Quinella Bet Definition

A quinella is commonly used in horseracing and is similar to an exacta or perfecta, in that the punter must select the winning two horses. The difference is that the winning two horses can be in any order.


Out of 20 horses in race, a quinella winner might decide to choose “Gold Star” and “My Lucky Russian” to be the two horses to place 1st and 2nd. If both of these horses place 1st and 2nd the punter wins, but if one of them only places the bet is lost.

Quinella Bet Pros and Cons
  • A quinella is a great way to gamble a small stake for a large potential profit.
  • It has more chance of winning than an exacta or perfecta.
  • A quinealla is still difficult to pull off due to the odds stacked against the punter.