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Mourinho: Ronaldo superior to Messi

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win the Ballon d’Or and says he is on another level from Lionel Messi.

Mourinho said El Clasico between Real and Messi’s Barcelona both players were from another planet, but he has now suggested Ronaldo is ahead of the Argentine forward.

“It would be a crime if Cristiano didn’t win the Ballon d’Or. If Messi is the best in the world, it’s only because Cristiano is from another planet,” Mourinho told A Bola.

“He wasn’t born on Madeira, but on Mars. So he’s not from planet Earth. That’s why he’s the best player in the universe.

“If Cristiano does not win it this year, it has to do with his image. He doesn’t sell himself well and isn’t always a nice guy.”

Mourinho claimed it is harder for Ronaldo to excel than it is for Lionel Messi, as the Portugal international has not been surrounded by the same team-mates for years.

“Things are much harder for Cristiano than they are for Messi. Messi grew up with his current team and team-mates,” he said.

“Cristiano, on the other hand, came here from England and arrived at a struggling team. He has had to develop in a team that wasn’t the finished article yet.”

Fri 12 Oct, 2012
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  1. Brad says:

    Problem is, Vicran, they’ll never see it from our view- though I must admit my own views are also influenced by subjectiveness as well as objectiveness.

  2. rick says:

    oybek .. barca sucks and so do u ….
    u are just supporting cheaters

  3. Brad says:

    ^ alright, that’s just pathetic right there

  4. Ateker says:

    Messi, i just have no words for this guy!! he is the best ever in d world!!

  5. Haokip says:

    Mourinho should coach india and lead them to wc glory if he wants to be called the ‘special one’ or ‘the only one’ LOL

  6. rusando says:

    messi should win the ballon d’or no dont there is no player have done wat messi as done in 2012 he is just too good to be true

  7. exman says:

    guys dont what ronaldo did at man-u sometimes its just the team combination tht will portray how good a player is, but like it or not ronaldo is the best.

  8. Frederick says:

    CR7 does not pafticipate in the contruction and finishing of the game as much as Messi. Pele, Cruff, were well surrounded in their respected teams ( Santos, Ajax). I. really don’t. understand Mourinho’s comment. Then again he’s Ronaldo’s coah and compatriot

  9. tesarem hailu says:

    yes you are coorect ronaldo and messi come from other planet but ronaldo is the better player than argentina stricke so in this seasson the ballon dor
    awarrd for cr7

  10. Cian says:

    Mourinho said this before “If Messi and Ronaldo were in different decades they would win 10 Ballon D’or’s each”

  11. Oybek says:

    Could Mou be more stupid? 1 vs 4 Ballon d’Ors and who cares about what this Mouthrinho guy says about his counterpart?

  12. fonny says:

    We are talking about player of the year. I thought Ronaldo had the edge this year with his performance in leading Real to the La liga title and getting Portugal to the Semis in Euro. But his image is poor in the media at times, so politics plays a part. As an individual talent Ronaldo is far better than anybody for the last 7 years or so. He has played in the 2 best leagues in the world dominated them both. He Can dribble, prescion crosses, long range strikes, great with his head, hes a predator around the net, free kick specialist. No player in the world has those qualities plan and simple. If you take Xavi or iniesta out of that line-up amongts the other nominations for players of year on Barca, it would be Messi who!!!!

  13. Metachemical says:

    How is this even still and argument? Ronaldo is an incredible player (And a whiny, cheating douche) but he’s not Messi.

  14. Pasqual Mclaughlin says:

    Messi has better dribbling, passing, awareness, speed on the ball, and he now hits better freekicks! The only part of his game that is inferior to ronaldos is heading, and that is only because ronaldo is 6″2 and messi is 5″7, though i may add his heading ability is largely underestimated! Ronaldo is a decent player surrounded by millions of pounds worth of talent at both man u and real madrid, whereas messi is surrounded by players that have come from the youth system at barca, so surely with the players around ronaldo he should benefit more than messi! It has also a fact that without ronaldos goals last season that real madrid would have still finished first in la liga, whereas without messis goals barca would have finished sixth, which shows that messi is better than ronaldo by a distance, and that is a statistical fact! But even without that you only have to watch messis genius to see that it is an insult that ronaldo is even mentioned in the same sentence with regards to the worlds best player! It is messi pure and simple, no matter how well ronaldo does messi always seems to outdo him even when messi isnt at his best he is still better than him.

  15. Brad says:

    Hold on there, at United Ronaldo was also surrounded by academy product players!

    Another thing, Messi himself is a Barca youth academy product, even though he’s Argentinian. Considering they all grow up learning the same style, and some grow up together while doing so, the team chemistry forms earlier and stronger and goes deeper.

