Soccer Quiz

  1. Brazil hold the record of winning the World Cup ___ times.
  2. The often used term in British tabloid press, WAGs, stands for?
  3. Craven Cottage is the stadium of ___ ?
  4. Where is Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien from?
  5. Brazilian striker Ronaldo has played for all these clubs except ___ ?
  6. Oleg Salenko, who scored ___ goals for Russia against Cameroon in 1994, holds the record of most goals scored in a World Cup game.
  7. St. James Park is the name of the ground belonging to which English team?
  8. From which country does player Zlatan Ibrahimovic come from?
  9. Who was the top scorer of Germany 2006 World Cup?
  10. In English, what does FIFA stand for?
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