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Who should win this year’s Ballon d’Or?

Cristiano Ronaldo

According to Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo deserves this year’s Ballon d’Or.

The Portuguese international bagged 46 goals and 12 assists in 38 league games for Los Blancos in 2011-12, and added 10 goals and three assists in 10 UEFA Champions League appearances.

More importantly, Ronaldo was the best player on the best La Liga team of all-time.

In 2011-12, Real Madrid became the only club in the history of the Spanish Primera to tally 100 points in a single season.

Los Blancos also set the record for most away points in a season (50), most points in the second half of a season (53) and most league goals scored in a season.

In short, Ronaldo fully deserves to win this year’s Ballon d’Or.

With that said, some may argue that Lionel Messi, who scored 50 goals in La Liga this season, deserves to win football’s most prestigious individual award yet again.

Jose Mourinho begs to differ.

“Cristiano has to be the Ballon d’Or winner, not because he was the top scorer, which he already was last season, but because his goals won the league,” the Real Madrid boss told SIC.

“Messi scored 50 goals that have not been worth anything, just as Cristiano scored 42 last season that were not worth anything.

“Cristiano has not been able to win the top scorer award and I think that should now be offset by the Ballon d’Or.”

‘Second-tier Candidates’

Robin van Persie: The Dutch striker enjoyed his best season in professional football in 2011-12, tallying 38 goals and 10 assists for club and country. In addition, he led Arsenal to a third-place finish after a dismal start to the campaign. Had Arsenal won the English Premier League, Van Persie may have been “right there” with Ronaldo and Messi, but that was never really going to happen.

Mario Gomez: Gomez was on cracking form for Bayern Munich all season long. He finished 2011-12 with 48 goals and five assists for club and county, including 12 Champions League strikes. Even if Bayern Munich win the UCL, Gomez will probably not win the award even though he may deserve it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Quietly, but surely, Ibra put together a sensational campaign with AC Milan. Although Zlatan failed to win the league title for the first time since the 2003-04 season, he still managed to seal a second place finish for the Rossoneri. Oh and by the way, he registered 28 goals and six assists in 32 Serie A appearances.

All things considered, Cristiano Ronaldo should win this year’s Ballon d’Or despite Real Madrid’s failure to win the Champions League. It’s as simple as that to be honest.

Tue 15 May, 2012
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  1. Brad says:

    “harsh truths which u may count as immanerism”

    If that last one is even a real word. . . that’s one truth right there. But what else? oh right, ZIP.

    Cloud, I’m seriously wondering if they even want him in the imaginary world he lives in, why else would he come here to the real world and act like this?

    I can already tell you other Barca fans should be ashamed of his attitude and immaturity. I know Oybek is, as he gave Don a talking to some time ago, and Oybek is the only guy Don would act something near normal to. Seems like he didn’t listen.

  2. Oybek says:

    “Now, if we were to take Xavi/Iniesta/both out of the equation, then Messi will drop down a bit.
    And only Don will say otherwise.”
    Don will not be alone taking issue with your imaginary argument, Brad.
    First, football is a team sport and why would you not expect Messi to count on his teammates? To turn attacks into goals, Messi, like any striker, does need to get support from wingers and playmakers. Plus, unlike other “pure” strikers, Messi plays a crucial goal in generating, intensifying and finishing attacks as evidenced by his unmatched assists among strikers. Messi’s goal portfolio may not be as rich as those of CR7 but his multidimensional role in Barca can also make him a complete player. (CR7 (nick) and Cloud who supported the former);
    I further take issue with people lending too much weight to CR7’s being a “winger” and scoring more goals than most strikers excluding Messi. For his own reasons, Mou has always alternated strikers like Benzema and Iguauin, while CR7 has not missed a single match throughout the season. Plus, it was often the case that for the likes of Ozel and Di Maria, CR7 was a first choice to provide assists with.
    Now more about somewhat immature argument about CR7’s being more complete players because of his wide-ranging goals. I do agree that CR7 boasts a richer portfolio of goals. However, let’s consider his free-kicks, backheels and headers. Out of tens of tries, he scored a few free kicks which can be translated as “the mercy of luck” and he scored a single backheeler which he himself admitted being unexpected and headers- well I have seen better. I believe no one except those desperate CR7 fans having tough time finding valid arguments in favor of him would care about how a goal was scored so long as the numbers are the ones that matter at the end of the day. In my nation a saying has it “ just eat the grapes and ignore how they got here or from which garden they are”
    To sum up, let me ask the very question you posted: “ would CR7 keep his performance level being devoid of the likes Ozel, Di Maria among others?