    So no, Ronaldo actually isn’t supposed to be better than Messi. Another thing, your opinion (not statistical fact)that Barca would finish 6th is nonsense. How is anyone supposed to know that? They’re not, and in any case, Barca has so much talent that the only thing that would be missed to seeing the best player in the world RIGHT NOW not wearing a Barca jersey.

  16. messi is just good. says:

    messi the only player on earth, to have beaten ronaldo in all cycles of footbell. goals, brillence, etc.

  17. Guash says:

    messi is the best next to Ronaldo

  18. Babagiddy says:

    the fact that Ronaldo scored a brace in the el clasico does not mean he is better than messi. messi is an outstanding player and his mesmerizing style of play mesmerizing record makes him a player par excellence. Ronaldo is escorting messi in terms of records and achievement footballically.

  19. Ly Ebra says:

    Messi just plays the best he can do 4 the team. Usually b a victim by animal player, blind referee & corrupt linesman. He’d nothing w/out great manager.

    CR7 just wannabe the best & plays 4 himself. He try e’thing, both legally or illegally. He, team, & manager, they’re looked a like cowboys from hell.

  20. hilary says:

    Messi is the best in the world and the other planets

  21. gonz says:

    Messi is the best ever n ronaldo is just a footballer…messi deserve anything in the world….

  22. gonz says:

    Ronaldo doesn’t beat any records in hiks carreer whereas messi did everything….hey morihno just shut ur mouth n keep going on with ur work,…dont compare ronaldo to messi,,he (ronaldo) will beat the record of messi in his next genarationj….bye..

  23. ck jarule says:

    what if CR7 goes to BARCA and MESSI goes to REAL MADRID????………MESSI will become history. CR7 is an all-round player that can play in any team. CR7 best ever.

  24. Touthang says:

    If Messi and Ronaldo is in different decades, they will win 10 balloon d’or each. since they were in the same decades, messi win 4 to 1 for ronaldo. doesn’t this make sense that messi is superior to ronaldo?? than if ronaldo is superior to messi, why don’t he get more balloon d’or than messi??….than you guys will say ”it is bcos messi is surrounded by talents of youth academic products, than is cr7 surrounded by bunch of fat slow hippo??? absolutely not, he is surrounded by a collective of best player around the globes and the best coach (self proclaim-the special one). cr7 is a complete player but never will he achieve what messi has achieve so far because messi is by far more superior than ronaldo.

  25. manih says:

    We all no dat messi is a great player but before u say somebody is d world best. U must check were he’s coming from first. CR7 is also a good player. He has been with sveral teams n he is still d best but for messi , he has only been with barca so we cannot call him d best player in d world. Although he has more goals dan ronaldo does not classify him d best. Let him leave barca n still be d best den I can judge. Ronaldo creates n finishes but messi is just a finisher. Award can b wrongly judged cos its done by voting so no judge by d ballon d’or u hear.

  26. Emmanuel says:

    Yes mourinho I known is what you will say so that you CR7 will be happy with you,but remember you are claming to be the special one or anything you like call yourself spain is not easy for you & it will not be. The world no it that messi is better than CR7 even God in heaven with all the angles over there all see messi as the chosen one not you & your CR7 noice making & bragard human been. Messi is a humble hero & a living legend if you like go to hall.

  27. yemane says:

    i tink mourinho have feir becuase of messi is the
    best of best in the world footballer.how came mess vi ronaldo you compare honetley mess is the king of soccer

  28. Asad ayub says:

    morinho is rite…ronaldo came frm another hand….n struggling with team….its a result tht cr7 is the frst option of madrid team…
    messi can work with his left foot….bt ronaldo use every part of his body… messsi is fail widout barca team mate

  29. Stev says:

    U guys are fools for saying Messi is better than C7… Its politics that is ernin Him what You guys tink He is… The guy is incredible no dout about that.. But football is not all about goals.. Messi can’t do what Ronaldo is capabble off.

  30. Haokip says:

    Cr7 does not win because mourinho is the ‘only one’ who thinks ronaldo deserves it instead of messi..

  31. remmie says:

    messi is not just a good player but the best given cr7 doesn’t exist in the world of football. his single leg is good in netting and more clinical in front of the goal than any other player. the undisputed fact is that cr7 is better than messi given the assist both get from their teams. he’s more complete giving powerful right n left shots, without forgetting his powerful headers unlike messi who can only score given his only leg is in good position to do so! without barca, no messi… without real, cr7 still shines.. . in my own opinion and the opinion of other rational fans, CR7 is the best!

