Soccer Quiz

  1. The Brazilian striker Ronaldo's (Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima) nickname is ___ ?
  2. Who of these 4 players has not won the African Footballer of the Year award 3 times or more?
  3. St. James Park is the name of the ground belonging to which English team?
  4. In which club did Wayne Rooney play before Manchester Utd bought him?
  5. "The Old Lady" is the nickname of which club?
  6. Oleg Salenko, who scored ___ goals for Russia against Cameroon in 1994, holds the record of most goals scored in a World Cup game.
  7. Spanish side Espanyol hail from which city in Spain?
  8. Which player commanded the highest transfer fee for a defender to this date?
  9. The often used term in British tabloid press, WAGs, stands for?
  10. English football club Everton FC is from which city?
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