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Who should win this year’s Ballon d’Or?

Cristiano Ronaldo

According to Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo deserves this year’s Ballon d’Or.

The Portuguese international bagged 46 goals and 12 assists in 38 league games for Los Blancos in 2011-12, and added 10 goals and three assists in 10 UEFA Champions League appearances.

More importantly, Ronaldo was the best player on the best La Liga team of all-time.

In 2011-12, Real Madrid became the only club in the history of the Spanish Primera to tally 100 points in a single season.

Los Blancos also set the record for most away points in a season (50), most points in the second half of a season (53) and most league goals scored in a season.

In short, Ronaldo fully deserves to win this year’s Ballon d’Or.

With that said, some may argue that Lionel Messi, who scored 50 goals in La Liga this season, deserves to win football’s most prestigious individual award yet again.

Jose Mourinho begs to differ.

“Cristiano has to be the Ballon d’Or winner, not because he was the top scorer, which he already was last season, but because his goals won the league,” the Real Madrid boss told SIC.

“Messi scored 50 goals that have not been worth anything, just as Cristiano scored 42 last season that were not worth anything.

“Cristiano has not been able to win the top scorer award and I think that should now be offset by the Ballon d’Or.”

‘Second-tier Candidates’

Robin van Persie: The Dutch striker enjoyed his best season in professional football in 2011-12, tallying 38 goals and 10 assists for club and country. In addition, he led Arsenal to a third-place finish after a dismal start to the campaign. Had Arsenal won the English Premier League, Van Persie may have been “right there” with Ronaldo and Messi, but that was never really going to happen.

Mario Gomez: Gomez was on cracking form for Bayern Munich all season long. He finished 2011-12 with 48 goals and five assists for club and county, including 12 Champions League strikes. Even if Bayern Munich win the UCL, Gomez will probably not win the award even though he may deserve it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Quietly, but surely, Ibra put together a sensational campaign with AC Milan. Although Zlatan failed to win the league title for the first time since the 2003-04 season, he still managed to seal a second place finish for the Rossoneri. Oh and by the way, he registered 28 goals and six assists in 32 Serie A appearances.

All things considered, Cristiano Ronaldo should win this year’s Ballon d’Or despite Real Madrid’s failure to win the Champions League. It’s as simple as that to be honest.

Tue 15 May, 2012
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  1. Brad says:

    Sure is. To be frank, some of these people probably don’t even have a memory, just a bunch of band-wagoners for the most part.

  2. Blaugrana says:

    Once again the most disgraceful manager in football runs off at the mouth. The man who can only win one title per year for 2 years while his counterpart at Barca wins 14.
    CR7 is a good player but is always overshadowed by Messi because Messi is that much better. Messi broker how many scoring records last season including one that had stood since 1969, and CR7 did what……37% of his goals from the spot.
    Sorry Mou back to the institution you and CR7 will win nothing this year, and maybe Madrid will finally see you for what you truely are…….. a fraud.

  3. cloud says:

    .. funny how you talk Blaugrana, yes, Pep won 14 trophies, but are they completely clean ?? The Champions League games of barca against Chelsea, Milan, Arsenal and Madrid, are they all clean ??

    .. and yes mourinho is a disgrace to football, he only won in the top three leagues in the world, England, Italy and Spain. of course he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  4. Pure24 says:

    Will people please stop saying Copa Del Ray + CWC + Spanish Super Cup COMBINED are greater than La Liga? Just stop.
    Messi has some beautiful football. Nobody disputes that. Messi may gro to be the best there is in football, thats the future – we do not know.
    Now about a quick random history lesson – Ronaldo has a Puskas award, Messi has none. Messi has three Ballon d’Or’s, Ronaldo has one. 2010/2011 season saw Ronaldo with NINE more goals than Messi, but Ballon d’Or went to Messi!
    I don’t know how FOUR more goals can guarantee you a winner… Of course there are more tournaments than just La Liga.
    Now this is not the past, so as of this year 2012 – Ronaldo has La Liga while Messi only has Copa Del Rey…
    About the internationals then. While its true that there was no Copa America this year (not my fault by the way), we still have to consider the internationals… Three friendly goals Vs. three continental championship goals – come on, this is not even a contest. Ronaldo’s effort has led Portugal to be 5th, to spaces higher than Argentina. You want facts, there are the facts!
    My opinion then; Ronaldo has the completeness of a soccer winger (though admittedly, he is a terrible defender). he crosses, he finishes, he shoots from distance, he has Messi’s lane changes, step overs, dribbling e.t.c
    And this year (not last year or 2011/2012. No, THIS YEAR), he has made the most contribution to club and country – Thanks Brad for pointing that out

  5. Mardon says:

    Why are these people here talking about the past and prehistoric players to belittle Messi? Last time I checked this article is about Ballon d’Or for 2011/2012 season?

