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Mourinho: Ronaldo superior to Messi

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win the Ballon d’Or and says he is on another level from Lionel Messi.

Mourinho said El Clasico between Real and Messi’s Barcelona both players were from another planet, but he has now suggested Ronaldo is ahead of the Argentine forward.

“It would be a crime if Cristiano didn’t win the Ballon d’Or. If Messi is the best in the world, it’s only because Cristiano is from another planet,” Mourinho told A Bola.

“He wasn’t born on Madeira, but on Mars. So he’s not from planet Earth. That’s why he’s the best player in the universe.

“If Cristiano does not win it this year, it has to do with his image. He doesn’t sell himself well and isn’t always a nice guy.”

Mourinho claimed it is harder for Ronaldo to excel than it is for Lionel Messi, as the Portugal international has not been surrounded by the same team-mates for years.

“Things are much harder for Cristiano than they are for Messi. Messi grew up with his current team and team-mates,” he said.

“Cristiano, on the other hand, came here from England and arrived at a struggling team. He has had to develop in a team that wasn’t the finished article yet.”

Fri 12 Oct, 2012
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  1. ken ozone says:

    we all know mourinho to b a good coach but he is begining to loose my respect bcos he is far away from truth. he see’s blue n say red. he said rolando is the best diver in world football when he was at chelsea, ibrahimovic was d best player when at inter n now d diver is out of our planet interms of soccer. i swear he will call messi jesus he shld coach barca.

  2. Muyiwa says:

    Mou is just mouthed.

  3. sunday says:

    Mourinho is just full of rubbish talk comparing Ronaldo to great Messi. Messi is far ahead of Ronaldo in all departments of footall game. Anyway, what do you expect from a Coach who took forever to achieve what Guardiola achieved in the twinkle of an eye.

  4. Brad says:

    Mourinho is a good manager, but he’s not good at humility. Messi is the best in the world today (but not all time).

  5. Tari says:

    Mourinho listen 2 ursef, if ni may ask here, wich teaam apart 4rm barca or laliga do u tink messi will fit in. Y wuld messi change team wen he’s alredi playin in d best. Y did ronaldo cum 2 spain 2 play 4 real madrid bcos he knw’s madrid is a beta team dan man u. So mourinho dnt giv ursef hope dat if mention tinks he nis d best he shuld leave barca 2 anoda team or league dat is rubbish. Messi deserve evry award dat uefa has 2 offer tank u. Leo we gat ur back.

  6. tony says:

    c.ronaldo is a good footballer but messi is inborn.ronaldo is a selfish footballer, he always want to score alone without minding his teammates standing in good position waiting for his passes,but messi scores,dribbles,create chances for his teammates and performs magics with the ball thereby impressing spectators.he deserves what ever football title for today

  7. juliuceser says:

    Comparing messi and ronaldo is like comparing god and human

  8. Skida says:

    Well, that’s Jose for you. He would stop at nothing to double-speak once it’s in his favour. He’s got a huge admiration for Messi, and truly never likes Ronaldo that much because they’re both ego-bloated blokes. I guess he was tryna be xenophobic and pander to the whims of patriotism. But in truth, Messi remains a more scintillating player than Ronaldo!

  9. oi says:

    Mourinho talking rubbish!

  10. Ronaldo has to play more football to reach the highest level in the world…Jose is talking nonsense all the time….plez offer Ballon d or to meesii again….he is a great player all the time..

  11. Brad says:

    okay, for one thing, Ronaldo has played pro club football since 2003, and with the first team at that. Also, add up all the matches he’s played in, Ronaldo has played in roughly 150 more than Messi has. Not to mention, he’s actually proved his worth with more than one club, and also at a major tournament for Portugal (seeing as he propelled his team to the knockout stages).

    so really, Messi is the one who has to play more football if you think about it.

  12. ikechukwu iwuchukwu says:

    who is ronald,i love Messi,he is my real man,

  13. Bobbish Gurkha says:

    Its true Messi is more popular than Ronaldo…..n has major support n has been with the same team from his youth so its not fair to put someone who though has bad reputation time to time has proven again n again to be the finest ,even Messi included is best so both of them are the best.Only season to season it changes from first or second.
    N ofcourse any coach would support his player,its called LOYALTY if some dumb fuck dont get it n I respect people like Morinho who speaks from his heart.

  14. Wilfred Ayim says:

    Messi is far better than ronaldo. Dont mind mourino

  15. Oluwatobi says:

    Wat to say is wat in one mind.to say d true we can say dat messi is well know player with grace of is pattern but Ronaldo is good as messi but let messi try other club b4 we can judge dem.dey all beta due to deir teammatd work.

  16. teejay says:

    Mo is jus big mouthed……read all d comments,ull see that as it only shows that the truth wld alwas rem wat it is. In all spheres of life,both character on and off,messi is more matured. He simply is better. Good example…how many adverts have you seen naldo in? But see messi,…Pepsi,Audi…etc to metion a few! Go messiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!! up u!

