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Luis Suarez shows the ugly side of his game at World Cup

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was involved in an incident against Italy that could see banned for the rest of the World Cup

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was involved in an incident against Italy that could see banned for the rest of the World Cup

Like many, I could not believe what I saw in the vital World Cup clash between Italy and Uruguay.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez and Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini both went down in a seemingly innocuous incident.

That was until the Italian defender got up and ran after the referee suggesting that the Liverpool striker had bit him on the shoulder.

Replays confirmed that the striker did appear to bit Chiellini.


It would have been an inexplicable action from any player, but it is even more incredible because Suarez has history of biting opponents.

Three times now Suarez has appeared to sink his teeth into opponents, which quite frankly is crazy.

You would have thought he would have learnt his lesson from the previous incidents and at 27 years-old be able to restrain himself.

You can almost forgive players for lashing out in the heat of the moment, but biting somebody is a premeditated action and thus cannot be seen in the same light as a player simply lashing out in the emotion of a moment.

It seems Suarez still cannot control himself. The Liverpool striker was almost like a petulant toddler as he went for the Italian defender.


The incident is made the crazier by the fact that Luis Suarez seemed to have turned over a new leaf in English football last season. The Uruguayan missed the first five Premier League games through a suspension received for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.

However, when he returned Suarez seemed to be on his best behaviour. He was enjoying his football and playing with a smile on his face. Suarez finished the season with 31 Premier League goals and won English Footballer of the Year.

Even fans of rival clubs were finding grudging respect for the Suarez and how he had turned his reputation around.


It seems that great footballers often have flaws in their personality. Argentinian great Diego Maradona was mad as a box of frogs. He could not resist the big money lifestyle and trappings that went with it.

However, maybe it was those flaws that made him such a fantastic footballer. Maybe he was the great player because of his flaws and not despite them. Players like Maradona and Suarez have an edge to their personality that means they have got a win at any cost mentality.

Suarez may not indulge in the same nefarious off-the-field activities that the former Argentinian great did, but in a way he has similar flaws in his personality.


FIFA are now set to review and investigate the incident. FIFA confirmed that an investigation would take place in a statement that read: “FIFA can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the player Luis Suarez of Uruguay,”

It seems that it is unlikely to end well for Luis Suarez, as there is not much better evidence than Television replays that appear to show Suarez committing the act.


The biggest ban ever handed out at a World Cup was in 1994, when Italy defender Massimo Tassotti was given an eight match ban for elbowing Spanish midfielder Luis Enrique in the face and breaking his nose.

The maximum ban that a player can be given is 24 matches or two years. It seems with Suarez’s previous he could be facing a hefty ban.

If as expected Luis Suarez receives a ban it is unclear whether the sanction would only apply to the international game, or whether any ban would affect his club career. It would be a terrible blow to Liverpool if the ban was imposed in the Premier League.

Suarez has already served two bans for similar incidents, a seven-match ban in Holland and a more recent ten match ban in England.


It seems almost seems inevitable that Luis Suarez will receive a ban, which will mean the end of his World Cup. That would be a crying shame for such a top player, but he only has himself to blame if he does get banned.

Luis Suarez is undoubtedly a fantastic player, but he seems like a ticking time-bomb just waiting to go off. It’s been over a year since he last went off, but his latest misdemeanour could cost him and his country dearly.

What should Luis Suarez’s punishment be for the incident with Chiellini?


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Eric ghansah
Eric ghansah

Infact “LOIUS SUARES IS MORE THAN THE WORLD” let look at what he did chelsea`s defender ivanovic, we all saw what he did at the world cup 2010 at south africa a match between ghana and uruguay, so this player or a vanpire ?,this is a world cup so FIFA see to that vanpire sueres to ban in football,Thanks


Three strikes and you’re out… Permanently! There is no need of a player in the beautiful game for such maliciousness. Biting is an act of assault – not a “foul” on the pitch … And should be treated as such!

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