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MLS Tickets

The Major-League Soccer or MLS as it is also much more commonly known is the top soccer league in the US and Canada. The MLS took lot of time to establish itself in the football world, but the league chiefs have done brilliantly to make the competition more appealing to football fans across the American continent, which led to a major increase in demand for cheap MLS soccer tickets. The arrival of football icon David Beckham to LA Galaxy was seen as a turning point in trying to revive the competition, with other European football stars soon following in his footsteps.

The quality of the competition is constantly improving as young players from all over the United States have a unique opportunity to play alongside some of the best players in the world and to learn from them as well, which is clearly having a positive effect on the USA national team as well.

The league is made up with teams from both of those two countries and in total there are twenty teams in that league. Therefore, as every single team plays each other team twice throughout the Major-League Soccer season you will find there are 38 matches in total. For more information on buying tickets to attend any MLS match and the best way to buy those tickets please read through the following guide.

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MLS Ticket Purchase Info

The only problem you will often experience when you watch to watch your chosen soccer team playing in any MLS match is the travel costs associated with watching them play away from their home stadium.

There are in fact quite a number of companies who do an all in one package deal which will allow you to get to and from the soccer stadium and also include the tickets for those matches in the fees they charge so that may be something worth considering if you do want to watch an away match in the MLS!

Ways Supporters Can Buy MLS Tickets

You will find you are quite easily and with the minimum of fuss going to be able to buy tickets to allow you to attend any match being held in the MLS, however there are a few things that you need to be aware of, the most important thing is to ensure you only buy genuine tickets and never buy them on from unofficial sites or from companies you have never heard of.

As such to ensure you purchase going smoothly and then you only buy genuine tickets for the MLS matches you want to watch being played buy you tickets from official ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites of the teams you are interested in watching.

Pricing of MLS Game Tickets

You will be amazed at just how little it will cost you to buy tickets for most MLS matches, as the lowest priced tickets are very reasonably priced and every supporter will be able to afford to pay those ticket prices.

There are of course different seat prices depending on just where you want to sit in the stadium, however they are family friendly places so if you do take your entire family you will be safe and have a very enjoyable and low cost day out too.

The lowest priced MLS match tickets are priced at around €10 and the highest priced ones are on average €80. However, the cost of MLS season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries teams can play in the MLS?

There are two countries that can have teams that play in the MLS and they are US and Canada, however each team must win promotion into that league and as such there are no guarantees or requirements that one of those two countries will have more teams in it than the other.

What team in the MLS is the most successful?

Currently there is one team playing in the MLS that has won more cups than any other team in that league and that team is of course LA Galaxy who so far and at the time of compiling this guide had won in total 5 MLS cups, however with some luck in playing they are bound to increase that number of cups over the coming years!

Why are MLS matches not such a popular spectator sport like the other big sports in the USA?

Whilst the number of fans that do attend MLS is slowly but surely growing, Soccer is not as popular sport in the US as many other sports and as such the numbers of people who do attend and watch matches in that league are not as high as those that watch other sporting events and sporting fixtures.

What cups and trophies can MLS teams win?

If you can only spare a little bit of time to watch a handful of matches taking place in the MLS then the ones you should try and obtain tickets to are the U.S. Open Cup and the Canadian Championship which are both Domestic Cups and an international league that any teams in the MLS can make it into is the CONCACAF Champions League, and those cup matches are certainly worth watching.

Are all MLS matches fully televised?

You will find there are lots of different TV Channels that will be showing live coverage of all MLS matches in both Canada and the United States of America, some of the TV Channels that show those matches include ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes along with Fox Sports, FS1 and Fox Deportes in the US, whilst in Canada you will find MLS matches being shown live on TSN, TSN2, RDS and on TVA Sports.

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