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Mourinho: Ronaldo superior to Messi

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win the Ballon d’Or and says he is on another level from Lionel Messi.

Mourinho said El Clasico between Real and Messi’s Barcelona both players were from another planet, but he has now suggested Ronaldo is ahead of the Argentine forward.

“It would be a crime if Cristiano didn’t win the Ballon d’Or. If Messi is the best in the world, it’s only because Cristiano is from another planet,” Mourinho told A Bola.

“He wasn’t born on Madeira, but on Mars. So he’s not from planet Earth. That’s why he’s the best player in the universe.

“If Cristiano does not win it this year, it has to do with his image. He doesn’t sell himself well and isn’t always a nice guy.”

Mourinho claimed it is harder for Ronaldo to excel than it is for Lionel Messi, as the Portugal international has not been surrounded by the same team-mates for years.

“Things are much harder for Cristiano than they are for Messi. Messi grew up with his current team and team-mates,” he said.

“Cristiano, on the other hand, came here from England and arrived at a struggling team. He has had to develop in a team that wasn’t the finished article yet.”

Fri 12 Oct, 2012
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  1. el vagaa says:

    messY’s game is typical of the maradona’s era,no class,no beauty BUT watch his majesty CR7’s all time ‘beauties’ & you’ll agree with mour.MADE IN MARS,true alien


  3. we can continue like this all day but lets be factual com on messi is very good no doubt and has won the ballon d,or four times but does that make him better than ronaldo …….let be factual if you were to vote you wouldnt want your vote to waste away its all politics and they know it………for me am not a fanatic but to factual ronaldo is a megastar and the best there is if there is going to be a better player probably a future enhanced player but for now no other than him

  4. SMS says:

    Idiot Mourinho, just copying the statement which Maradona used for Messi an year ago to counter the statement of Pele that Neymar is the best in the world.

  5. John pring says:

    Mourinho, speak truly.I think messi can play only in laliga. especially in Bacelona because it has many goods Spainish players. every thing come from them no his ability.If he leave from Bacelon to join other teams no way get many goals just in case he can not as Ronaldo. all of you can note during he played for his nation never find score but Teves , Higuain ,Dimaria can find well.

  6. SMS says:

    @John pring
    Anyone of Ronaldo’s fans who think Messi scores just because of Iniesta and Xavi,
    I urge all of you to watch this
    (especially you John)

  7. Bryan says:

    Ronaldo is just a baby to messi he is still the best of all time morinho is a jerk a failure go back to that stupid english league were u belong and3 more months u will be fired

  8. Bryan says:

    It’s funny how people say messi has xavi and iniesta they make it sound as if Ronaldo plays alone no team mates he has de Maria and and ozil I don’t think it’s messi’s fault that he finds the net better that this potuguess dude of course what can merino say he is his fellow country man rather compare messi to bale he can play better than Ronaldo

  9. Bryan says:

    Mourinho the special jerk to his followers no wonder why you didn’t get along with cr7 @ Madrid coz u tried to tell him something he knows he ain’t that’s being no 1

  10. Eish what a difficult debate (Messi or Ronaldo). it will always be hard to tell who is the best betwen these two guys, becoz both of them are good, and are playing differently. Ronaldo is purely skillful, and u would enjoy his dribling skil on his day, but Messi is something different from skill, becouz its like he use magic to just go past his opponents, and most of the tym u would be supprised to find out that he has past a group of opponents, but does he have dribling skills; to me it Noooooo…… u just dont no how he get through with the ball, Messi has some great ball control and Ronald is a driblling wizard but they all help their teams, I m a Ronaldo fan but having said that i think Messi have an edge over Ronaldo, more especially when it comes to sharing the balling with ur team mates, Messi hav some great defence breaking passes. but all in all i would say the are in the same class.

  11. mim says:

    messi has a better vision,passes the ball better than most mid fielders,,scores and aes more assists than cr7..he is the best no down,,lets just wait and see if neymar can try to surpass but cr7 is and will always be behind messi

  12. VAZZ says:

    …the fact is if messi can play as well in other clubs then only we can make a FAIR judgement…n I don’t think he will ever leave barca…n we can’t compare him with the great maradona cos he hasn’t achieved even 30% of maradona’s successes… so until he joins other clubs there is no fair comparison between Messi n Ronaldo…

  13. micheal says:

    U ppl are just saying nonsense we all know is fool he thinks he knows everything moreover everybody has his own time this is messi time so don’t judge him messi is an Argentine guy not spanish if it was politics won’t fifa give d ballon d’or to iniesta. So better shop ur mouth nd talk the fact……for both players are good but know one thing we aren’t equal in life one person will be greater than one………..

  14. micheal says:

    Who d hell is morinho he only curse confusion that it………..u ppl are comparing legend with ronaldo four times ballon d’or check last season what achievement did ronald had goals f9 tittle f9 but atleast messi has league tittle nd more goal than ronaldo what else do u ppl want from this guy…………

  15. micheal says:

    If we are to talk abt football legend ever… Pele how team did he play for u ppl should think before saying anything…..