  3. Brad says:

    Oybek, thanks for a real argument. Of course, Messi is supposed to rely on his teammates, EVERYONE is. But the thing is, Don is just one of those people who seem to think Messi alone is the reason why Barca is so dominant. Worse still, on a different article, they like to ridicule Pele for only being so good as he was “because of his teammates.” Both of those things annoy the heck out of me.

  4. Koyolyn says:

    Yeah.. No 1 disgrees abt cr7 being a great player.. He real is.. No dought abt tht.. Cr7 and leo10 debate is ovr.. The only debate tht dsturbs our mind is between leo and pele.. I never heard cr7 get compered to these real legends ( pele or maradona) so pls guys.. Stop nonsense arguments.. Abt who is the best btn cr7 n messi.. Coz messi znt cr7 level.. He z in pele n maradonas level.. Al in al.. The best wl win..

  5. pure24 says:

    At Oybek. No hard feelings man, just thought u would get a laugh out of this… Well, if you eat any grape you find without question, you may get Salmonella or E. coli!!!

    Anyway, we also have this saying in our local language which translates – the one who does not travel thinks his mother is the best cook

  6. Brad says:

    Coming from the South part of the USA, that last quote by pure24 is actually insulting. But I couldn’t help but at at the salmonella!!!

  7. Suomi says:

    Andrea Pirlo.

  8. david says:

    messi deserves it. How many records broken in a season!!! In athletics there honour one for brking 0ne record!!!!

  9. excellents goals frm cr7 vs ac milan while 000000000000 goal frm incomplete messi vs red devil ha ha ha…………………

  10. cloud says:

    let me quote your question oybek

    let me ask the very question you posted: “ would CR7 keep his performance level being devoid of the likes Ozel, Di Maria among others?

    my answer to that is Ronaldo’s performance in the Euros. He helped his team reach the Semis and got it to a PK ShootOut against eventual champions Spain.

    And if we’re to ask who is fundamental in Barca’s success, i would say it’s not Messi, but Xavi and Iniesta. These two proved their geniuses during the Euros that they don’t need a striker, they can make goals out of anyone, even the defender Alba scored a goal created by Xavi. It’s really a shame that these two hasn’t been recognized.

  11. cloud says:

    and oybek, you saying that football is a team sport but you only acknowledge one player – messi – is such a confusing stand.

  12. Oybek says:


    This discussion is mostly about C. Ronaldo vs Messi so it is normal I should focus on the latter. If you do stick to the fact that football is a team sport, why would you among others attribute RM’s success in La Liga last season to C. Ronaldo? Despite the fact it was a collective achievement, La Liga trophy is the key if not only argument being used to promote CR7 candidacy for Ballon d’Or, isn’t it? The players like Ozel, Higuain, Benzema and Cassilias among others were equally decisive in securing La Liga, yet why aren’t they getting any recognition? CR7 was mercurial in EURO 2012 and should not deserve any recognition in Portugal’s mediocre performance there.

    Both Xavi and Inesta are unique players of this generation, but they do count on players like Messi to finish the attacks. Spain’s mostly a single goal advantage throughout EURO 2012 and World CUP 2010 can be attributed to the fact that the squad is devoid of finishers like Messi. Messi is fundamental at Barca in that almost all attacks go through him and most of the times he is the finisher if not a key distraction by attracting most defenders thereby opening space for goals. Barca hosted Sporting Gijon last season without Messi and they did have tough time adapting throughout the match.

