Scorecast Betting Definition

Scorecast bet basically consists of two separate bets, meaning that it can be seen as an accumulator. You need to correctly predict the player to score the first goal in a match as well as the correct result of the same match in order to win a scorecast bet.

Scorecast betting is extremely attractive to amateur punters due to the fact that it promises hefty returns on every winning bet, while this particular market has become very popular after top online bookmakers started offering Money Back Specials on scorecast markets.

Seeing that scorecast bets are very hard to predict, the bookies are not afraid to offer extremely long odds on these markets, which is a big reason why the punters place bets on them in the first place.


A player places a £10 scorecast bet on Leo Messi to score the first goal and Barcelona to win 3:0 at odds of 24/1. If the Argentine indeed scores the first goal in Barca’s 3:0 win, the player will earn £250. If Messi scores the first goal, but the game ends in any other result other than the 3:0 win for Barca, or if Barcelona win 3:0 but someone else scores the first goal, the bet will be lost.

Scorecast Betting Pros and Cons
  • Extremely long odds
  • Money Back Specials offered on scorecast bets
  • Low-scoring games are good for scorecast bets
  • Very slim chances of winning
  • Every goalless draw results in lost bet