compared to the UEFA teams like Madrid or Barca or United or Milan. But, here’s the fun part, WHAT IF Pele joined Madrid with all those greats, with super quality players to support and feed him on goal, i guess his goal count will reach 2000.

  22. Brad says:

    I believe Madrid did have interest in signing Pele, Cloud, and I know for a fact Manchester United certainly did. The main, if not only, reason why Pele didn’t leave Santos until after he retired from national team duty was because the Brazilian FA declared him a “national treasure”, which thereby made it impossible for him to transfer to a foreign club.

    As for Raul, I never hear/see anything about the Bundesliga, so it’s almost like Raul has fallen off the face of the earth.

  23. cloud says:

    .. hehe, Raul is still very much scoring goals Brad.

    .. back to pele, that’s such a great honor to be considered a national treasure.

  24. Brad says:

    Sure is. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any other athlete at all, in any sport, that has ever received that honor. I think it’s a combination of just how talented Pele was, with just how mad Brazil has always been for football.

  25. Yes…. Is going play all is career in barcelona….. But my question is that, why don’t he come over to London ? Barcelona and Arsenal play the same partan of game….. Christiano Ronaldo play there is the best when he was in london… He should come over and still show the world that he can play any where in the world, not only in Barcelona….

  26. Brad says:

    wow. no offense Mr. Smith, but intelligence seems to be lacking all across the board, not just when it comes to Messi. Ronaldo never played for a london side. . . . haha.

  27. I definitly know dat messi is d best in d hol world, & iam not prayin 4 messi 2 mak an attempt of leavin barca bcos he is well doin at barca

  28. Amby says:

    @brad.cr7 didnt play in london is a very cheap shot.messi is amazin but to me he aint a world best yet,i mean,c’mon,sure most of his games he scores goals but do nt 4get he is playin in a fantastic rich club.wht makes a fabulous actor is d way he’s able 2 take on diff roles,cr7 is d capt of his national team,u knw wht it means,he outscored george best.d then manu highest scorer n even now at real,he is d highest goal scorer.

  29. Phil says:

    I don’t know how I stumbled upon this site or this article but my word are these comments woeful.

    Not only are they rife with nonsensical gibbering, but the sycophantic support for the most ridiculous arguments against Messi’s status as one of the all time greats put forward by some of you is cringe worthy.

    While it is always a topic based upon subjective discussion, Messi in my eyes surpasses his predecessors in a number of ways. Often people look at accolades and combined national and club level success to be the hallmarks of greatness, but Messi’s sheer ability is paramount and is what defines him as the most complete footballer in history.

    He has been the core of what is being widely regarded as the best club side ever to grace football, his goal scoring ratios are seasonally increasing, he is out of all of those names touted the only one who is in direct competition with another player, Christiano Ronaldo, who in any other period would be the man talked up as joining the hall of legends and to top it off he is doing all this at a time when tactical, physical and competitiveness is at an all time high standard in the game. For Christ’s sake I am a Liverpool fan and in the 80’s when we won everything our players had bloody beers at half time!

    To hell with the concept of shifting clubs, loyalty is something rapidly vanishing from the sport so for the magisterial player that Lionel is to choose to stay in on strip should be commended not used as a petty and idiotic stick to tarnish his quality. Anyone who thinks moving from playing against Bilbao, Valencia and Espanyol each season to battle the likes of Wigan, Swansea and Villa would somehow act as a validation to his stature needs to re-evaluate how they assess the game and stop shouting against the consensus for the sake of identity, you’re simply talking shite.

  30. David Nugent says:

    Phil, it’s hard to argue with any of your comments. Thank you for taking the time for giving such a detailed reply and I hope to see you commenting on more of our articles in future.

  31. cloud says:

    .. i’m sorry Phil, but i disagree when you say that Messi is the Core of Barca. Yes, he’s the one scoring goals, he’s the one always on the spotlight, but then again, you forgot or you chose not to see that the real Core of Barca are the Spanish Duo of Xavi and Iniesta. These two players are just so damn underrated.

    .. i’ll say this again just so you’ll see; during the World Cup Year of 2010, the finalist for the Player of The Year were Messi, Iniesta and Xavi. On Club level, all of them won the same titles since their team mates. But, that was a World Cup year, Spain won it, Iniesta gave the winning goal and Xavi master-minded the midfield, but why the heck did Messi won the player of the year ?? Just becoz he scored more goals ?? He was damn invisible during the WC and yet the coaches voted Messi over Xavi. You people are just blind.

    .. our arguement ain’t woeful, it’s substantial to say that Messi hasn’t proven himself outside of Barcelona.

    .. and it isn’t about loyalty, it’s about a player challenging himself to a different environment.