    I do share your concerns about strikers’ getting all the credit and the player makers like Xavi, Inesta and Di Maria, Ozel going unnoticed despite their determining hard pitch- work. It has always been an epidemic among football. community, unfortunately for them.

    Messi boasts unparallelled individual performance, whereas CR7 enjoys advantage with a key trophy ( according to most people), so it is going to be a tough decision for the board to make a balanced choice between the two. To this end, I think they should hand this accolade for someone like Cassilias or Inesta among many and many others for a change.

    PS. Sorry for my failure to be concise with my comments. Just can’t help it being non-native speaker.

  13. Oybek says:


    Most sayings can be interpreted differently and most of the times they can be self-contradicting. The saying I mentioned above is aimed at discouraging too much inquisition, so I may have brought it up improperly.

  14. Pure24 says:

    At Brad am from Southern Africa myself… And I never travel!!! I’m sorry 4 any wrong things you got from that; I was just trying to make a joke. Eish, its becoming harder to joke nowadays without hurting someone’s feelings – what with the being politically correct and grammatically accurate. Every time you write something you have to make sure that its not going to hurt Geeks, Atheists, minority groups, smokers (is it politically correct to say ‘smokers’?), and Penguins. And these are just a drop in the ocean (I didn’t even mention the Mexican’s – my bad, too much Top Gear UK…)

    Anyway, back to the main story at hand.. What team is number one in Spain? What is Portugal’s world ranking? How about Argentina? How many First-team Spanish players play in Barcelona (I’m saying this to capture the success of Spain – and transferring it to the success of Barcelona)?
    Once somebody gives me an answer, don’t say “I know where you are going with this.” I’m not going anywhere – this part of my comment is over. Its not a rhetorical question. So just answer without additional comments.
    We are talking player of the year as a human being (home and club). Not most entertaining ‘Barcelona’ player or hat-trick-scorer-against-the-under-23-Brazil-squad-that-sucks-like-hell-and-still-managed-to-score-three-against-Argentina!

  15. leo says:

    @koyoln…..i dnt think dat debate betwn cr7 n leo z ova….!!d real debte z jst hv 2 bgin btwn cr7 n leo……..i ve neva seen a plyrs like messi n cr7 snce i ve startng watchn futbal….many’s r cme n gne bt these two r really special n so plz dnt yet cmepre messi 2 pele…it does’nt mke anysense to me….!!r8 nw messi evn nt surpass d cr7 saga completly…..i do accpt det messi hv ply fantastc last year so far bt d wy cr7 hd plyd… der’s no doubt …he z nt mch behnd 4rm leo….so wen we luk upn d last year perfomnce of both plyr i thnk cr7 hv plyd mch bettr den messi… smehw he mssd top scorr bt his goal led him to tital winnr…..!!diz z a huge succss fo evry single plyr in world….!!!abve 2 bcme cmpion wat we want…huh dets a real diffrnce betwn fo messi n cr7..for ballon’dor race…so dis tme my vote goes to cr7…!!

  16. Pure24 says:

    To add to what Leo is trying to say, CR scored when it really mattered. Not against the to-be-relegated teams