    Cloud, for crying outloud, forget about CR7 and RM for a second to get rid of the “cloud” blurring your vision- 70+ goals are important because it is a new record in FOOTBALL not Media or RM Ball?

    Brad, it is ok if you prefer silverware to records. Messi has a bunch of both silverware and records unmatched by the players on the pitch over the last ten at least! 15 trophies as a part of Barca, 2 as a part of Argentine, 3 Ballon d’Or. He is the only football player to have been covered in TIME magazine!

    I am not saying Messi should win this year’s Ballon d’Or; let anyone the worthiest win it but trying to belittle Messi’s most successful season by biased opinions only because you support RM or whatever club and only because you admire CR7 is highly intolerable. Learn to give credit where credit is due!

    Messi has yet to leave Barva and become a flop at some other championship. Until this day comes, your dire prediction of his potential inability to fit in or keep the same level is not even worth paying attention to!

  6. Mardon says:

    Pure24, when some truth is inconvenient for you, that doesn’t mean you should try to silence people by saying ” just stop’. That’s not a normal channel of communication. Oh, I almost forgot. You support the most arrogant people from Portugal, then why wouldn’t you?

    CR7 must be lucky to have supports like you who embellish his mediocre performance to the heavens. Wasn’t the same guy a big flop in some games in EUROs? Wasn’t he too coward to take the first or second penalty against Spain?
    Will you please stop saying his goals against Czech and the Netherlands ( true flop of EURO2012) are important? JUST STOP!

  7. cloud says:

    mardon, you’re living in an illusion. you’re the one who’s belittling the great players. Messi would be so little if he is to be compared to Zidane, Pele, Ronaldo R9.. you’re just a member of the messi band wagon, such a pity.

    .. i’m not discounting the achievements of Messi, i give credit to where credit is due. But this year, I can’t see messi winning it.

    .. 70 goals !! hurray !! a new record !! but what did he win from it ?? Copa Del Rey ?? Spanish Super Cup ?? Club World Cup ?? Those are LESSER TOURNAMENTS. Copa Del Rey are played by teams within La Liga, Spanish Super Cup a one-off two leg tie and CWC, no need to mention coz how can a J-League nor brazilian team compare to a La Liga team ??

    .. yeah, Ronaldo only has La Liga to brag about, but it has 38 games on it. you have to be consistent to win it and besides, he’s a WINGER not a STRIKER, how could he have more goals than the strikers Benz and Gonzo ??

  8. Mardon says:

    By the way, Mr Mou has recently declared that he prefers to be called ” the only one” to ” the special one”. He IS a disgrace to football, cloud.

  9. Mardon says:

    could, Messi IS being compared to true legends like Pele and Maradona, which I think prompted Pele to disgrace himself by constantly saying he is or Neymar is better than Messi.For what it is worth, Messi deserves credit for that, which I think your pseudo hero CR7 and Zidane and Ronaldo haven’t.

    I know why CR7 has more goals than Benzema and Gonzo. CR7 being Mr Mou’s compatriot and favorite has more games than them: more games more goals.

    Again, messi’s breaking the record of four decades along with three trophies may not be enough to claim Ballon d’Or but trying to nullify it by lost La Liga, which could be explained by anything but Messi’s underperformance at Barca (50 goals) is not giving the due credit!

  10. cloud says:

    .. of course Jose can declare himself to be THE ONLY ONE, what’s wrong with that ?? Truth of the matter is, he is the only coach to have won in four different countries. Who else have done that ??

    .. by the way, you didn’t catch my sarcasm when i said that Jose doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    .. sorry but you’re a disgrace to football fans everywhere saying that r9 and zidane are pseudo heroes. you’re not worth my time..

  11. Mardon says:

    i meant CR7 pseudo hero. See above hero is singular. While i never asked for it, u did spend time on ur last comment, so what is the use of ur last sentence?

