Soccer Quiz

  1. Where is Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien from?
  2. At the age of 18, Cristiano Ronaldo was signed by Manchester Utd from which Portugese side?
  3. Alessandro Nesta, Roberto Mancini, Pavel Nedved & Dejan Stankovic have all played together at one point. For which team?
  4. The "Camp Nou" is the name of the stadium belonging to which team?
  5. Former England manager, Steve McClaren, has coached all of the following clubs except for ___?
  6. "El Clásico" is the name of a match between the rivals of which 2 teams?
  7. "The Old Lady" is the nickname of which club?
  8. All of these managers except for ___ has not coached Chelsea FC?
  9. The "Old Firm" derby is played between what two teams?
  10. Brazil hold the record of winning the World Cup ___ times.
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