Closing Line Definition

Otherwise known as the final line, the closing line refers to the betting line before a bookmaker sets the odds for an event.


An example might include a UFC match between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. The odds might start at 1.50 for Anderson Silva and 2.1 for Georges St. Pierre; at first many people might wager on Anderson Silva, but the bookmaker would likely shorten the odds on Georges St. Pierre to be more realistic, or to balance their books before the final line or closing line when the odds are set.

Closing Line Pros and Cons
  • It might be possible to place a bet after the closing line when more favorable odds are present.
  • With regular bookmakers perhaps the odds after the closing line are not favorable. This is why many people like to using bet trading sites to set their own odds which can still be backed or layed after the closing line.