Soccer Quiz

  1. Alessandro Nesta, Roberto Mancini, Pavel Nedved & Dejan Stankovic have all played together at one point. For which team?
  2. Spanish side Espanyol hail from which city in Spain?
  3. Brazilian striker Ronaldo has played for all these clubs except ___ ?
  4. Roger Milla of Cameroon is the oldest player to ever score in a World Cup. How old was he?
  5. All of these managers except for ___ has not coached Chelsea FC?
  6. The Brazilian striker Ronaldo's (Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima) nickname is ___ ?
  7. Where is former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor from?
  8. In English, what does FIFA stand for?
  9. The often used term in British tabloid press, WAGs, stands for?
  10. The "Camp Nou" is the name of the stadium belonging to which team?
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