  16. micheal says:

    If we are to talk abt football legend ever… Pele how many team did he play for u ppl should think before saying anything…..

  17. ian callaghan says:

    mourinho is bang on the money. messi is brilliant !!! but he as played at barcelona all his career with the same players. ronaldo is the greatest player to date. messi is a striker, ronaldo plays as 1 of 3 behind the striker and so therefore his goalscoring ratio is much more impressive. likewise mourinho is the greatest manager to date. it’s typical real madrid don’t appreciate this fact. the way they’re run is an absolute joke. with a tit-head president running the club. who knows nothing about football.

  18. Expert Soccer Player says:

    Mourinho is right Messi just dives all the time ppl just dont see it. Ronaldo doesnt he can play without cheating Ronaldo also plays fairly. So yea therefore Ronaldo is better than Messi

  19. Brad says:

    “Mourinho is right Messi just dives all the time ppl just dont see it.”

    stupidity at it’s “finest”.

  20. VAZZ says:

    Ronaldo is indeed superior to messi…cos he messi has lot to prove besides scoring goals made easy by great team mates around him…with whom he has been playing for many many years….

  21. OTONG says:

    Mourinho is also from another planet, he is alien, he’s not came from this world.. so he can speak with another planet player like ronaldo.. What are u talking sir mou, ure just a such as bunch of crap!!!

  22. Hebroheym says:

    what mourinho said,i agree with him.bcos ronaldo is superior than mess.

  23. razu says:

    c.ronaldo is always superior than l.messi…so its definately the time of ronaldo to overcome messi !!!

  24. SMS says:

    All this bullshit.
    Poor Mourinho couldnt even create a new statement to prove that Ronaldo is better.
    He just copied the statement which Maradona had used to describe Messi.
    Everyone says that some Mr. X is better than Messi or Mr. Y is better than Messi.
    All this proves that Messi is the measuring stick and the best.

  25. Redeoin says:

    Apart from the fact that he is a stupendous footballer, Messi also doesn’t dive and can take a tackle. Ronaldo on the other hand spends his time diving and rolling around the place like he has been shot. Personally, my subjective view is that Messi is the better footballer and by far the better human being. The fact that he is and will in all probability a one club man is a positive, not a negative. His view appears to be that Barca is the best club in the world and he owes them everything. He lover the club and the club and the fans love him. Why should he leave and why does he need to play anywhere else than the best club in the best league in the world to prove himself to some of the people posting here? Ronaldo on the other hand would probably go to play on Mars if they paid him enough money.

  26. jacob says:

    you can not say that ronaldo is the best when messi is beating him in overall goals and assists but has played way less matches??? sure ronaldo is a great player but i think that messi takes the place as number 1.


    Messi all the way he deserves the world best again.

  28. Rhys says:

    Ronaldo has proven himself in more then just la liga. He dominated the EPL. While Messi is a quality player, until he dominates another league theres only so much credit we can give him in comparison to ronaldo

  29. Peter says:

    Morinho says true ronaldo is better than messi.is just because messi is very standy player to ground and he has a very good contact with FIFA.

  30. benjamin says:

    messi is the best because he won 4four ballon dor, but Ronaldo one. he was in premiere league. messi score almost two times the goal of cr7

  31. benjamin says:

    u can like cr7 but that doesn’t mean his the best w

  32. Redblood says:

    Mourinho is smoking some impressive stuff. The greatest player by a very long way is Messi, the whole world knows that. Ronaldo is a brilliant player, an amazing diver and a faster sprinter than Messi so in diving and sprinting, yes he is a lot better.

  33. sammt tee says:

    All c.r7 fans re saying rubbish cause u like ronaldo nd d way he play with style. But messi is just too good. Just do me a favor forget about likeness nd watch their match nd u will c dat God is great, messi will always be the best

  34. there is nothing haters can say, messi wil always be the best.

  35. The Guy who actually knows soccer says:

    Messi is a retard who’s just a frigan cry baby when you just touch him yea we all got that (except for dickheads). Ronaldo actually plays fairly yea we also got that (except for dickheads). Ronaldo doesn’t hog the ball he passes it around. Messi is like (in girly voice) “oh look at me i’m amazing” So yea ronaldo is way better then llittle Messi who has a stuffed up face and stuffed up hair

  36. ronaldooluwaseun says:

    Cr7 has proved his quality in epl Ąπ∂ τ̲̅ђe la liga. Scoring the fastest 100 la liga goals. Within four years he is already a legend for both madrid Ąπ∂ united. Messi is good also cos O̶̷̩̥̊͡F his dribbling Ąπ∂ goal scoring abilities. But check who is better when it comes Τ̅ the charisma. If fifa can allow us Τ̅ vote for the world best , I tell you ronaldo is going Τ̅ claim dat award every day even after retirement

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