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Sunderland are getting what they deserve

David Nugent in Editorial, English Premier League 27 Apr 2017


David Moyes looks set to be relegated with Sunderland

On Wednesday night Sunderland suffered a 1-0 defeat at north east neighbours Middlesbrough.

Boro have struggled to pick up victories of late, but Sunderland were more obliging than most in the meeting.

The result just summed up Sunderland this season. They are simply not good enough to be in the Premier League.

They have been left to rot by poor management from top to bottom. Although not yet mathematically confirmed, Sunderland’s tenure in the top-flight will end this season.

Loyal fans do not deserve it

The title of this editorial is regarding the people who run the club, who I would not let run a bath. The Sunderland fans do not deserve it, anything but in fact. The Black Cats fans are some of the most loyal fans in the land.

They seem to stick with the club through thick and thin. There has certainly been a lot of thin down the years for the fans to endure. Constant relegation battles must have put heart rates up massively in recent years on Wearside.

It’s hard not to feel for the Sunderland fans, as it always strikes me as a very much community-based club. The team’s fortunes very much influence the mood of the city. The mood must have been terrible this season.

David Moyes should just jack it in now

When David Moyes was at Everton he deserved some respect for dragging the club out of the relegation mire. However, at times he created a poor atmosphere courtesy of his often negative behaviour.

In his Everton days, he could come across as quite a happy fella at times. I swear I might have actually seen the Scotsman’s break into a smile once, of course, he will Denayer it (see what I did there)

Since leaving Merseyside his career has gone down like Alexis Sanchez when hit by a Christian Fuchs throw-in. He has failed at Manchester United, eventually failed at Real Sociedad and just when he thought it couldn’t get worse it did.

The fact that he inherited a squad of has-beens, never-beens and youngsters did not help the Scot’s cause at the north east. However, he has been unnecessarily negative since day one at the football club. He also made the situation worse by bringing a bunch of Everton and United rejects.

At times he seems to have not even wanted the job. As Sunderland manager, it is his job to lift the spirits of the players and fans. Instead, he seems to have raised the white flag and given up, all in the month of August.

Quite simply David Moyes now needs to take a long hard look at himself in the mirror, if he can bear that and ask himself, do I really still have an ounce of managerial talent? If the answer is yes, try a different mirror.

Moyes has said with the deluded confidence of Arsene Wenger that he will not quit his position. However, he is 2/1 favourite to be the next Premier League boss to be sacked. Says it really doesn’t it?

Owner has been the root of the problem

Sunderland have been lucky to survive in the Premier League in recent years. Black Cats owner Ellis Short has been lucky that he has managed to hire bosses capable of having a short-term impact in keeping the team in the top-flight. His luck has run out with Moyes and his terrible squad of players.

Short should be ashamed of himself. He calls himself a businessman but lets a big asset like Sunderland go to ruins. It is obvious that the Back Cats US owner has lost interest and is reportedly very open to selling the north east club.

When he bought Sunderland it was hoped that he would help develop the team. Instead, year after year the team has got worse and any talented players that are at the club become disenchanted. The likes of Jermain Defoe and Jordan Pickford should start packing their bags now.

In short Sunderland’s players, manager and hierarchy deserve to be relegated. Unfortunately, the fans are just the collateral damage in what has become a joke of a football club.

Should David Moyes be sacked as Sunderland boss?


David Nugent

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