  12. Brad says:

    Mardon, convenient of you to say “the past 10 years”. Maybe, but he’s still not performed in a tournament while wearing a certain blue and white striped jersey as he does for Barca. Meanwhile, Ronaldo managed to turn what was originally a bad performance at the Euros this summer into a vital one for his country.

    by the way, I’ve given credit to Messi, be it here, or on another article, I’ve done it! He truly is the best player in the world right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he deserves the Ballon D’or this year! Had he won La Liga, or the CL for that matter, go ahead and give it to him. But he didn’t. That’s why I believe it should go to Ronaldo this time around.

    Besides, don’t you think it gets old when the same guy wins a personal honor year after year after year. . .? Especially when one of them (2010) probably was questionably awarded to him (still think that should’ve gone to Iniesta or Xavi).

  13. bizzy says:

    No matter how much u guys argue..The result will be d same.CR7 fans wants him to win on d other hand Messi fans think he should win..soo what am trying to say is all the CR7 fans don’t push too hard if u don’t wanna end up crying coz The ballon-dor is going to none other then MESSI umm agiain..soo F U C K -OFF LOOSERS

  14. sameera says:

    its the cristiano ronaldo sure receiving the award

  15. rocco says:

    …eithr its messis or casilas in ma view, bt i think judges ll choose MESSI….

  16. cloud says:

    .. but i’m sure the Spanish players are scratching their heads to why none of them have yet to win the Ballon D’Or.

    .. in 2010, as Brad has recalled, Iniesta nor Xavi deserved it much much more than Messi. It was an historic FIRST World Cup win for Spain, both Iniesta and Xavi were sensational in Barca and was even more with their country. But they give it to Messi instead, stupid injustice.

    .. and now, with Spain making another historic feat with the only team to win back to back Euros and a World Cup. Aside from Ronaldo, Casillas should win this award to give recognition to Spain’s Three-Peat.

  17. Brad says:

    Casillas is on that list, and high up too. But I wonder if they’ll even consider a keeper. ..

  18. cloud says:

    .. Fabio Cannavaro won it being a Central Defender. And Iker was sensational both for Madrid and Spain. In the Euros he only had one goal allowed inside the net.

  19. Brad says:

    And only 2, if I remember right, at the World Cup. Either 1 or 2, but no more.

  20. danny says:

    messi is the best and will win once more

  21. don says:

    go cr7 dis year u truely deservd for ballon’dor…!!bdwy cr7 he z nt a arogant guy!!!people whu jealouse hm dey thnk…he z d mst arrogant guy bt he becme mature a lot day by day…

  22. cloud says:

    .. exciting news: Iniesta just have been named UEFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR. At last those blind fools have opened their eyes and gave credit to Iniesta.

  23. Brad says:

    maybe they opened their eyes and noticed that they shoulda gave him his due credit 2 years ago as well, and are trying to make up for it.

  24. James Pidd says:

    Come on! This is not even debatable. Lionel Messi not only set new standards for goals in La Liga he also set a record for total goals in world football. To top it off he also scored the most goals in UEFA Champions League competitions. Moreover, Messi led his national team in goals. Tellingly, last year Mourhino thought CR7 should win because he set, at that time, a new La Liga scoring record.

  25. justme says:

    MESSI is the best by far and last year broke some amazing records. Cristiano is the most overrated player in history. Also Pirlo had a great year, Iniesta, Dogba, Casillas. I think the 3 finalist should be Messi, Iniesta and Pirlo or Casillas.

  26. cloud says:

    .. james, you’re way behind the news. No matter how many goals Messi scored but he was beaten by Iniesta for the UEFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR award.

    Read it here:: http://www.soccernews.com/iniesta-wins-uefa-best-player-award/101597/

  27. Mardon says:

    So was ur pseudo-hero!

  28. cloud says:

    ..mardon, ur prejudice and ignorance has no bounds. It’s obvious that all you do is SELECTIVE READING, reading only those that appeals to you.

    .. kindly read my statement above, dated august 27, time and time again me and Brad has voiced out that Xavi nor Iniesta deserved this stupid award more than anyone else.

  29. Brad says:

    I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter cloud, he has eyes, I’m sure, but he fails to use them.

  30. messi d10s says:

    Messi will win ones again! Mou just runs his mouth like always ! Messi is a better player.christiano is good but he lives in the shadow of Lionel Andres messi ! Like the best player in euro it will never go to Christiano! Haha I love the look on his face .you will see messi come out with ballon d’or and Christiano bitch again.messi the greatest player to play the game ! Viva Leo messi!

  31. Mardon says:


    That’s what you said in the comment you are referring to “aside side from Ronaldo, Casillas should win this award to give recognition to Spain’s Three-Peat.”