    .. you mentioned Christiano Ronaldo, well, even if he only has one Player of the Year award, I would still consider him better than Messi due to the fact that he left Manchester United, a team built around him, or should i use your word; HE WAS THE CORE OF MANCHESTER UNITED. But Christiano chose to transfer to Real to take up a new challenge and look at how he is right now, 2nd year in a row with 40 goals. Let me remind you again, CR7 is a TRANSFEREE …

  32. Phil says:

    Cloud, I am not in anyway attempting to undermine the class of Barca’s other assets and I personally feel Xavi is a contender for Spain’s greatest player, but Messi has clearly been the most important member of their team this year more so than ever.

    Their performances this season have been largely underwhelming until the last couple of months especially away from home and I have seen Xavi misplace more passes this season than in his entire career and yet Messi is having his best ever goal scoring return. Ultimately football is a team game so when we talk about great players you always have to consider the fact that they are products of a system involving people from the coaching staff down to their teammates, thus I don’t think it is necessary nor just to qualify that aspect nor pass off “oh well without Xavi he wouldn’t be half as good”. Taht is not a valid means for critique.

    My criticism of the comments was overly harsh I apologise and the woeful remark was more aimed at claims of Ronaldo playing for Arsenal and such not at you.

    I still take extreme issue with this concept that unless you move around the shop you can’t be put on the top shelf. Yes Ronaldo moved clubs and he is a fantastic player, personally I don’t think he is half as dynamic a player nor an inch as respectable a person as Messi, but of course each to their own and you are entitled to feel the way you do about Ronaldo. I am still perplexed by why you feel that Messi must move to be respected. He is currently brilliant, has scored 61 goals, has won the Ballon’dor three times and is on a path that is beyond any current player and this is all a product of him being happy and settled within a team that plays a way which fits him perfectly.

    Ronaldo moved from Manchester United the best team in England and at times Europe for the last 20 years to Real Madrid the most decorated club in Europe and one of if not the world’s richest. If I took your sentiment at what point would it end? What if I said, “well Christiano’s done it at big clubs but to be recognised as the greatest he’d have to go to Wickham Wanderers and do it there”? It is nonsensical. What footballers and I hope fans want is the most talented footballers in the world playing at clubs they believe they belong to and clubs that can bring the best out of them so we are entertained to our fullest amount. Ronaldo left Manchester United a move many wouldn’t even consider because he saw Madrid not just as a new challenge, but as a childhood dream and hist talented allowed him to make it a relaity and look at what he has achieved. Fortunately for us all Messi was given his chance by the certain individuals at Barcelona taking a gamble and luckily for us all it turned out that the club was the perfect match for Messi as he has said many times.

    At the end of his career if Messi does indeed remain at Barcelona and continues his life trajectory, if his cabinet is filled with more accolades than any other player in history, I doubt he or anyone else will care that two of those titles weren’t won playing for Man City.

  33. Phil says:

    Also cheers David Nugent (can’t say that with a straight face) and I was in a foul mood at the time of posting so got a little more crude and heated than I wanted so again I’ll apologise to you fellow football fans if I offended you.

    P.S. shame there is no edit option for comments!

  34. futbol guru says:


  35. don says:

    @ Brad,, Russru,,phil,, parker kindda a** h**es,,, for taking it in such personal manner u idiots are surely real madrid fans or simply jelous with such a sensation. your blindness and prejustic statements reflects your characterism. Sorry again,, but its truth about ya guys. Listen clearly a** H**es Messi is the Best and the BEst everrrrrrrrrr!!!

  36. don says:

    Ofcourse Messi should spent his rest of the career for Barca. i totally agree but some day if it happens i would like to see him play for Man Utd and Rooney for Barca the either way. just imagine guys….

  37. Brad says:

    I completely shaking my head at this don kid. Where’s your facts to prove Messi is the best ever? No doubt, he’s the best in the world right NOW, but ever, definitely not. He’s been completely anonymous on the international level, and that recent hat-trick does little to dispel that. His only success comes with Barca, and let’s face it, I could score quite a few goals with the likes of Xavi and Iniesta on the same team as me! He depends a lot on them, and look what happens when Messi doesn’t have them with him while he plays for Argentina! He has a less impressive track record, both in goals, and silverware. Compare that to Pele, or Maradona, or Zidane, or Eusebio. . the list goes on and on, Don.

    You will be wanting to do some homework, pal, as well as some growing up. Don’t call no one ass holes, or anything else of that sort, and throw in some facts that can actually compete with the likes of 1,281 goals in 1,363 games, plus 3 World Cup Championships. . . which about the goals and appearances part, Messi ain’t there yet, so wait on that, but World Championships. . . Pele had 2 of those to his name at the age Messi is now, not to mention 7 WC goals.

    For the record, I am a Manchester United fan. While I would like to see Messi in a Devils shirt, I’m not going to sacrifice Rooney to earn that.

    Now, give me some more truth about me that I don’t know already. . .

  38. Nii says:

    Messi is a living legend but he needs to do exactly what he is doing at Barca with 2 or more different clubs before he can even come anywhere near Pele and Zinedine Zidane. It is even wrong to compare him with classic players like Zizou and Figo. He is not doing well with his national team Argentina.