  17. Oybek says:

    Fact 1. Messi scored well over 70 goals this season breaking the all-time record set by Cruf
    Arguments by CR7 fans: Well, most of them were scored against weak sides and didn’t really matter
    Counter Argument: Do the math and deduct the goals out of 50 that were scored against such weak teams and see if Barca would have still secured the second spot in La Liga. That’s excluding the assists he provided throughout the season.
    Fact 2. Barca won three trophies ( Spanish Super Copa, Copa Del Rey and World Club Cup)
    Arguments by CR7 fans: Well, these are not as important as La Liga
    Counter Argument: Barca won the first two trophies as a result of directly crushing RM and in both cases Messi’s performance was all decisive; in the latter Messi’s goal was match winner and the former his crucial assists paved the way for Barca
    Fact 3. Messi’s performance as a part of Argentina is off to a promising start to say the least;
    Arguments by CR7 fans: Well, friendlies are friendlies and especially Brazil side is too weak
    Counter Arguments: Football is football and there is no side entering the pitch wanting to lose. Most of the guys starring in Brazil 23 are already front-runners (Marcelo, Hulk among others). Plus matches between Brazil and Argentina have never been a joke.
    You guys couldn’t be more subjective. You say CR7 put a great performance against Czech Republic and Netherlands (the former being clear underdogs and the latter putting their worst ever performance throughout EUROs) but when it comes to Messi’s performance against Eucador and Brazil, you sing totally different tunes.
    All in all, the selection panel should know better whether individual performance or trophies matter more in choosing the deserving Ballon d’Or. In all fronts, goals, trophies and national team, Messi claims an explicit advantage. That being said, however, we are living in the age of information in which media have a lot to do with guiding mindless masses. Considering that CR7 and Mr Mou and virtually all RM and Portugal players are leading widespread campaign in favor of him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would be selected in the end. For, he has no other advantage by far over Messi.

  18. Oybek says:


    It is fun to see you contradicting yourself by stating Brazil23 sucks but they managed to score three goals against Argentine. While I see you trying to belittle Messi’s performance there, I observe how tough it is for you guys to bring valid and reasonable arguments to promote your CR7 and/or to weaken Messi’s superiority. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t reject facts as much as you can’t make them up!

  19. NthaniRolex says:


  20. @oybek….so wen messi hv scre against madrid..chelsea ac milan last year huh…..!!actualy he did score mre den 60 goals wid underdogs….!!please dnt gve such a fake facts we hd a eyes too…..!!did u forgt last seasons madrid vs barca mtch…did messi scored?npe cr7 scored…

  21. waqar10 says:

    @oybak u did a grt job to revealing the info about messi and such a nyc a valid argument…so i hav to say here most of the guys saying tht messi scored against weak teams…guys ths is football..out there on the field no one wants to lose…every body tries their best…and one thng more…la liga is a leauge..not a group stage tournamnt…so y cr7 surpassed messi in the battle of goals..he also played against those weak teams…????

  22. waqar10 says:

    FACT 1:”thts the best player in the world wdout shadow of doubt.he is notably better than c.ronaldo,and by far i hav to say ,Lionel Messi is absolutely fantastic,believe me,this guy is a genius and he can change a match all by his own” (Frank Lampard)
    FACT 2:”Messi should the b’odr,he is the best player in the world right now”(Neymar)
    All i hav to say these are the players…who realy go to the field and they know the pressure and strss out there,they know who is the best out there…so tell me guys they are wrong? are they just tryng to promt messi?
    cr7 played incridble ths season no doubt…he scored just against barca in tht match so they made through..and guys tht was a brilliant assist by ozil…one of the best assist from ozil…
    So guys just thnk about the reocrds messi broke ths year…he scored more than 70 in one season…50 in la liga…more than 10 in champion league…8 hatricks….man come on..he is the player compared wd pele and maradona..he is level is a step high than ronaldo…
    FACT 3:C.Ronaldo (Madrid): “Rivalry with Messi? He does his job at Barcelona and I do mine at Madrid. I like challenges, but not against one player.”

  23. Raul says:

    ” Koyolyn says:
    August 8, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Yeah.. No 1 disgrees abt cr7 being a great player.. He real is.. No dought abt tht.. Cr7 and leo10 debate is ovr.. The only debate tht dsturbs our mind is between leo and pele.. I never heard cr7 get compered to these real legends ( pele or maradona) so pls guys.. Stop nonsense arguments.. Abt who is the best btn cr7 n messi.. Coz messi znt cr7 level.. He z in pele n maradonas level.. Al in al.. The best wl win.. ” Holy hell was that hard to read, Ronaldo isnt being compared with maradona or pele, because they know if Pele and Maradona played the game as it is now, they wouldnt have a chance on him. Messi on the other hand, they would stood up against in a quite close race. Ronaldo should win the Ballon, but he should of won it last 2 years too, definately last season, but barcelona as a team won everything there was to win, making it a nobrainer to give the prize to Messi. If Ronaldo didnt win, the next one on the platform should be Iniesta and then Messi. But all in all they are all amazing football players and everyone of those 3 should get the “trophy”

