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English Premier League Tickets

The Premier League is the top football league in the UK and encompasses 20 teams who all play against each other twice during the season. Being the cream of the UK football team crop the matches are often very well attended events and avid fans do travel the length and breadth of the UK to watch their favourite teams play.

Below you are going to find lots of additional information on buying tickets to attend any Premier League match being held in the UK and we will answer several questions too regarding this league which you may find of interest. We only cooperate with reputable ticket providers, meaning that you can be sure that all tickets obtained are 100% official and come with special insurance guarantee.

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Football fans residing in England have the courtesy of watching the best football league on the planet in person, with all the football grounds just few hours away, but international Premier League fans could struggle to find tickets for major Premiership games. Besides the travel arrangements and accommodation, they need to worry about the tickets as well, since they will want to avoid the scenario of traveling across the world to reach their favourite football ground only to find out that there are no more tickets left.

You should always keep in mind several different factors when you are thinking of attending Premier League matches, for there can often be additional fees, charges and expenses in regards to you buying those tickets and attending the soccer grounds and soccer stadiums.

Try and select a payment method you are buying your tickets with that will not see you having to pay any additional fees and charges, for over the soccer season those additional charges can add up, and also keep in mind travelling expenses too. Many people club together and go in one vehicle when attending away matches in the UK!

Best Way to Buy Premier League Tickets

There are of course plenty of different ways that you can buy tickets to watch any UK based Premier League match, however it will be the matches you wish to watch and whether they are likely to be sold out events or the tickets will be hard to get in regards to where you should buy your tickets.

You are going to be able to use ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites of any soccer club or you may be able to purchase your tickets in person at the club on match day. However, always be careful when buying tickets from any source that is not an official outlet as there are risks involved with doing so!

Ticket Prices for Premier League Games

The cost of a Premier League tickets is going to vary in price depending on the individual rates charged by the soccer team you want to watch. The more popular and larger the soccer team the more you will pay for your tickets.

Keep in mind that in the 2016 season some Premier League teams actually froze their prices and one or two teams reduced their ticket prices, however the vast majority of teams sadly increase the cost of their tickets year on year. Season ticket prices can so vary in price wildly from team to team too.

The lowest priced Premier League match tickets are priced at around €40 and the highest priced ones are on average €80. However, the cost of Premier League season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Premier League season start and finish?

The Premier League runs from August each year until May the following year, and as such it has a full nine-month season, due to the often-inclement weather during the winter months in the UK some matches can be rescheduled, but only during the current season.

How many Premier League teams are there in London?

If you are planning a trip to the UK and are visiting London and fancy watching a Premiership League match, then there are currently five different London based teams in that League. For reference, they are Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United and you will enjoy watching any of those teams play!

Can I buy tickets for Premier League even if I'm based outside of the UK?

There are no restrictions in regards to who can purchase tickets to watch Premier League matches, however please do ensure that you always only ever buy them from an approved ticket seller as unfortunately there are people who do sell fake and counterfeit tickets for Premier League matches online.

How does a season ticket for Premier League work?

You can purchase a season ticket for any soccer team in the Premier League which will in turn then allow you to watch that team play at any home matches throughout the season. However, be aware that season ticket prices do vary very dramatically from team to team, so it will be the popularity and fan base of the team that you wish to buy a season ticket for that will ultimately determine the cost of those season tickets.

Which is The Game to watch in the Premier League?

There are several Cup Matches that teams in the Premier League can win their entry into, and as such if you want to watch one of the best matches that a Premier League team can play in then look out for the FA Cup, FA Community Shield, EFL Cup, UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League matches that they may have qualified for.

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