  39. zew says:

    why are we taken this so serious..messi is no doubt a good player but i will advice he goes to another club and test is ability and see what will come out of it…without sentiment austin jj okocha left is former club and left for bolton and is impact was seen and he also went to america and played for hull city and then you can see what he did.so lets just leave all this thing about messi been the all powerful

  40. siraj says:

    Messi is the world best player no doubt.i hardly request to football stars.manager, captain and football association pls help to messi for next Ballon D or. Because messi is classified player in the world.CR7 played by the other good player but messi always good played and help the other person.so messi is the best player in the world.

  41. cloud says:


    .. Pep is going to quit Barca !!! I’m excited for next season if Messi and the whole Barca team can still do it without Pep.

  42. pedzzi says:

    i wouldnt want to argue much about who s the best and wat not and wat not…
    there was cruyff, beckenbar, pele, maradona, ronaldo(brazil),… but Messi tops the ladder. he jus made it quicker than the other guys did lets admit and give respect where it is due.

    at just 24 with so many titles, so many records and where football is more competitive than ever – he deserves his title – lets be honest with ourselves. am out

  43. Brad says:

    Let’s be honest with ourselves pedzzi, I’d prefer just 2 World Championships at age 24, to all the trophies that Messi has won. No doubt Messi is the best player in the world RIGHT NOW, but best ever, HELL NO!!! He hasn’t even made it past the WC quarterfinals yet, and that’s where it truly counts!

  44. RHISTO says:


  45. Cristiano Ronaldo 07 says:

    If Messi is so good then please explain to me why he has only 16-18 goals in the national team of Argentina, if he is so good then why can he not do shyt witout Iniesta or Xavi? Xavi’s time in the Bernabeu is over, and Iniesta is getting older. one those two are gone, Messi is going to be another Blaugrana player. Especially if Neymar joins Barca because Neymar is going to be taking Messi’s place as Messi will take Xavi’s. another thing, Messi misses way to many penalties to be # 1. Messi is also not capable from shoting more then 10 meters outside the penalty area. Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero however does not need Xavi or Iniesta. He doesn’t miss penalties, he has only missed two in the last 5 years. Ronaldo can also shoot from 40-50 meters outside the area and has a mean free kick accuracy. Cristiano also has more than 40 goals in Portugal. Once messi can juke and kick like Roanldo, then i will admit he is good. You fan boys just give him to much credit because you dont want to admit that the Madridistas have a better team then the Blaugrana. HALA MADRID

  46. Haokip says:

    Brad…why do you keep on bragging about that wc thing to prove that messi is not the best…i think that you just hate messi because you did’nt seem to have any problems with other players like c.ronaldo,eusebio,rooney,figo etc….who did not win the wc. And for the record…if messi has opted to play for spain instead of argentina he would already have the euro and wc winning medal.

  47. Brad says:

    How typical. . . Haokip, I’m wondering why I bother to respond to you, as I’ve done this same exact reply over and over, why don’t you read ALL my comments? I love watching Messi and Barca play, they have the most beautiful football in the world. But, here’s the key word, they have it RIGHT NOW. To say that it’s best all time, while having a decent argument, is still a bit of a stretch, especially as that includes the statement that Messi is the best ever player. It’s amazing you state players like Eusebio (which I did too, but I still include him as a great) but you forget that I included Zidane AND Maradona, who DID.

    And don’t go into that “what if?” realm, about Messi opting for Spain over Argentina, it’s too late, too bad, he’s playing for Albiceleste.

    The World Cup, in Pele’s day, was only half the number of teams that it has today, which means only the true bonafides could get in, with some teams that would either be cannon fodder, or make a Cinderella run. So competition was tougher in that regards. And now let me hear the crap about Pele not winning anything/as much without the teammates he had, I’ve got the right comeback: Messi wouldn’t win as much/anything at all if it wasn’t for the teammates he has.

    Now, what’s new that I haven’t thought of?

  48. Kaz-world says:

    I have read all your comments… am now to tell you the facts.

    Messi in the best player in the world but not the best of all-times aka (greatest). we should not look at personal life-styles or who you love. Strictly on soccer as a game… Look at what record they have for the club and country, a good complite player should be good at club level at international-level. Here is the list (records are made to break) 1.Maradona, 2.Pele, 3.Zidane, 4.Messi and 4.Chirstiona Ronaldo

  49. Brad says:

    Oh, well, at least you show some sense in your choices, Kaz-world. Messi is up there but he has yet to reach the position of best player ever. To me, it belongs to Pele, but I’m not sure whether or not I’d still have that opinion had Maradona not done drugs.

  50. Haokip says:

    Messi is the best in the world at the moment because he plays for the best club in the world right now and he does not to go elsewhere to prove that he is the best because as long as he played fo the best club in the world(barca) he is bound to play in the best competitions and play against the best oppositions

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