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Italian Serie A Tickets

As one of the strongest football leagues in the world and the home of such club giants as Juventus, Inter, Milan, Roma, Napoli and Lazio, Italian Serie A is immensely popular among football fans around the globe, with practically every round of fixtures offering us at least one derby game. While most of the derby games can be watched on television, it is perfectly clear that there is no substitute for watching the game from the biggest grounds in Italy, so we are proud to present you a place where you can buy cheap Italian Serie A tickets online.

As part of our ongoing series of international football related articles and guides we would like to present the following one to you that is going to enlighten you on Serie A which is the top rung of the Italian football league system and give you lots of information regarding purchasing tickets on any matches being held throughout the Serie A season.

With 20 teams in the Serie A league you will find there are plenty of matches held throughout the season with tickets being readily available from many different outlets too.

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Ticket Purchase Information for Serie A

Even if English, Spanish and German clubs have been dominating the European competitions of late, Italian Serie A remains a real magnet for football fans worldwide, and there are numerous reasons for that. Nowhere else will you find so many European giants competing for domestic honours and that is one of the things that make Serie A one of the most followed football competitions in the world.

You will often find that when you are attending any Serie A soccer match you have to spend quite some time planning that day out, if the match is being held many miles away from where you live or are staying.

You will therefore need to fact into the cost of attending any match the travel costs of getting to the stadium and back again and also factor into your budget things such as food and drink. Also many ticket resellers add extra fees and charges onto the face value of the tickets if you buy them from their websites so keep that in mind too.

How to Buy Serie A Match Tickets

Whilst many people do attend the matches of teams playing in Series-A regularly and will already have a place at which they buy their tickets from, if you have never bought tickets before then be wary of any websites that may be selling them at a much reduced price.

For you to be able to have the peace of mind in knowing your tickets are genuine and not fake you should only ever consider buying you tickets from three places, those being from official ticket vendors, approved and established ticket exchanges and the official websites of the football teams you want to watch in action!

Ticket Costs for Serie A Games

The cost of tickets to attend Serie A matches is going to fluctuate quite wildly depending on which teams that you want to watch playing and the type of ticket you buy, and of course where you are buying your tickets from.

However, compared to other leagues in other countries the range of tickets prices does average out and compare quite favourably to those other league tickets, but sadly the cost of Serie A match tickets does appear to increase season on season and rarely if ever go down in price!

The lowest priced Serie A match tickets are priced at around €20 and the highest priced ones are on average €138. However, the cost of Serie A season tickets can vary greatly from team to team.

The process of purchasing tickets is extremely easy and it will not take up a lot of your time. The most popular Italian Serie A tickets will be featured on this page, whereas you can buy tickets for almost any team by simply clicking the links provided. By doing so you will be taken to the ticket provider website, where you can start the simple process of buying your tickets.

After choosing the match you wish to attend, you can select where you want to be seated, with tickets to different stands or areas on the stadium coming with different prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most successful team in Serie A?

If you are thinking of following a team in Serie A and are looking for the most successful team then it will be Juventus that you should be following, for they have a formidable track record having won, over the years, every continental competition and they have won the world title too.

What Cup Matches can Serie A team’s play in?

Two home and two international sets of cup matches are what any team playing in the Serie A League can win or qualify for and those are the Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana cup matches along with the two international cups those being won in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

In what year was Serie A founded?

It was way back in the 1890’s that Serie A was founded, in fact it was in 1898 that this League was officially founded and first started. That does mean it is one of the more established Soccer Leagues in the world and there is a world class set of teams in that League.

How many soccer teams play in Serie A?

There is a total of 20 teams that make up Serie A, and they all play each other in a round-robin type of tournament structure, with the obvious aim of each team being that they win as many matches as they possibly can do in the hope they score the highest number of points and are then crowned champions at the end of the season.

During which months are Serie A games held?

You are going to find that is from August each year right through until May of the following year that the Serie A matches will be scheduled. Much like all other International Leagues players in teams in Serie A finally get some well-deserved time off during June and July each year!

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