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I want Everton to beat Manchester City

David Nugent in Editorial, English Premier League 6 Feb 2019

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The above statement seems to be an obvious one to make for an Evertonian ahead of the Blues home game against reigning champions Manchester City on Wednesday night. However, it seems I may be in the minority of Everton fans who are actually hoping for a victory.

Of course, an Everton victory would help our neighbours in the title race. The reasoning for wanting a home win is all about pride and has nothing to with that lot across Stanley Park.

I can understand others opinions

In life, everybody has an opinion and some are more valid than others. Some of the opinions voiced by Everton fans I often believe are rubbish. However, I can understand Evertonian’s who want the Blues to lose against City.

Some Liverpudlian’s have made Everton their main scapegoat for slip-ups and their lack of silverware in recent years. If they lose they decide to go on and on about Everton on social media, instead of looking at their own team’s failings.

It seems that baiting Everton fans have become more important to some Liverpudlian’s in recent years, which I might add works the other way too. A certain section of their support has become bitter, which only breeds a poor attitude.

They have lost sight of the fact that their team are actually very good under Jurgen Klopp. They are top of the table and for me still favourites to win the title. Liverpool fans should be celebrating their team not berating Everton. If the roles were reversed and we were top, I would not even be thinking about Liverpool.

Liverpool fans call Evertonians ‘the bitters’ but in truth, the Reds fans are becoming more bitter with every season passes that they fail to win silverware.

This is a minority of fans

Like every club, Liverpool has its fair share of idiot supporters, who take pleasure in so-called ‘banter’ at the expense of other clubs. However, Liverpool’s idiots seem to be far more vocal and take things far too far when expressing their opinion.

I know many idiot Liverpool fans, who are the sort of fans that make the Reds so unlikeable to neutrals. However, I also know a few decent Liverpool fans that are knowledgeable and fair in their assessment of football. Yes, that is true!

I have a few friends that fall into the decent fan category. If Liverpool won the league title then I would be delighted for them, as they are the ones who would see triumph as Liverpool success, not Everton failure like some.

My late grandad was a decent Liverpool fan. He would have banter about the clubs with my uncles, and myself yet he came to derbies alongside us and appreciated the friendly derby. We all sat together and there was no trouble. It would be great to think that Liverpool winning the title would be a victory for those good Liverpool fans and for the city. However, as with every club, the cretins would spoil it for everybody.

Everton will not beat City anyway

I might want Everton to beat Manchester City, but in truth, it seems highly unlikely to happen. The Blues current form suggests it could be a long night for Marco Silva’s team. The fact that Everton are odds of 10/1 to beat City suggests that the bookmakers have no faith in the Toffees pulling off a win.

I do not think I have seen Everton at such long odds in a home game for a long time. However, the way that Silva’s team are playing it has to be expected.

The Portuguese boss needs a big result to turn things around on Merseyside. Despite the fact many Everton would not mind defeat, a victory over the reigning champions could just be the result he needs to kick-start his managerial career on Merseyside.

I really cannot see if happening, though. However, for all those Liverpool fans saying that Everton will roll over, City are that good and Everton are that awful at the moment it will not be a case of rolling over, it will just be a case of City being much better at football than us.

Can Everton pull off a shock result against Manchester City?


David Nugent

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