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Why do high-profile football figures feel the need to release books?

As expected Sir Alex Ferguson's recent book release has caused controversy

As expected Sir Alex Ferguson’s recent book has caused controversy

There has been much controversy over the recent release of Sir Alex Ferguson’s new book.

The legendary former-Manchester United boss criticised the likes of Rafa Benitez, Roy Keane and David Beckham in his new book.


Every single high-profile football figure that releases a book seems to have a score to settle with somebody via the written word.

Obviously most of these books are not actually written by the people involved, as they are sports figures not writers.

The actual authors of these books have to add drama to every chapter, but it seemed that Sir Alex Ferguson’s did not need any drama added, as the truth was actually dramatic enough.


The release of books by football figures only seems to initiate spats between individuals. Sir Alex Ferguson has certainly started a few of those with his book. Why does the veteran Scot feel the need to start spats?

Maybe it is because he has now retired from the game and he will not really come into contact with some of the people he has criticised in his book. Considering a lot of the people Ferguson talks about in his book helped him win silverware he was pretty scathing about them.


QPR boss Harry Redknapp’s recent autobiography seemed to be met with a series of denials from people talked about in the book, including Brendan Rodgers denying that he had accepted an offer to become his assistant if he was appointed England boss.

Rodgers has since stated that he had a discussion with Redknapp about the possibility, but the issue was rendered moot by the fact that Roy Hodgson was appointed as England boss instead of Redknapp.


It seems to me that book releases are not motivated by money, because the likes of Redknapp and Sir Alex Ferguson are set for life after decades as football managers. Surely their motivation cannot be financial then?


The biggest reason for books releases from these high-profile figures seems to be to seek attention. Sir Alex Ferguson is not exactly a shrinking violet and Redknapp is considered to be quite a flamboyant character.

Why they would need this sort of attention is unknown. Ferguson is now a director at United and Redknapp is currently trying to guide QPR to promotion. Neither need the drama of controversy, but still decided to release books.

The release of Ferguson’s book has coincided with his old-club Manchester United going through a tough period under new boss David Moyes. It was never going to be easy for Moyes to replace his veteran compatriot, but the release of Ferguson’s book has only brought the former-United boss back into the limelight.

This will probably not help Moyes’ cause, as he tries to stamp his own mark on the Manchester United team and club itself.


Sir Alex Ferguson has always been a fiery character in his football career and his book seems to confirm the Scot’s personality. It seems he has not pulled any punches with the content of his latest book.

I did not expect any different from the man that could probably cause a row in an empty room. Ferguson’s book was always going to be candid and it seems that the book has lived-up to all the pre-release hype.


Sir Alex Ferguson has never been one to shy away from the limelight and it seems that despite retiring as Manchester United boss, the veteran Scot is still in the news. Sir Alex Ferguson’s book is not the first from a football figure to cause controversy and it will not be the last.

 Why do high-profile football figures feel the need to release books?


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