    U never mentioned UEFA award in there,and you specifically mentioned RM players as your favorites. Seeing that Spain’s success in EURO 2012 has a lot to do with Inesta’s being selected for this award, why do you think your Cassilias or CR7, both of whom had won La Liga and participated in EUROs, have not won it?

    You are blaming me for being selective in my readings, but why would you say Inesta beat Messi in landing this award given that your very hero was there too? Thats also being selective!

    This selection is testament to the possibility of Messi’s winning Ballon d’Or in that it is more about individual performance rather than club trophies that really matter in determining who was the best. For instance, Torres was a top scorer at Euros, landed CL and Kings Cup or something as a part of Chelsea but was not even shortlisted for this award as he failed to demonstrate consistent performance throughout the season. Pirlo has also enjoyed a great season as a part of both Juventus and Italy but he wasn’t shortlisted either. So trophies by nature being the results of combined efforts of all players and sometimes the results of sheer luck ( Chelsea ( humiliated by Falcao yesterday) are not the passport for Ballon d’Or. All I am saying is you better not keep your hopes that high for your CR7 for Ballon d’Or!

  32. Anjanesh Vatsa says:

    CR7 must win it !!!!!!!!!

  33. Oybek says:

    I remember this website posting an article titled something like ” how the heck did Chelsea become UCL champions?”. I think now is the most fitting time to ask this question.

    Let me congratulate all the people in favor of the position that it was sheer luck that made Chelsea quasi champions as the game itself has proven us right when Chelsea was trashed by At Madrid. The game also suggested that Chelsea always needs a double-decker bus not to get humiliated and they are not meant at least to try the so-called “offensive football”.

  34. cloud says:

    mardon, here’s proof of your selective reading, the statement i’m trying to remind you of is this:::

    “both Iniesta and Xavi were sensational in Barca and was even more with their country. But they give it to Messi instead, stupid injustice.”

    .. i clearly stated there that either Iniesta nor Xavi deserved it better. now that Iniesta has one the Euro Player of the Year, things have finally gone their ( spaniards ) way. And that is proof enough that the 70 goals of Messi don’t mean anything. I’m glad that they gave Iniesta the individual award that he deserves. He was robbed last 2010 WC.

  35. Don says:

    Hey guyz stop stop stop! I m back and my special hello to my buddy Mardon. second but first thing from where do this another Don came from, and praising junk like CR7 by my name, hmm! I sure do believe its non sense from Cloud or Brad, and if not than here u red girly don, its always about ‘Black’ and its me. Hey still brad and Cloud busy proving CR7 better then mighty Messi, i m sure they have some private battle going on….
    Mardon if u’ll keep convincing this two rats they’ll never believe you and in fact they didn’t want to. These guys are like dogs tails, ‘u keep’em in pipe for years and when u pull out, that again goes round and round and round’. By the way papa’s back cloudy and brady, the so-called CR7 advertisers, i know responding to you gives you importance and level up as u both don’t have any.
    Mardon let me tell you these brats are always wanting to keep the lines of Messi’s achievements behind any comparable player to him and always in try to upgrade CR7, i don’t know whether they are paid. But lets talk some facts why no body talks for spanish performance in olympics where the spainiards looked so ordinary without messi, hardly finding nets and successes. Ok! leave it they’ll never say why CR7 didn’t won the best european award where as they’ll keep comparing messi with his own team mates, so that you or me never focus on biggest flop, CR7. I openly say no iniesta or Xavi is even nearer to Messi’s standards and especially no CR7 who actually copied name of the legend Ronaldo(Brazil) but remember stupids no name makes or produces legends unless its destiny and the world knows, it lies beneath the foots of Messi. speaking of 70 goals doesn’t matter to u, u surely are some cricket fans who think scores are made in running between wickets and legacy of scoring in football and numbers like 70 are of none worthy to you, it simply makes me laugh when u include silverware. U hammer heads this is in fact an individual performer award which proves a player superior(Messi) and inferior(CR7), and put any present silverware up in your A**. And Sameera u might be loving CR7 for his looks but bebe come lez hook up, i can make experiences much much wilder, believe me!
    In short Ladies and Gentlemen, the award for Ballon D’or goes to the all time footballer, the history of soccer has ever seen, hold your breath its none other than mighty mighty Mr. Leonel Messi.
    james pidd, justme, oybek, messi10, bizzy, rocco, blaugrana, danny all my buddies, my warm hello to you and don’t worry at all as we are definitely winning on this and this pimps will always cry as this is also a destiny… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…….

