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Playing Casino Games in Free Play Mode: Pros and Cons

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Online casinos have offered demo modes for all their games for as long as we can remember. In fact, we can think of just one game category that does not allow playing for fun: live casino games. Even that is mostly due to the high costs making it unfeasible for live dealer developers.

You might think that having a free version of almost every title available might be too generous. However, the ever-increasing number of online casinos shows us this model works. There is no denying that just playing casino games with no real money factor can be a bit boring. When should you play a demo version, and when should you swap to real money? What are the pros and cons of using free play mode?

The Pros

The primary advantage of playing free is the option to try new games without risking your money. Players who plan their bankroll management usually account for a few of their favourite games. If you have a little bit of extra to throw around, you can also plan funds for new releases you are interested in. Even so, most punters would rather put their money in games they will enjoy.

Free play mode is perfect for such occasions. You can get a feel for your chosen slot or casino game without spending a dime! One thing to note is that it will not be as fun as playing for real money. Without the thrill of winning big, you cannot get the same excitement. That said, you can try out the gameplay and special features and see if they are to your liking.

Many players dismiss free play mode by saying results are rigged to score more frequently. This is blatantly false. Both the demo and real-money version of each title use the same random number generator to determine results. Online casinos would quickly be exposed if they tried something like this. Regulators and licensing bodies would also make it impossible for them to operate in certain regions.

Another advantage you get playing free play mode is the ability to try new strategies. This is great for titles like roulette, where you might want to experiment with a different progression betting system. Maybe you find Martingale too risky or Paroli does not give you the winning streaks you like. The best place to try something new is in an environment where your money will not be at risk.

The Cons

While there are people who enjoy casino games just for fun, such punters are very rare. For the vast majority of players, playing fun releases comes with the expectation of a big win at the end of it all! The thrill of watching all the stars align and the jackpot being paid out. Then, you can tell that amazing story to your friends while drinking some top-shelf booze earned by your big win.

Unfortunately, this is simply not possible in free play mode. Yes, you do not have to spend a dime to play. At the same time, any wins you score in demo mode are virtual, and cannot be claimed. We cannot think of anything more disheartening than winning big and knowing you could have scored that win with real money.

If you like older progressive jackpot games, you may find a few of them do not have a free play mode. This is not an issue for newer releases, which will just disable progressive jackpots while keeping other gameplay elements active.

Playing in demo mode does not count towards any active promotions you may have. Many online casinos have tight wagering requirements for their bonuses. All the time you spend playing in free play mode will not count towards contributing to the promotion. Due to many wagering requirements coming with deadlines, it may be better to hold off playing demo mode until your bonus ends.

Finally, some titles like live casino games do not come with free play modes at all. If you want to try them, you will either have to watch someone else play, or play for real money. Neither of which are as good as a demo mode.

Should You Play?

Admittedly, the list of flaws can seem a bit daunting at first. However, some of them are things you just accept from the get-go. Anyone who uses free play mode goes into it knowing that there will not be any real money prizes. That said, there are some legitimate concerns, such as games not being available or not having a demo mode.

You can and should take advantage of free play mode if you need it. If you want to plan a new strategy or just try a new game, it is the best way to do so. It allows you to experience all the thrilling action yourselves without misrepresentation.


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