  24. Pure24 says:

    To be honest, I don’t think goals make player of the year. But then again, player of the year is not necessarily best player ever – that’s one for another argument. Still, goals are an important factor.
    I don’t think four more goals make for the player of the year. Just think, would there be a ‘season’ without the league. Nope, the rest of the tournaments are just a 100m dash. The league is a real marathon, a real long-standing test of stamina and a test of performance throughout the year (of which Messi/Ronaldo were both magnificent) and the best tournament to judge Ballon d’Or from. And I will not even state who’s contribution has had the most impact.
    After all, the fact remains Messi cannot perform outside this Barca side, but this Barca side can perform pretty well without him (Spain won the WC). Therefore, its Ronaldo against the greatest team so far – the team to beat, and beat them he did… Well, we can all agree that its been awhile (sort of) since Messi did that

  25. leo says:

    yes….@pure u hv a fair points i do really appriciate det….

  26. tayo says:

    hey….!!@koyolyn plz dnt yet cmpre messi wid pele r8 nw…hu knws ol barca fans ashamed of ua cmments r8 nw…..!!coz dey knw hw difficlt z it…..!!like olmst impssble fo messi….!!itz really funny 2 say diz bt its true….pele hv olready won 2 world cups….!!messi excpt barca nthng……!itz so early to cmpre wid pele dude….!!u need sme vry strng points 2 cmpre wid pele….!!atleast won copa america den i wld say he z dne smetng special.,.!!bt copa america would nt b in hs destiny…..!luk cr7 atleast he hd prvd hmslf he has a gutts 2 cmpete wid cmpion in euro 2012…!he led his team into semi final n cmpre 2 messi in copa america dets really gud enough…..fo cr7 coz messi neva gnna win d wrld cup….!!its so hard to say det messi z ntng outside barcalona bt its true detz y he did nt mke any huge impact in outside barca in der 5 years international carrier….so far!!n i dnt thnk messi wld do det…in future he z just a club hero…

  27. Oybek says:

    I would like to address some hollow parts in your arguments.
    You argue “I don’t think four more goals make for the player of the year.”
    Why do you think the selection panel should focus solely on La Liga to determine who led the most outstanding performance throughout the season? How about CL, Copa Del Rey and International games? It is altogether fitting to reason that in recognition of these tournaments Messi enjoys a greater margin.
    You say “the fact remains Messi cannot perform outside this Barca side, but this Barca side can perform pretty well without him (Spain won the WC)”
    Spain National is not Barca and their success does not necessarily make Messi any weak. In fact, Barca (not Spain) CANNOT perform pretty well without Messi as evidenced by their hosting Sporting Gijon at the absence of Messi, where Inesta, who by the way is the backbone of Spain NT, admitted how hard it was for them to play without him.
    You pretend to stress “And I will not even state who’s contribution has had the most impact.”
    Well, you would sound more objective if you said “I CAN not even state whose contribution has had the most impact”
    If you are referring to CR7’s goals against Athletic Madrid and Barca by the end of La Liga, RM would have still been leading without these goals by a point margin. Why would you pay so much “homage” to a single goal to Barca which CR7 merely finished thanks to a brilliant pass by Ozil, who has not gotten even the slightest recognition for that, by the way? Let me guess because there aren’t many such deeds by your hero.
    Finally, you state “Therefore, its Ronaldo against the greatest team so far – the team to beat, and beat them he did…”
    Barca and RM met six times last season, out of which Barca won three classicos as opposed to one by RM, the rest having ended in draws. Could one be more desperate to claim CR7 “beat” Barca seeing these stats?

