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What Are the Most Popular Online Casino Betting Systems?

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 20 Aug 2020


Many websites will sell you on the idea of online casino betting systems. The internet is filled with claims about how it is impossible to lose when utilizing these systems. Of course, that is not true. There is no system in the world that will allow you to win no matter what! Do not get us wrong, using the right game strategy can make a difference. For games like Live Casino Hold’em, it is almost non-negotiable!

However, there are titles where strategies do not have any impact. Games like roulette and baccarat, where things mostly come down to luck and that have even money bets. In those cases, players can employ a betting system to organize their wagering. What are the most popular online casino betting systems? Join us, and let’s find out!


No article about online casino betting systems would be complete without Martingale. As far as betting systems go, this one is one of the most dangerous. It does not have any in-built limitations, which allows wagers to quickly spiral out of control. Despite being popular, the staff at SoccerNews advise you stay clear of Martingale.

See, the system works great in theory. Every time you lose a round, you double the wager for the next round. That way, if you win, you get any lost money back! If you lose multiple times, then you should keep increasing your wager. If you try to implement it, you may even see some moderate success with it.

That said, Martingale can only work if you have some deep pockets. At some point, you will reach a point where your wager exceeds your budget or hits the table limit. A bad losing streak can eat the money you planned to last you a whole month in a matter of minutes. Everyone thinks it will not happen to them; up until it does.


Another simple, negative progression betting system is D’Alembert. It works with a similar concept as Martingale but takes a more measured approach to the whole thing. First, you define how much you will wager per round – stick to 2% of your bankroll. If you win, your bet size remains the same. If you lose, you increase your stake by the same amount of money.

For example, we will start at $5. After losing, we would add $5 more, and be betting $10. Another loss would see the total bet increased to $15. It is a much more measured increase. Every time you win, you also decrease the total wager by one unit. In our example, winning with a $15 bet would decrease the wager to $10.

Unfortunately, this system is still just as prone to losing streaks. While they are not as destructive as they are when using Martingale, they will still leave you in a deep minus. While D’Alembert’s betting system is great in the short term, it is hardly your best bet.


As bankroll management experts know, drastically increasing your bet is just asking for trouble. This is the downside of negative progression betting systems. They are orientated towards making up for losses, but cannot properly address those flaws. Paroli’s betting system tries something different. It tasks you with increasing your wager every time you win!

Like D’Alembert’s system, you first need to set a base stake. Once again, we advise sticking to 2% of your budget for the day. Your first round ends in a loss, but you do not change your bet. Your second round ends in a win, and that is when you double your wager. If you started with a $5 bet, you increase it to $10. In case of another win, that would grow to be $20!

Paroli’s system has one more trick up its sleeve: limits! After three consecutive wins, it tells you to return to your base stake. While you could adjust how many consecutive wins you want, we advise sticking to three. In our experience, it works best that way. You should also reset back to your starting wager if you lose.


This betting system functions similarly to Paroli’s. 1-3-2-6 is straightforward and easy to memorize. The steps are quite literally in the name! This is another positive progression betting system. So, how does 1-3-2-6 actually work?

First, you decide on your initial wager. Sticking with previous examples, we will use $5. If you win, you increase your wager to $15 – 3x the starting bet. If you win that round too, you decrease your wager to 2x the starting bet, or $10. If the third round wins, you wager 6x the starting bet, or $30 on the fourth and final step.

If you complete all four steps without losing, you reset after the final step. You would start with $5 again, and try to repeat the cycle. In case of a loss, you return to your initial bet and start the sequence again.


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