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Progressive Slots: How to Win Millions

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 26 Apr 2017


No doubt about it, progressive slots can change your life in a single spin of a reel and no game is more generous when it comes to potential and constantly increasing jackpot. Although these types of slots can be rather stingy when it comes to main game payouts, leading to endless frustrating hours of dead spins, the amount of money you can end up with is enough to keep your hand glued to the virtual lever. And even with the Random Number Generator that places your odds in the realm of unpredictability, there are still certain precautions that you can take in order to control and increase your chances. Sometimes, winning millions in a game of progressive slot is no more than a difference between having a plan and taking a jungle path with no clear strategies of how to reach your goal – the jackpot.

Rule Number One: Focus

Obviously, you will need a lot of money to sustain an expensive habit such as progressive slots. Due to an enormous amount that can hit you at any time, the base game wins are pretty wide apart and  the players will have to face a harsh reality of demotivating empty spins. On the up side, the main jackpot is growing with every next wager and rather than losing, you are in a way investing your money, contributing to a higher goal that is actually worth while, rather than just collecting a series of smaller wins which are easily spent on another set of wagers.

It is precisely because of these investments that you will want to direct your entire gambling budget to progressive slots only and cut down on all other unnecessary costs. The more time and money you spend on progressives, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot, especially because maximum bets are prerequisite; therefore, rule number one is to focus exclusively on progressive slots and leave out every other distraction.

Rule Number Two: Economise

The same criteria you use to select any other online slot can be used for progressives as well. As mentioned, the waiting game can be long and excruciation, therefore, the slot must be cost effective. If you are not able to finance the highest bets required for the player to become eligible for the main prize, do not even attempt to play. Progressive slots can require a lot of patience and the only certain way of increasing the odds is time – you must play often and you must play big. Selecting an expensive slot can result in a fast loss of funds and there could be weeks before you manage to recover and continue – by that time, the jackpot can easily end up in somebody else’s pocket.

One other factor that the players should consider is RTP – be watchful of the games that have a low return to player percentage rate as anything below 96% is not worth the effort.

Rule Number Three: Go All the Way

Every new session should end with zero balance since this is how the player is keeping the uninterrupted flow of the game – a factor crucial to reaching the finish line. Along the way, you may be tempted to use the gamble feature that prompts you into doubling your balance. The only right move is to ignore it. Gamble feature does not have good statistics and can of course result in costing you more than it would potentially bring. Should you lose, it could set you back at the starting point. Do your best to conquer the temptation of doubling your money and use the winnings for the new bets and new spins. As boring as this may sound, it is the safest and wisest way to tackle the beast called Progressive Slot.

Rule Number Four: Track

Just as you would do a bit of research before buying a car, investigating a progressive slot and what other players have to say about it is equally important. After all, you are investing your hard earned cash and your valuable spare time. It does not take long – before you know it, slots such as Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis, Jackpot Giant, Major Millions, Mega Fortune and others will pop up as the most popular and closest to the criteria mentioned above. So far, Mega Moolah has had an impressive track record, generating a winner almost every month (sometimes even two in one month). Spending a few extra minutes checking up the game’s history can indeed be priceless and make all the difference.

The Zero Rule

Possibly the most important one – have fun. Absolutely no use of trying if you are not going to have some fun along the way. In reality, it is actually less frivolous than this. Fun is what will keep you focused and concentrated – without it, chances are you will not last. Find a progressive slot you actually like and you will soon learn that motivation will follow without any extra effort.


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