  28. Brad says:

    What Pure24 meant is that a whole lot of the Spanish national team players are signed with Barca (He has a bit of a point; Villa, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, etc.). Yeah, I know it’s not really a “whole lot” but still quite a few. Look at the WC Final for one, Fabregas and Iniesta combined in OT to give Spain the WC.
    Messi has the misfortune to not have teammates of the same caliber/chemistry level/both with Argentina as he does at Barca. Nonetheless, it is Barca’s Spanish players, and not Messi, the golden boy, who have a WC championship medal to their name.

    I hate how people love to only talk about the good of Messi’s performances at Barca. It’s like in gridiron football, only reversed: people only talk about the bad of Tim Tebow. You do have to take into account the short-comings, not just the successes (in Tebow’s case, vice versa). And for Messi, even with those hat tricks over the summer, that means not rising to expectations while with El Albiceleste. (I will say that the hat trick against Brazil is fairly big bonus points in Messi’s favor to me.)

  29. Pure24 says:

    Mate, this is not an English test. The fact that you noticed I said will, and not can means you knew what I meant.
    Then you say Ozil provided 4 Ronaldo; I think the same can be said for Messi… Check out how many goals Barca players other than Messi scored in La Liga. This shows that while being the primary target-man, he was also the only target-man (He even played as center-forward most season). But compared to Madrid, Ronaldo did his work even when players like Benzema were the target-men.
    You say Messi had more La Liga success than Ronaldo, then why doesn’t he have the medal to show for it?
    About the CL then. Messi was total crap in the semi-finals against Chelsea, but Ronaldo bagged goals (and scored a penalty, although our dear boy hit the cross bar). I CAN not even comment on Copa Del Rey!
    Finally, and I repeat: the FACT remains Messi cannot perform outside this Barca side, but this Barca side can perform pretty well without him (Spain won the WC). Thanks Brad for clearing it up on what I meant on this point

  30. Ray says:

    you are the biggest moron on earth if you think messi is better than Ronaldo, all messi can do is dribble and shoot

  31. Brad says:

    Your welcome Pure.

    Oybek, I don’t want to sound like I’m always against everything you say (believe it, I’m not) but this time I thought you just didn’t think of something in a particular way. Understandable if that’s the case.

  32. sagar says:

    messi should be ballon d or …can other players can dribble than him and that ronaldo sucks

  33. messi should be the ballon d or champion because he is the young pele……and that ronaldo sucks

  34. the argentinian gaint (messi)is the symbol of champion n he will be ballon d or champion for 4th time
    any doubt mr..ronaldo,torres

  35. humbe says:

    Do dat domotion quest wateva I think cr7 did it in 2007-08 season with a diffrnt team in man utd so u cn c dat its not a matter of di maria o ozil

  36. Ray says:

    Messi can just dribble and shoot Ronaldo is the complete package though. besides it is just Xavi and Iniesta that make him look good

  37. Oybek says:


    “I thought you just didn’t think of something in a particular way. Understandable if that’s the case.”

    I am not sure what you are hinting at by the above comment. Can you expand on that?

  38. Brad says:

    I didn’t mean it as an insult. I just thought that you might have missed something. That’s all.

  39. Earl says:

    messi10 has played great footy so has CR7. Messi won the award 3 times in a row. CR7 always closely followed. Messi only played for Barca will he do the same elsewhere. CR7 proved in both league & last season he really upped his game & scored in important games eg. vs barca (which counted against him prev BallDOR) He is a fighter might not b as gifted as Mess10 but fully deserves the award this time round all on merit. Messi is great but cannot b compared to pele ,maradona not yet anyway. He has to perform at the greatest level World cup even once to be a legend same applies to CR7.

  40. Oybek says:


    I didn’t take it for an insult; just couldn’t ascertain what you meant or re your last comment what I had missed.

