MLS Tickets

Quick Facts: MLS
  • Current Champions
    • Colorado Rapids
    Top Teams
    • Los Angeles Galaxy
    • Sporting Kansas City
    • New York Red Bulls
    • D.C. United
  • Biggest Stadium
    • Gillette Stadium
    Star Players
    • Marco Di Vaio
    • Thierry Henry
    • Landon Donovan
    • Rafael Marquez
  • Domestic Cups
    • U.S. Open Cup
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MLS Ticket Purchase Info

The only problem you will often experience when you watch to watch your chosen soccer team playing in any MLS match is the travel costs associated with watching them play away from their home stadium.

There are in fact quite a number of companies who do an all in one package deal which will allow you to get to and from the soccer stadium and also include the tickets for those matches in the fees they charge so that may be something worth considering if you do want to watch an away match in the MLS!

Ways Supporters Can Buy MLS Tickets

You will find you are quite easily and with the minimum of fuss going to be able to buy tickets to allow you to attend any match being held in the MLS, however there are a few things that you need to be aware of, the most important thing is to ensure you only buy genuine tickets and never buy them on from unofficial sites or from companies you have never heard of.

As such to ensure you purchase going smoothly and then you only buy genuine tickets for the MLS matches you want to watch being played buy you tickets from official ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites of the teams you are interested in watching.

Pricing of MLS Game Tickets

You will be amazed at just how little it will cost you to buy tickets for most MLS matches, as the lowest priced tickets are very reasonably priced and every supporter will be able to afford to pay those ticket prices.

There are of course different seat prices depending on just where you want to sit in the stadium, however they are family friendly places so if you do take your entire family you will be safe and have a very enjoyable and low cost day out too.

The lowest priced MLS match tickets are priced at around €10 and the highest priced ones are on average €80. However, the cost of MLS season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.