  32. Haokip says:

    Messi’s left foot is better than cr7 left,right foot and head combine….and there is no rule in football that say’s..’a player is required to used his right foot and his head at least 2 times in a match’ or anything like that. And remember that messi outscore cr7 in the past 2 seasons and this season as well

  33. jake says:

    you dont even know that there are great alien football players than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But, I may say that the latter is the most complete player. He can take a shot on goals in any part of his body; head, left and right foot, ankle, heels and even chest or its back part of his body. Messi? shshss.. With only his left footttttttttt.. no other than .. left foot.. left foot.. left foot.haha

  34. Adebowale Onas says:

    I thought Ronaldo had the edge over L.Messi, for the WORLD FOOTBALLER OF YEAR 2011/2012 title, with his performances , compare to what L.Messi achieved in the year 2011/2012 to win WORLD FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR this year,this is a daylight robbery. L.Messi knew his the second best last season but rob CR for him to win.This is story of ESAU and JACOB. ( CR7 for ESAU, while Messi for JACOB) for this year 2011/2012 WORLD FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR. I LIKE BOTH OF YOU as a good footballer.

  35. helder says:

    messi has scored 212 goals for barcelona on 243 apps. from 2004 til now. c.ronaldo 141 goals in 130 apps thats 1.09 ratio the best in la liga history.dont hate CR7 best in world.

  36. helder says:

    mourinho is 100% right

  37. barca13 says:

    to compare messi and ronaldo is to liken light and darkness. messi is light while ronaldo is darkness. messi is marked by the whole opposition while ronaldo is man marked by one player. literally the spotlight is on the little magician,MESSI!

  38. Brad says:

    how typical. . . while Messi is the fastest dribbler in the world, he doesn’t have the height, size, and strength to go with his blistering pace and marvelous skill; Ronaldo does.

    In being complete, sometimes it might actually help to have traits of the kind we as humans can’t control.

    Messi is the best player in the world right now, but I’d say Ronaldo is the most complete.

  39. ivan says:

    ronaldo and ronaldo alone

  40. ivan says:

    u change the league all the way from portugal,england to spain and remain on top of yo game ronaldo u a great.

  41. seun says:

    ronaldo is better than messi if messi is good,he should try another club,but CR7 is a complete footballer.he can play anywere,if eyimba of aba can afford him CR7 will still performed.

  42. Ebenizer says:

    Ronaldo is more complete than cos since he join madrid in 2009 he score to win at worst draw until dis year semi-final clash.

  43. skiffe says:

    Mourinho talks too much,hope he can concentrate on winning silver than ranting.Go to chelsea let’s see,what’s special.

  44. ataklt says:

    i never see like messi he is simple best i have no words to explain about him because he is ca babel of all tapes of skills so no body like him he know how to score how to pass payer how to assist woo he is simply legend ever morinho he is crazy he know that he know noting he is simple idol ronaldo is best but he is not lucky because of messi so please you guys dont compare messi and ronaldo it is sin so keep true messi have his talent and ronaldo has his talent

  45. Saha says:

    I can say in the real sense of fact, Ronaldo should be better of Messi despite Messi being more outstanding in winning trophies and great tribbling skills, which i know attract most of football fans and supporters. Do not forget that he has the world best mildfielders surrounding him, point of correction to some people, those mildfielders in Barca are no longer academy or youth players, every quality player was once an academy or youth player before professional career, what matters most is being together and the understanding of players. Barca has stayed together for a long time thats a credit to Messi, but Ronaldo has tested some leagues and has really showed his greatness, if supposed Ronaldo got players like that of Barca’s mildfielders, surely he would be topping in goal scoring, and he will also carry trophies, because Barca will always collect the mildfield to make the ball easy for even you as a striker though Messi has his own great contribution too, so Messi should tryout in some other leagues and clubs to prove his worth beyound every reasonable doubt as an extra ordinary player he has always kown to be, then we will believe, he is generally the best.

  46. Emmy says:

    Politics speak for messi in the world of
    Football, if not why is it that a world best player can not produced a goal at the 2010 world cup. Is team mate who are from spain represent there country and make history in wining the world cup without messi. If messi really believe in himself that he is truly the world best! he should go to another club side and prove that to the whole world just like Ronaldo did..if not, Ronaldo will always be far better than messi in any circumstance.

  47. Dan says:

    I personally think Ronaldo just edges Messi simply because he has done it in the premier league and la liga. I do on occasions think people are very biased to Messi when comparing the two but people are entitled to their own opinion. It was quite noticeable though when Messi was out against Bayern how much Barca needed him to have any sort of threat on goal. As much as people claim Barca don’t need him, when you lose 7-0 over two games then it shows how weak you are

  48. tertius steve says:

    messi is classic, so don’t even compare them

  49. dalton joe says:

    ronaldo sucks while messi rules,u guys shld stop comparx a duck fowl and a person,cus it is not faire comparing these two;;;;;;;;lol

  50. dalton joe says:

    who cares about morinho,by the way what is he saying cus i dont get it.he shld better look for where to set hes ass than talking trash

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