  36. Brad says:

    hmph, I wondered where he got off to. . . haha

  37. bitko says:

    Ballon d’Or is about a player, not about a team. I believe CR7 should win it, not because he scored less goals than Messi, but because he helped his team to win the La Liga, and he did that with more assists than Messi. So Messi might have scored more goals than CR7, but CR7 made more assists.

  38. ike says:

    ron all de way

  39. ike says:

    ronaldo has no size therefore these tym around he takes it with de world best big ups to him

  40. cloud says:

    .. thanks for the ice breaker don. hahaha. that made me laugh so hard. hahaha

  41. sid07 says:

    it should be CR7 surely without any doubts.
    He is a great performer on big ocations ,he had scored against barca on last 5 matche unlike messi who had scored just twice and that too through panelty

  42. Don says:

    Hey Mardon, praise me for such a big paragraph for you & mighty Messi, and i surely don’t get paid for. you should at least appreciate this as i helped u get relaxed for a day or two from the clutches of Brad & Cloud. As commenting and proving Messi against Brad and Cloud might have came up for u as Pain in the A** for sure, i know it..

    Brd & Cld i was no where but sat back and was reading & enjoying your so-called expertise and debates wid that Mrdn guy. Never forget that Eye in the Sky always watches you both, and that is non other than Don’s eye. Now you guys should i think change the topic of CR7 and should concentrate on the rest of the football world, which also is. And also ultimately giving rest to Mrdn & that he can at least sleep for some needed hours….

    I think owners of this site much concentrate on both of yours paragraphs and start paying you if they are not, coz sometimes i think this site would break down without your comments, and fifa should i think decide for the best players award reading comments on this site, coz even CR7 or Messi might not be worrying for their selections as I, Brad, Cloud & now a days Mardon also are worried of…..

    But still lot lot of love from Don to all the people who have stressed their fingers on key boards in order to prove their favorites, i can only say take care of you and may god bless us all.

    Hey but that doesn’t means its a white flag btwn, coz winner is only & only Messi, remember that for sure……. HO HO HO HO HO HO!!!

  43. russ ru says:

    my good friends don cloud and brad! Long time old chums. Without doubt messi is the best offensive player without doubt. Ronaldo did win a trophy but if truth be told i’m more convinced that iker cassilas deserves this award as e days go by. As captain of both spain and madrid i believe he has been instrumental to both in their pursuit of silverware. Back to back euros and a world cup sandwiched in between! Messi and ronaldo can duel next time. Give this year’s award to a true legend Cassilas

  44. Brad says:

    Well, here I have nothing else to say. The matter’s been closed, Iniesta won it if I remember right. Anything after this is worthless “what if?” scenarios if I do remember right.

  45. Juned says:

    I think cr7 deserves it…..
    For sure
    His performance is really very Gud

  46. messi should win he was better. he does everything better than not just ronaldo but everyone else. says:

    messi should win he was better. he does everything

  47. Saint j says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo is d better player, come 2 tink of it, messi hav xavi nd iniesta playin wit him in d same club dis ar d best mid-fider’s in d world. If Ronaldo hav does dude wit him in madrid he wil score 100 goals in a single season. messi can nt do without xavi nd iniesta

  48. washed says:

    only messi should & must win ballon d or for the sake of football wwell being

  49. Umar Najim says:

    First of all, i will start frm records. In d history of football CR7 was d ONLY player to score against each team in a league, he help his club (madrid) to set a record of goals, he help his club to won d league with 100 points dat no club has done b4, he went to euro and droped in semi. About assist as a player both of them has two legs (CR7 & messi) but one leg of messi is iniesta and the other one is xavi without them he IS nothing or can HE go to any club and succed the way he is doing at barca. Unlike ronaldo dat used tO shoot frm any angle and he belive on his own dat IS why he liv man u for real madrid. Finally ladies and gentle men, in the history of football nobody have won world best footballer of the year without winning your league or champions league. Am 100% sure that RONALDO WILL WIN THE AWARD, BCOS HE IS THE god OF SOCCER. HALLA MADRID (07068483628)

  50. Marius says:

    Messi didn’t score a single goal in both the last world cup and copa america, and in the latter he was up against the might of Bolivia and Mexico’s u23 b team, this award is a popularity contest for strikers, the fact that Messi has more awards in his career than someone like Baresi or Cafu, is probably the reason why sooner or later football will be a sport played in an handful of countries (and mostly with a ball in your hands and shoulder pads).

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