Void Bet Definition

Void bet can occur in a number of situations and when your bet is void that means that your stake will be returned, that is you won’t win any money but you won’t lose it either.

Void bet is common in Asian handicap bets, but it can also happen when you are backing a player to score a first goal and he doesn’t even make the starting line-up, or when the game you placed a bet on gets called off.

Almost all bookmakers clearly state that any bet resulting from their own mistake when quoting the odds shall also be declared void.


You have placed a bet on a player to score the first goal in a match, but he gets injured during the warm-up. Because he played no part in the game and you had no chance to actually win the bet, your bet will be declared void and your stake will be refunded.

Void Bet Pros and Cons
  • Void bets can help cut down your losses
  • Your stake will be refunded even when you have backed a wrong player
  • An unexpected event can turn a losing bet into a void bet
  • Bookies can cover their own mistakes with void bets
  • Winning bet can also be turned into void bet