  17. clinsman says:

    hahahahahahaah messi u are d best ok don’t mind them bro..

  18. Pethey says:

    hey messi..ur my best eva n i dont want ronaldo…

  19. Abdulhakim Bajaber says:

    I believe Mourinho is watching a different game. How on earth could he compare Messi with Ronaldo. There is no comparison on any level – on the pitch and off the pitch Messi s the best regardless of the number of awards he has collected. We will never see another Messi nytime soon…. He has broken many records and soon he will break Gadmuller’s …. where is Ronaldo in this..! Mo please admit that Messi is the best in the universe even if you are Portugees like Ronaldo….. We like Ronaldo but he is no where near Messi….

  20. Blessing Stanley says:

    Well, ronaldo is a player, while messi messi is something else. Even Ronaldo himself cannot proudly avow anything to compare him with messi. Is just that fans will always say good thing about their own team, and castigates others. If messi deserves to win the Ballon again, no one should say is a cheating, because he has done more than ronaldo, and he comes with a different football technical species every seasons. He is the best in fact, let him go for the award, it is not his fault that he is the best in the world. Please Mourinho, try to compare ronaldo to XAVI or iniesta. Not messi please.

  21. Brad says:

    It’s because of Xavi and Iniesta that Messi is able to score so many goals and be as great as he is.

    Without them, while he’d still be great, it wouldn’t be as much so.

  22. Vincent says:

    Mourinho, you are a very good coach,but what comes out from ur mouth, when your team have a loss,is absolutely rubbish and you try to put the blame on referees and football management.This is happening for a long time now. You have a very strong team and try to maximise their efficiency.

  23. Timo says:

    Ya stop yo no-sense, for Mourinho to comment that Ronaldo is the best is right in one way or the other because Ronald has also broke many records and he has proved it every where he has been so ”he is the greatest in the whole universe not like Messi who has proved it at only Barca and not even at the National team. Big up Christiano Ronaldo………..Big up!

  24. D.K says:

    Football is about team work & 4 how long has CR been at realmadrid? CR is always in the team & they play almost 3 times in a week. Is that not too much 4 one 2 get acclimatised with other mates. The most important thing is that even Jose has admitted that his player does not associate with the popularity, he shuold try 2 be in good terms with the people & not be self centered will CR7 be the best. As 4 today he is good that is why he want to back to Man U.

  25. Usman says:

    I tink MESSI still remains d BEST footballer in d WORLD as far as football is concern. Ronaldo is good though!

  26. kamal says:

    thanks all for supporting messi..we all know whats reality is..messi is undoubtly best in football today he has scored more goals than ronaldo and even has far more assist than him..he is the best play maker and more importantly a better person than cristiano ronaldo..

  27. adetunji stephen says:

    Messi is the best player, you cannot compare messi with c rolnado. Mou knows the truth but he will not tell the whole word.

  28. adewale marscort says:

    fine we all knw mou for his careless speech but for all i care he’s still the best, then ronaldo vs messi is something i dnt want to argue as a football technician will understand that they are different players. Messi is the most skillful that is why if he cant dribble he cant play very well bt ronaldo only has footwalk and pace bt to me he has gotten more work rate on the pitch than messi bcos the team they play for are different messi plays in a more compacted team but cr7 plays in an isolated and allstar team if u understand what i mean.

  29. Timo says:

    I think it will be right to appreciate both the prayers at the best because both of them have proved it in most of the aspect they have went through, but at-least Ronaldo has proved it in all conditions available.

  30. TEKALIGN says:

    yahhhh Messi the best one than C.Ronaldoo really he will wine. I am suuuure.

  31. mourinho has gone mad again ooooo.mourinho you are coaching chinistfootball and you think it is thesame football that is being played at BARCA? Very soon madrid will show you a way out because you are very rud,indisciplined fellow full of pride, arogant ETC.Even if it is NOT MESSI, then it will be INIESTA. WHATS your problem? SURE,mou you dont know how to analise football that`s why you are not succeding at Santiago.shameless man. Ballon`d or HARAM!!!

  32. Those of you that are saying MESSI should go to a different club and play there,let me ask you;what role did those clubs played in Messi`s life?Barca made Messi and host of other players, what is your own? Ronaldinho became famous at BARCA you madrid boys said thesame thing. SEE; Better soup na money mekam. If you are jealous of our SOUP,then go chooping. MESSI 4 LIFE,BARCA 4 LIFE.

  33. femi says:

    Go messi. ‘Samuel Eto’ if their’s any current god of soccer, his name is leo messi.

  34. humbleguy says:

    To Brad.. I bet you never heard of Iniesta or Xavi before Messi came out as a major player at Barca. Messi’s game propelled Iniesta and Xavi to the levels they are now. By the way, Ronaldo is playing with excellent players as well, mind you even better than most of Barca’s players. I have seen plenty of good and excellent players in my 50 years, but none of them can come close to Messi as a complete footballer and human being. No comments about Mou’s madness.

