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Serbia must be given severe ban for racist actions

Danny Rose receives a ridiculous red card for kicking the ball into the crowd after England under-21’s game in Serbia

I can’t believe that in 2012 we still have idiots who are prejudice against people for the colour of their skin.

England under-21’s 1-0 victory over Serbia last night was marred by racist chanting and monkey noises.

England full-back Danny Rose couldn’t take it anymore and after the final whistle was shown a red card for kicking the ball into the crowd. The gesture then led to a mass brawl with Serbia players and officials getting involved.


Danny Rose was a victim of racism throughout the game, yet it was the England full-back that received a red card. He wasn’t the one who should have been punished, it is the idiots in the stand that should be punished.

Rose told Sky Sports: “It started when we went out for the warm-up. I told Wigs (Steve Wigley, assistant manager) what was happening and he told me to try and get through it, that it would be dealt with after the game.

“The fans started with monkey chants and in the second half two stones hit me on the head as I went to get the ball for a throw-in. After about 60 minutes, my mind wasn’t on the game. I was angry. It was so hard to concentrate that I made a few mistakes.

“When we scored, after 90 minutes’ abuse, I obviously expressed my emotions. The next thing I knew, all the Serbian players surrounded me, started pushing me, and then a brawl broke out”


I am not surprised that he was angry it would be hard not to be angry after such abuse and then to be man-handled by some of the Serbian players just added insult to injury. Rose was very unlucky to receive the red card and the least that FIFA can do is overturn it.


The problem with the type of people that act this way is that they are not properly educated. Some eastern European countries are very insular. Unlike more develop countries Serbia is not a multi-cultural society. However, that is not an excuse for what went on last night.

The racist chants and monkey noises are used to try and intimidate opponents. To his credit Danny Rose kept his cool for a long period, but couldn’t at the final whistle. In the circumstances I think his actions were very understandable.


FIFA now really need to take severe action against Serbia and Rose has called for a ban. I think he has a point. FIFA have warned and fined Serbia before for their fans poor behaviour.

The fine isn’t going to affect the fans that are actually carrying out this action. A ban would serve as a notice of intent that FIFA mean business when it comes to kicking racism out of football.

If this incident had happened in England for example FIFA would be taking a harder stance. Football’s governing body seem to have one rule for England and another for other countries.

A ban of Serbia from competitive action would show that FIFA mean business and they are taking racism seriously. That action may be unfair on the people of Serbia that wasn’t involved in the incidents though.

Maybe FIFA could allow Serbia to play games, but behind closed doors. I know this is a common action in other countries and would mean that the Serbia national teams could still play games on home soil.

However, FIFA have yet to release a statement about the incident. The head of FIFA Sepp Blatter has made some poor decisions in his time in office, but now is the time to make a good one.

If Blatter doesn’t give Serbia a severe penalty then it will look like FIFA are supporting racism. I very much fear that the punishment for Serbia won’t fit the crime of a minority of their supporters and the country’s FA will probably get a fine.

What punishment should be given to Serbia for the racist chanting during last nights match?

Wed 17 Oct, 2012
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  1. Coach Lo says:

    This is the kind of stuff that really pisses me off. I coach high school soccer and I had Something like this happen but it was a African American abusing a Hispanic. People need to learn how to be respectful and learn to not be a jackass.

  2. Timmy says:

    Racism is bad but disagree on u with racist people not being properly educated. I know plenty of racist people that are very educated and very smart people it has more to do with the culture you grow up in.

  3. Nikola says:

    Are you at all saw what happened at the game. The man is simply purposely made the incident. Therefore, it is a red karton.Admit when you’re wrong.

  4. David Nugent says:

    Hi Timmy, I respect your opinion on this. You have to say that education has a lot to do with culture in many ways.

  5. David Nugent says:

    Nikola, it wasn’t so much the red card that made me angry, but the disgraceful abuse of the player for 90 minutes. You don’t work for the Serbian FA, do you?
    How would you like somebody following you around and verbally abusing you for 90 minutes? I bet you wouldn’t, so please look at the incident from Danny Rose’s point of view. I was in fact watching the game and saw it unfold. Please do not try to deflect attention away from the real issue of racism.

    Coach Lo, your right whatever ethnic group it may be abusing another it is disgusting and it needs to be stamped out at every level of our game.

  6. Brad says:

    Racism is particularly prevalent in my part of the country. There’s still a surprising dose of tension left over from the Civil War. It must stop.

  7. Mike says:

    C’mon guys, these are Serbians we are talking about. Do you really expect anything better from them?


    bit harsh Mike
    after seeing the scenes at the Sheffield wed v Leeds game last night

  9. Brad says:

    Mike, that exactly is the kind of thing we’re talking about. Can we really expect anything better from people like you? You’re not helping.

  10. Mike says:

    How can it be harsh? This isn’t anything new for them. Serbian national team fans have had numerous fights throuout the Europe, and same goes for their clubs. I think Serbia should just play their games without their fans, thats all. It’s not players fault, and they shouldnt get penalized for something that they have no control over.

  11. Brad says:

    It is true that it’s plagued them for a long time, yes. And it’s also true there used to be infighting due to racial differences in the past. But all of it should be in the past, and the comment you made earlier: “C’mon guys, these are Serbians we are talking about. . .” sounds racist in and of itself.

  12. Mike says:

    Yup I am. I’m very racist of all the people who are destroying this beautiful game. And if you read my second post, you can see that I was not referring to Serbian players, but just the “very stupid Serbian Fans”
    We can play this technical wording game all you want, but Serbia is Serbia and that will not change any time soon.

  13. Brad says:

    It always starts with one very small step. Start your own then.

  14. Bah says:

    Racist text, racist comments.. and racist english FA & hysterical media bullying UEFA and small countries, like Queen Victoria is still alive. Better ban England-2 days ago 25 british hooligans were arrested in Amsterdam, last week some maniac almost killed Kirkland..

  15. cloud says:

    .. i can’t understand why FIFA or UEFA is allowing this kind of behavior from FANS to continue. I know they would say, that you’ll just throw away the bad apple and keep the good ones. But there haven’t been any arrest of any SPECIFIC group of racist bastards.

    .. the football governing body should be hard on any country or club that make racist taunts to players. Let every home game of the guilty club/country be played behind closed doors, no fans allowed.

    .. and what about technology ?? how come they haven’t utilized it to it’s full extent ?? We have high quality cameras and mics nowadays, i’m sure it can easily lock in on a group in the stadium.

    .. anyway, as the saying goes ” WHEN THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY” And FiFa don’t have the will.

  16. Mike says:

    good point cloud, but how would they make any money then LOL
    They will only spend money on some more sophisticated technology and they will get rid of the fans, which will reduce their income. I dont think they want to do that. It might sound like a right thing to do, but FIFA and UEFA are all about money too

  17. cloud says:

    .. there lies the problem. MONEY and GREED.

    .. that would be best, coz money won’t come in to the clubs/national teams and they would be forced to be strict and they themselves will make ways to stump out racism during games coz they need their fans to be CLEAN in order for the games to be played in the normal way, not close-doors.

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