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Scottish Premiership Tickets

First thing that come to one’s mind when someone mentions Scottish Premier League is the Old Firm rivalry, but that is not the only thing this competition is famous for. Scottish giants Rangers and Celtic have been dominating the competition since its establishment in 1998, but other clubs are slowly closing the gap behind the Old Firm rivals, adding new air of excitement to Scottish football.

With just twelve soccer teams in the Scottish Premiership the matches are quite spread out throughout the season, however you are going to be assured of a very enjoyable experience if you do ever fancy watching any of the top tier soccer team matches that will be held throughout that season.

The following guide is going to be giving you a deep insight into the way in which you can purchase tickets for Scottish Premiership league matches and we will also be giving you some interesting facts and figures about that league too..

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Scottish Premiership Ticket Information

If the soccer team in the Scottish Premiership you want to watch is located nearby your home or the hotel you are staying in then you will find the public transport system in Scotland is very reliable and will allow you to get directly to the soccer grounds without having to pay a fortune doing so.

However, for matches being held many miles away from where you are you will often find there are many supporter and fan groups who hire coaches and buses to attend those grounds and you will find the cost of travelling on one of those coaches or buses will be much cheaper and convenient than you driving there yourself.

Ways of Purchasing Your Scottish Premiership Tickets

You will find that much like all other soccer teams in any soccer league the way in which you can buy tickets to attend any Scottish Premier League match is fairly straight forward and you will never be forced with paying sky high prices for those tickets.

Avoid immediately trying to find the very lowest cost tickets by searching the web as you will run the risk of coming across fake ticket sellers that way! Stick to buying tickets only from official suppliers which could be ticket vendors, ticket exchanges and the official websites of the team you want to watch playing.

Ticket Purchase Price of Scottish Premiership Games

You will be very pleased to learn that the cost of tickets to watch Scottish Premiership games are much lower than in England, and as such if you ever do fancy watching any of those matches you will find it can be cost effective and will never break the bank.

However, as mentioned above you will have to fact into your budget the cost of travel to and from the grounds, but there are going to be plenty of ways you will be able to visit all Scottish stadiums in a cost effective way too.

The lowest priced Scottish Premiership match tickets are priced at around €23 and the highest priced ones are on average €50. However, the cost of Scottish Premiership season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.

Our SPL tickets are brought to you in collaboration with reputable ticket providers, and with all the tickets 100% authentic and shipped directly to your home, you will be able to plan your trip to the Highlands without worrying whether there will be any tickets left at the box office when you get there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lots of teams in the Scottish Premiership?

The Scottish Premiership League is one of the smallest leagues of any country, in regards to the number of teams that play in it, and as such there are only 12 individual teams that play in that league during any one season.

Which team is the most successful in the Scottish Premiership?

Currently the most successful team that plays and is in the Scottish Premiership is Celtic, they are also one of the teams with the largest number of fans throughout Scotland, and as such their matches are very well attended no matter whether they are playing at home or away.

Does the Scottish Premiership have a long season?

There is no real difference in regards to the length of the Scottish Premiership football season when compared to most other countries of the world and as such the season runs throughout August to May the following year, and all teams do of course play each other twice, one at their home ground and the other at the home ground of each opponent they play in that league.

Are Scottish Premiership team season tickets readily available?

When compared to the season ticket prices of other teams playing in different leagues in different countries, you will find a season ticket for any Scottish Premiership team is very cost effective and low in price too, so if you are a fan of any team in that league you will certainly not be paying some of the exorbitant costs for buying a season ticket as you would be forced to do elsewhere in the world!

What are Pros and Cons of watching Scottish Premiership Matches?

Whilst you are going to be able to watch most if not all Scottish Premiership League matches live on TV or listen to live commentary on the radio, one of the main problems of attending several matches is that you will be required to travel a fair distance to watch some teams play, due to the team in the Scottish Premiership League being well spread out all over Scotland. But relatively to the size of other countries like USA, Scotland is not that big. So for some the distance to travel might not appear to be that long.

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