Soccer Quiz

  1. All of these managers except for ___ has not coached Chelsea FC?
  2. The "Old Firm" derby is played between what two teams?
  3. Brazilian striker Ronaldo has played for all these clubs except ___ ?
  4. Former England manager, Steve McClaren, is currently the coach of which club?
  5. The "Camp Nou" is the name of the stadium belonging to which team?
  6. Brazil hold the record of winning the World Cup ___ times.
  7. Roger Milla of Cameroon is the oldest player to ever score in a World Cup. How old was he?
  8. In English, what does FIFA stand for?
  9. During which season did Manchester United win their famous treble (League, FA Cup and Champions League)?
  10. In which club did Wayne Rooney play before Manchester Utd bought him?
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