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Winning Roulette Strategy: Does It Exist?

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 18 May 2020


Roulette is one of the players’ favourites at online casinos, that’s a fact. Another fact is that it is based on sheer luck. However, unlike slot machines, you should be familiar with the game to start playing it. The main reason for this is a variety of bonus options it offers. In this article, we will discuss whether there is a winning Roulette strategy you can apply.

The House Edge and Probability of Winning

Each casino game comes with a house edge, and Roulette is no exception. The European version of the game with a single zero comes with a house margin of 2.7%. American Roulette has a higher house advantage of 5.26%. Only by looking at a house edge, you can conclude which one is better for you. However, that’s not all to making decisions at Roulette.

As you know, Roulette offers a plethora of betting options. They come in three categories: inside, outside and neighbour bets. Inside bets come with the lower probability of winning as you place your bet on a specific number(s). As for outside bets, they are more likely to win as they allow you to predict that a winning number falls into one of the groups of numbers, like black or red, high or low and so on.

When you choose a bet, you should know that a higher payout comes with more risk. To put it simply, a bet that pays a bigger prize is less likely to win. That being said, choosing outside bets may be a perfect choice for you if you are more inclined to low-risk gameplay. As a matter of fact, playing them is the perfect strategy that can result in winning. Although you cannot win big with these bets, they are a more secure option.

It’s All About Luck

On the internet, you may stumble upon various Roulette strategies that are advertised as efficient. Some even sell betting systems as strategies. However, you should not fall for these as Roulette is a game of luck. Unlike at Blackjack or Poker, where your moves matter and can affect the outcome, at Roulette, all you have to do is choose a bet. The rest is a matter of luck, and you cannot influence the result of the game.

What you can do to increase your odds of winning is place more bets at the same time. Yet, you should do it only if you have a stable bankroll. Even then, if you keep playing outside bets, your payout on each of them will be 1:1. That means that winning one of them won’t cover the money you have invested. For instance, if you cover Black and Odd with two bets, the number that will earn you payouts on both of them must be black and odd.

You should bear in mind that at Roulette, each spin is an individual event, meaning that there is no pattern in which the ball lands on numbers. Some believe that the concept of Hot and Cold numbers may help them win. Still, this theory doesn’t hold water, and you should not rely on it as no one can tell where the ball will stop in the next spin. 

If the House Always Wins, Why Play?

The house indeed has an advantage over the player, but the player can sometimes win as well. If you get lucky, you can enjoy an exciting gaming experience at a Roulette table, live or virtual, and earn some money. A rule of thumb would be to be modest and know when you should stop playing. This applies to both losing and winning streaks. It’s the only way to gain leverage over the casino.

On that note, you should be careful with progressive betting systems. Some of them require you to increase your bets when winning, others to raise them when on a losing streak. None of them is right for you as they can make you exceed your limits and risk more then you afford. Only the casino can benefit from it in the long run, so using progressive betting systems, negative or positive, cannot be considered a winning Roulette strategy.

So, Does a Winning Strategy Exist?

Even when playing games of skill, there is no such thing as a winning strategy. They can be described as basic, optimal or proper. Still, you cannot say that a strategy is winning even when your decisions matter. When it comes to Roulette, which is a game based on sheer luck, nothing can guarantee that you will win. So, if you want to be successful at this game, make sure to play the European or French version of it, go for low-risk bets and stick to your budget and limits. Playing Roulette should be an entertaining activity and if you win some money while doing it, consider yourself a lucky man!


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