Soccer Quiz

  1. Former England manager, Steve McClaren, is currently the coach of which club?
  2. At the age of 18, Cristiano Ronaldo was signed by Manchester Utd from which Portugese side?
  3. Oleg Salenko, who scored ___ goals for Russia against Cameroon in 1994, holds the record of most goals scored in a World Cup game.
  4. Who was the top scorer of Germany 2006 World Cup?
  5. Craven Cottage is the stadium of ___ ?
  6. English football club Everton FC is from which city?
  7. "The Old Lady" is the nickname of which club?
  8. Brazilian striker Ronaldo has played for all these clubs except ___ ?
  9. Spanish side Espanyol hail from which city in Spain?
  10. Alessandro Nesta, Roberto Mancini, Pavel Nedved & Dejan Stankovic have all played together at one point. For which team?
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