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Dutch Eredivisie Tickets

There is of course a top tier football league in every single country of the world, and the top one in the Netherlands is the Eredivisie League. With most of the top flight teams playing attack-minded football, it is little wonder that every round serves us a number of high-scoring games, and that is one of the main reasons why even football fans from abroad want to buy Dutch league tickets when they are visiting the Netherlands. If you are looking for information as to where and how you can buy tickets for any of the matches that are scheduled throughout the season, then the following guide is going to be of great interest to you.

We will also be letting you know some additional information below too in regards to the way the league is structured, so please read on as all the following facts and figures may help you get the lowest possible ticket prices.

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Eredivisie Ticket Purchase Advice

Getting around the Netherlands is very easy to do and as such one thing you will not often find yourself having to do is pay sky high fees in regards to the travel costs to watch any teams play, much more so if you go as a group and share the travel costs between you.

The places at which you buy your tickets from however needs taking into account for especially with ticket resellers you will often find they have added onto the cost of the tickets their fee, and sometimes when buying tickets online using a certain payment method additional service fees and booking fees may also be charged.

Best Way You Can Buy Eredivisie Tickets

As there are many people who attend soccer matches when they are visiting a country for the very first time or when their favourite teams are playing teams based overseas you may now be wondering how you can buy tickets to attend an Eredivisie match.

Those tickets are not going to be very hard to come across however to guarantee that you are buying the genuine article and not buying fake or counterfeit tickets always buy your tickets from a reliable ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites.

Ticket Costs of Eredivisie Games

One of the main benefits of being a soccer fan in the Netherlands is that the cost of the tickets to attend most matches can be quite low and as such you will probably be tempted to visit several matches of your chosen team rather than stay at home and watch those matches on TV!

However, even the more expensive seats compare very well in price to tickets prices in other European countries, so you could opt for a better seat in the stadium and by doing so you will not be paying some of the outrageously high ticket prices as you would do in other countries!

The lowest priced Eredivisie match tickets are priced at around €21 and the highest priced ones are on average €39. However, the cost of Eredivisie season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What league are teams promoted to Eredivisie from?

If you are wondering just what league teams will get promoted to the Eredivisie League from it is the Eerste Divisie League! However, when a team is relegated from Eredivisie it will find itself playing matches in that Eerste Divisie League which does of course mean a very large reduction in sponsorship money.

What are the best Eredivisie matches to watch?

There are several domestic cup and international cup matches that are certainly worth watching if a team manages to make it into the final stages of those cup matches and they are the KNVB Cup and the Johan Cruijff Shield which are both domestic cup matches and the international cup matches are the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches.

How many teams make up the Eredivisie League?

Due to the size of the country you will not be surprised to learn that there are slightly fewer teams in the Eredivisie League than compared of the larger countries in Europe, and as such there are always going to be 18 teams in total in that league.

Are Eredivisie League matches busy and well attended?

Soccer is a very popular spectator sport in the Netherlands and as such no matter which teams are playing against each other, either home or away in the Eredivisie League every single match will be very well attended even if the weather is not that favourable.

Is it safe to buy Eredivisie match tickets online?

You should take all the normal precautions if you are thinking of purchasing Eredivisie League tickets online, and you should always only ever purchase tickets from a reliable and established source, as is the case with everything you could buy online there will always be people trying to pass on fake or counterfeit tickets for Eredivisie League matches or even tickets that do not exist.

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