  35. Biplab says:

    someone write that messi & ronaldo have no compare. if messi change his club from barca to any bpl club . and then prove there i will trust him. if he he don’t prove there, he is most rubbish player…..

  36. abdullahi says:

    pls mourinho shutup never u conpare messi and ronaldo not that mourinho is not good but he talk too much the difference is their messi do things easily with the ball while ronaldo is struglling for people to called him the best player always want to score even if he is not in good position to score but messi create for barca and score easily.

  37. Phil jaba says:

    wat are u talkin about? Ronaldo is a dangerous player, i knw barca fans always go for messi, but not jaba, so jose is rite bcoz ronaldo is not a selfish player, therefore, ronaldo deserve 2 b best in d universe for ur information ok?

  38. Brad says:

    Humbleguy, as a matter of fact, I did hear about them. Don’t go talking crap when you don’t know a thing about me.

    And if you’ve never seen anything come close, or rather, be better, than Messi, than you seem to have the misfortune of never hearing about Pele, who actually did something at both club and international level for his entire career. Sure, he’s like Messi and Ronaldo today: had great teammates. and he was also the crown jewel on the team, like today’s big duo. Difference: He did something his entire career for club and country. Only player to have 3 championship medals from helping Brazil win the WC for example.

    Look at the bigger picture. Records are made to be broken; somewhere down the line, another player will come along and break the records Messi has put up this year. championships are forever, and at the world stage, Messi has not a single one to his name. Likewise for Ronaldo.

    (I know and apologize about going off topic, but I couldn’t really stay on topic- to get my point across- once you said there were none who have come close to Messi. That, my friend, is wrong.)

  39. rick says:

    messi sucks and so does barca . . . its the same team playing together thats why they win but not for long as there is a better team now …. real madrid is better than barca ….. barca players are cheaters …. one foul and all run on the refs body wat is that about …… mourinho is right about ronaldo and he deserves to win it this year

  40. Omaid says:

    Ronaldo is the greatest player to play the game , ronaldo from childhood had problems as his father passed away messi had his granny who paid for everything of his and when ronaldhino was around in barca messi sucked ronaldo deserevves too win the ballon d`Or

  41. Temmytope says:

    Only God can judge, both players are superb. But i prefered ronaldo to mecci.

  42. john ini says:

    lolz…..well as far i know even inborn babies knows dat wat is in messi is far greater than wat is in ronaldo for now. so my great coach pls call a spade a spade n b guided!

  43. Minusha says:

    messi might be good but all I have to say is he scores all these goals because of the team he is in. Messi has been is barca for a really long time and while I have all the respect in the world for him if you put messi is any other team apart from barca he will not score the amount of goals ge is scoring now.
    on the other hand ronaldo is a hard working football god. set aside all the stats of each player when you look at the players individual ability ronaldo is a much better player. he is good in international games and club games and he outstands from the whole team. messi wins all these trophy’s cuz he’s just a nicer guy than ronaldo.

  44. Vitalis marekera says:

    Ronaldo is best this time iam not a football respected one but he did BEST in raising madrid from unknown dominance of barca and for portugal people just know the name of messi last time you knocked out cr7 with the reason of the ligue cup now its real madrid do I respect Fifa but thi will be unfair football messi dominate in barca only because of assistance

  45. Vitalis marekera says:

    Also rate them from their countries not only clubs .I need an answer for thi question is it all football best players won because of goals and not only legends of football good judges because you may be a good player but dont know football shit people say that no reason for messi this time for even you publish my mail like it thus unfair

  46. oybek says:

    Rick:”real madrid is better than barca”

    Really? When did you last have a look at La Liga Table? Your “non-sucking” RM is lagging behind Barca by 13 points. Your hero is well behind Messi in goals count 14vs 25 this season. Your hatred towards Barca/Messi seems to have blurred your mind!

  47. boohoo says:

    Ronaldo was ahead ingoals on all competition before he got elbowed in the eye by the levante defender, call that what you want, but its clear his performance took a blow as did his eye. And if we talk last season, Ronaldo was easily better than messi on all levels of the game, there was only one superstar in classicos, on garden elf who melted away. This is year Messi is ahead by miles though, partially for reasons mentioned few roows up

  48. leandro says:

    same people have to make a research before commenting, and please let us not be blinded by the feelings we have towards each teams or players, facts are facts and cannot be changed, you have to be joing if you compare Messi to Pele, it is an insult, matter of fact, Zidane and Ronaldo were also great both from club and nation, Ronaldo currently is 2 best to Messi it is FACT….

  49. Vicran says:

    Its good. So that messi’s fans will see how it feels to an objective observer when they compare him to Pele.

  50. jahson says:

    Messi = Great
    Ronaldo = Ok

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