Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mourinho takes a swipe at English football

Inter boss Jose Mourinho claims it was far more difficult to win a Scudetto in Italy than it was to win the Premier League with Chelsea.

The Special One claims that there is a lack of quality and tactical awareness outside the top three clubs in English football.

He told News of the World: “I would say that at the top the level of English football is higher than in Italy.

“Manchester United are better than Inter, Liverpool are better than AC Milan and Chelsea are better than Juventus, to give three examples.

“But from there down Italian football is much stronger. In England I won a lot of easy games, by margins that leave no room for doubt. Here (in Italy) this has never happened. On the contrary, the smaller teams were always capable of causing us problems.”

“In 2004-05 with Chelsea it was a different success to all the others. It was a more emotional title for me because I saw the emotions surrounding me. Chelsea hadn’t been champions for 50 years and people felt the success in a way which I’ll never forget.

“By the following season the title was a one-horse race. The impetus achieved the previous season made us unstoppable, a bit like when I won my second title with Porto.

“The best example was when we played at Old Trafford 11 points ahead of Manchester United. We lost and came away with an eight-point advantage. We didn’t become champions when I said, it’s true, but I wasn’t far out.

“At no time was any direct opponent less than seven points behind us. I would say it was a very easy title. We won it without suffering.”

He added: “I remember a game against Genoa at home. We started with 4-3-3 and they closed up with four defenders.

“I changed to 4-4-2 and they responded with three centre-halves. I changed it again and they reacted automatically as if they had been expecting every change we made.

“We drew 0-0. They blocked the game in such a way that we could still be playing and not score a goal. The teams from the lower half of the table who come to the San Siro all have very strong tactical and physical trumps.

“Serie A has very unique characteristics which make it extremely difficult.”

[Source: News of the World]


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Deji Olaniun
Deji Olaniun

Its so obvious he’s not so happy at Inter, he wants to return to England thats why its very difficult for him to stop talking about the place.


We knew Mourinho as a rebellious man, so i am not surprised to hear that from him. But the truth remains clear, NO LEAGUE IS BETTER THAN ENGLISH PREMIERE LEAGUE in the whole world whether at top or at the bottom. Period


Mourinho jes wans to go back to the best league in the world. nothin wrong with that but i thought he was doin good at inter.

epl sucks
epl sucks

epl suckss


that was rude.


Is he for real? Inter has it quite easy for the past two years. They ended up like 10 points ahead of Juventus, if that’s not easy then I don’t know what it is.


No clue if he 4 rel or not, Rowena.


Mourinho is jes fucked that he evn so mucha as left chelc fc.
the hepocret…….
Which means, Roenuh, he IS 4 reeeeeel.
How ridiculous……. especially kumen frum da “Speshul Un.”
da whelp…………………………………………………….


kukaka, must be an American. Since he pust his post bout the time i did, yesterday.
But he is pretty narrow minded over Mourinho like POOPOP in the Gareth Barry discussion.


Dont insult me.

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