Soccer Quiz

  1. From which country does player Zlatan Ibrahimovic come from?
  2. Who of these 4 players has not won the African Footballer of the Year award 3 times or more?
  3. From which country does former AC Milan and Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko originate from?
  4. "The Old Lady" is the nickname of which club?
  5. Brazilian striker Ronaldo has played for all these clubs except ___ ?
  6. The "Camp Nou" is the name of the stadium belonging to which team?
  7. In English, what does FIFA stand for?
  8. The Brazilian striker Ronaldo's (Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima) nickname is ___ ?
  9. The often used term in British tabloid press, WAGs, stands for?
  10. At the age of 18, Cristiano Ronaldo was signed by Manchester Utd from which Portugese side?
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