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What Damage Can Milan Do Over the Summer?

Luca D'Amico-Wong in Editorial, Serie A 28 Apr 2017

aubameyang transfer

Aubameyang has been impressive for Dortmund in recent years, and he’s been linked to Milan several times. Image: Getty

With reports of a transfer budget ranging from €50 million to €130 million for the summer transfer window and additional cash coming in from the potential sales of Carlos Bacca and Mattia De Sciglio, Mirabelli should have a lot of work to do during the summer. What can Milan really do in this next transfer window? Let’s examine the prospects.

More Goals = More Wins

Most of Milan’s rumored prospects are attackers, with names ranging from Alvaro Morata all the way to Prince-Emerick Aubameyang.

While names like Aubameyang and Belotti may be near-impossible to acquire, Morata could be a viable target. He doesn’t get much playing time at Real Madrid, and he’s not exactly world-class either. He’s a good player who could replace the struggling Carlos Bacca. Keita could be a good name, but there’s a lot of interest in him, and Milan will have to work hard to get him.

My suggestion? Leave the attack for last. Sure, Milan may not score the most goals, but the midfield and the defense are two areas that desperately need to be fixed. After the proper funds have been allocated, then we can look at supporting the forwards.

Where’s the Possession?

Milan need a midfield and fast. They have Kucka and Bonaventura, but what they’re really lacking is a true regista, someone who can set up plays, who can see the whole field, a new Pirlo. While finding a new Pirlo may be impossible, there are plenty of achievable prospects in the midfield.

Lorenzo Pellegrini is one. The Sassuolo midfielder has impressed, and Milan would be a huge improvement for him. While he’s not the best player in the world, he’s certainly better than most of the players Milan currently have. Franck Kessie is another. At only 20 years of age, he has great potential, and he’s performed well for Atalanta. Mateo Kovacic is interesting, but it’s highly unlikely that Milan will be willing to dish out the cash needed to purchase him.

But perhaps the most interesting prospect is Cesc Fabregas. The Chelsea midfielder is an expert passer, and he’s certainly had his fair share of experience throughout his years. He would be a free signing, and he could provide some valuable mentorship and more importantly, that creative spark that Milan have been lacking in recent years.

Solid at the Back

Defense is one of the more rocky areas for the Rossoneri. Star keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma is the main reason Milan concede as little as they do, and he could be on his way to a big club this summer. Hopefully for Milan, they manage to get past his agent, Mino Raiola, and secure a deal with the teen.

Mateo Musacchio is a name that Milan have connected with for a while now. He was supposed to be headed to Italy last summer, but Milan were unable to get the transfer done. Now, it seems as though the Rossoneri could finally acquire him. He isn’t the flashiest player, and there are some injury concerns, but he’s certainly a step up from players like Cristian Zapata and Gabriel Paletta, and he provides a solid foundation for a relatively little amount of money. Matteo Darmian is one of the players rumored to replace Mattia De Sciglio should he decide to leave. The former Milan youth product could return from Manchester United, where he’s seen little playing time, and he could be a suitable replacement for the other Italian fullback.

Defense is in my opinion the area where Milan are lacking the most, slightly edging out the midfield, and it’s crucial that Milan don’t focus too much on bolstering the attack, and instead build from the back. There are several defenders who I believe would be great for Milan, and it is vital that they reinforce their defense, especially if they lose De Sciglio over the summer.


I think Milan can certainly make an impact during the summer. While they most likely won’t be able to attract top prospects, they can build on their current lineup.

Mateo Musacchio (€15 million) + Matteo Darmian (€20 million) + Mario Pasalic (€10 million) + Lorenzo Pellegrini/Franck Kessie (€30 million) + Attack Budget (€35 million)

That totals to €110 million, just under Milan’s supposed budget, and it leaves room for Milan to negotiate contract renewals with Suso and Donnarumma. While the Rossoneri probably won’t get the majority of these players, this would be my personal spending plan for Milan. We’ll have to wait until the summer to find out.




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