  41. Oybek says:

    Pure 24,

    While your arrogance toward my ideas is uncalled for (your bringing English test and reluctance to elaborate on your position Barca vs. Messi), another FACT remains- the very player you are trying to slight has bagged three Ballon d’Ors so far and enjoyed unmatched individual performance last season. So be it- he cannot perform outside Barca. Nevertheless, he is still considered the best by the people who know more about football – much more than you and me. Alternatively, CR7 who is constantly being promoted to be “more complete” player having the same level of performance in different settings has yet to claim his second Ballon d’Or and help his RM at least reach CL finals.

    I do understand why you won’t comment on Copa Del Rey- it wasn’t won by RM. Realistically, though, Barca won this accolade defeating all time La Liga leaders such as RM, Valencia and Atletic Bilbao.

    I never said Messi had more successful season at La Liga and CL. In response to your claim that four more goals by Messi does not make much difference for Ballon d;Or, I had meant that Messi’s combined goal toll ( La Liga, Copa Del Rey and CL) was much more than that of CR7.

  42. michael greene says:

    Of course Barca’s amazing success is due to their team work and not to any indiividual…..but that is exactly why Messi is truly one of the greatest players of all time. Its not as simple as scoring goals. If it were, Messi is the winner already. But it is his contribution on the field and his understanding and capacity to combine with the great players around him and vision of the game which makes him such a unique player to watch and enjoy. Plus, he never falls !!!

  43. Earl says:

    Micheal green , messi tries to stay on his feet more than CR7, but to say he never falls is ludacris what have u been watching.

  44. Frankly CR7 will win the award..
    May be messi breaks many record but he also brakes his fan’s heart (when missed the penalty against Chelsea)…. lol.

  45. misko says:

    Messi is the best player EVER to play game of football, in my entire life I never saw anyone who can be compared to this little guy, not Pele, not Maradona and sertanly not Cristiano Ronaldo. I can only hope that he will not be injured because he and Barca redefined the game of football to the point that you can compare it to poetry and I just want to enjoy watching that for years and years to come.

  46. cloud says:

    reading comments about Messi being the best player EVER is completely insane. These people clearly haven’t seen Zidane in his Prime.

    Messi: success only in Barca.

    How can a player who’s only good in ONE TEAM be considered to be the best ever ??

    Back to the arguement, we should only focus on the previous season and the first half of this year.

    Messi bagged 70 goals which is astonishing and he won Copa Del Rey and other minor trophies.

    Ronaldo bagged 50+ goals won La Liga and got to the Semis in Euros.

    If we are to consider stats, Messi will win, but then again, how can 70 goals be important when he has only won the Copa Del Rey ?? I’m not discrediting the Kings Cup but isn’t La Liga more important ??

    And why are people making a big deal with Messi’s 50 goals to Ronaldo’s 46 ?? That’s just a 4 goal difference but Ronaldo has the La Liga Crown.

    Biggest point to Ronaldo would be his Euro heroics, everyone was saying that Ronaldo is crap playing for his country, but he proved them all wrong.

  47. Brad says:

    exactly, but just so you know, cloud, you forgot to mention Pele along with Zidane!!!

    In sports, there are pioneers. Then, there are record-breakers. Then, there are the people who don’t necessarily break records or start something new, but are fantastic at what they do and win the things that are most important, which is silverware.

    Pele and Zidane fit all three of these categories. Messi fits record breaker. Ronaldo fits the last category. If I had to go for just one or the other, I’d go for silverware. Records are meant to be broken, but when it comes to winning stuff, do new records really matter? Not really, they’re just nice trivia compared to having you and your team’s name on a trophy.

  48. cloud says:

    .. sorry Brad for not mentioning Pele, no need to mention him anymore coz he’s on the very top in the football world.

    .. I mentioned Zidane coz he’s the latest of them gods of football, coz many people here are only focused on the NOW and are low on football memory. If you know what i mean, hehe.

    .. if Messi wins this year then football won’t be a team sport anymore, it would an individual sport, coz praising a man who’s only have an individual record but no IMPORTANT trophy to back him is purely an act of greed.

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