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Luis Suarez doing himself no favours at Liverpool

Liverpool's Luis Suarez believes that the British press are driving him out of Liverpool

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez believes that the British press are driving him out of Liverpool

Liverpool’s star striker Luis Suarez needs to put-up or shut-up.

Every day there seems to be a story in the media about him wanting to move away from Anfield and it is now clear that Suarez wants to leave Liverpool.


If I were a Liverpool fan then I would be really angered by the striker’s recent behaviour. Reds fan stuck by him through a number of frankly silly incidents, yet the Uruguayan seems to have no respect for the people that pay his wages.

The fact that Suarez wants to leave may make Liverpool fans sad, but I am sure most Liverpool fans would accept it and move on with a certain amount of grace. However, he keeps coming out with statements regarding his future.

The 26-year-old is doing himself no favours by alienating himself from the Liverpool fans. In fact, the majority of sensible Reds fans have now turned against the striker. It is not surprising really considering his behaviour.

Suarez has stated in the past that he will never forget the love and support that Liverpool fans have shown him during his time on Merseyside, yet he keeps sticking the knife in as it were.


From what Luis Suarez has been saying since the season finished it sounds like he is attempting to manufacture a move elsewhere, without having to hand in a transfer request that would cost him his loyalty bonus.

Suarez will not come out of this situation in a very good light. Everybody at Liverpool has had to accept his poor behaviour on the pitch, but it seems his latest statement is the final straw for Liverpool fans.


Suarez has blamed the British media for him wanting to leave Liverpool. That really is a poor excuse. Luis Suarez is his own worst enemy at times. He cannot do silly things on the field and expect the media to ignore his behaviour.

He is acting like a victim, when a lot of the time he is in fact perpetrator. When will he learn that he is harming his own image and that of Liverpool Football Club with his behaviour?


I have no doubt that Luis Suarez will get his wish of a move this summer. Liverpool has tried to say he is not for sale, but the Reds cannot afford a sulking Suarez and it probably is the best time to sell the striker.

According to various reports, Luis Suarez has a £40million minimum fee release clause in his contract. If that is true, then Liverpool will be powerless to stop Suarez moving if an offer like that came in for the Uruguayan.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is keen on strengthening his squad this summer, but does not have a huge transfer kitty available, so I am sure he could do a lot with £40million. Rodgers will not want to lose his best player, but he will not want a wantaway player in his squad either.

It is a difficult situation for Liverpool, because Suarez has deliberately manoeuvred himself into this position and seems determined to move this summer.


Spanish giants Real Madrid are favourites to sign Suarez this summer and it seems that is his preferred move. The Spanish giants have a summer wishlist that also includes the likes of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale and Napoli striker Edinson Cavani though.

Even with Los Blancos’ financial resources I am sure that signing all three players would be a stretch for the Spaniards. If reports are to be believed then Cavani is quite near to a switch to the Spanish capital.

If Real Madrid does not decide to sign Suarez this summer, then the Uruguayan is in a difficult position, because there are very few clubs with the spending needed to sign him. He will be left in limbo at Anfield, with the majority of the Liverpool supporters disliking him.


It must be disappointing for Liverpool fans to see a player of Suarez’s footballing ability wanting to leave their club. However, that is a sign of where the Reds are currently at in their development. Rodgers men are not yet capable of competing for the big prizes, so there is a chance they will lose their best players occasionally.

That fact and the appeal of a pay rise elsewhere is why Suarez will move this summer, not the so-called witch-hunt by the British press. A bit of advice Luis stop talking now to preserve the tiny shred of respect that Liverpool fans still have for you.

Should Luis Suarez be allowed to leave Liverpool this summer?


David Nugent

David is a freelance football writer with nearly a decade of experience writing about the beautiful game. The experienced writer has written for over a dozen websites and also an international soccer magazine offline.
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The Reds can’t afford a sulking Suarez? Of course they can, and if they want to send out a message that the club is bigger than the player, this is the perfect opportunity. Enough of the Owens, the Torress, the Suarezs. Suarez has a long-term contract and unless a fee worth of his talent is met, he’s still an employee of this club, and if he can’t accept that, he can sit and sulk in the reserves like Tevez…and after a year of non-performance, let’s see how he gets picked for Uruguay or how Real Madrid come calling!


To say Suarez is only to blame is wrong. Sure he makes a back for himself but the English media and fa have Played a part and most football fans around the world agree. Suarez ain’t no saint Nd neither are the English media and fa. Terry is as despicable as Suarez and yet he has not been treATED QUITE THE SAME. Enough said

Lee Wei Liang
Lee Wei Liang
David, even when Suarez is behaving in the right manner, the British media will still criticize him. Sometimes you can even hear it during the football match live on TV that those so called pundits will say nasty things about him. Isn’t Media suppose to be Fair in reporting? How come they can go on and on about Suarez ban for so called racist chant against Eva without any solid evidence and they just brush aside Terry racist comment against another English player as it is a normal issue. FA is even worse, without evidence the ban can be 8… Read more »

It’s almost irrelevant for the media to be blamed, given that Suarez did bring a fair amount of the stigma on himself.

The media’s problem is that they add two and two and get 1000.


Two words 4 Luis Suarez, stay or exit

craig french
craig french
Can i just say to all negative comments about whether suarez should stay,and rodgers should do everything in his power to keep him.He’s the best thing to happen to this club for years hes a genius,and his talent and number of goals he gets for this club definately out-weigh the problems he brings..Im sorry to evreyone who dont agree,but i’m a die hard liverpool fan who has not enjoyed wattching his team year in year out without competing or challenging for the title,soon as he’s back scoring and winning us games all will be forgotten im sure! so please stay… Read more »
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