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Best Craps Bets You Should Go For

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 30 Apr 2019


Craps is one of the table games you can play at brick-and-mortar and online casinos. After we have presented you online Craps strategy, we want to introduce you some of the best Craps bets you should play. Since the game is played with dice, there are multiple betting options you can choose from and your odds depend on which one of them you play. This is the ultimate guide to Craps bets you will ever need.

Introduction to Craps Bets

Craps is one of the most complex casino games when it comes to betting options. If you are new to this game, dozens of bets may seem pretty intimidating. It can take hours to understand them all. That’s why your Craps strategy should be based on telling the good ones from bad ones. When you know which ones you should or should not play, the game turns out to be pretty simple.

Without further ado, we will list some of the best Craps bets you should go for. When you get to know them, there would be no reason for you to avoid playing this highly exciting casino game, offline or online.

Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line

These two bets have the lowest house edge. While Pass Line bets come with a house edge of 1.41%, Don’t Pass Line bets have an even lower house edge of only 1.36%. If you place a Pass Line bet, you win when the dice show a 7 or 11. If they show a 2, 3 or 12, you will lose your stake. Should any other result appear, this number is taken as a so-called point and you continue playing with the same stake. In case the dice show a 7 before the point in the next roll, you lose your bet. Otherwise, you win. This bet earns you even money.

When it comes to Don’t Pass bets, they function in the opposite way. You win when the dice show a 2 or 3 whereas if a 7 or 11 rolls out, you lose. When the dice show 12, it is a push. In case the point is determined, your bet wins when a 7 comes before it. Otherwise, you lose. This bet also pays even money.

Come/Don’t Come

These types of bets function the same way as the previous two. The only difference is in the point at which you place them. Come and Don’t Come bets can be placed after the point has been set. To make these types of Craps bets easier for understanding, some suggest thinking of them as personalised Pass and Don’t Pass bets. What does it practically mean?

Let’s have a closer look at a Come bet. When you play it and the dice show a 7 or 11, you win. If they show a 2, 3 or 12, you lose. However, when any other total is rolled out, it is taken as the point and your bet stays in place. It wins when the dice show a 5 again and lose if a 7 is rolled out. The opposite applies to Don’t Come bets.

Both Come and Don’t Come bets pay 1:1 and have a house edge of 1.40%.


Now, these Craps bets should be understood as a kind of side bets you place after the point is set. Since they are combined with the above-mentioned bets, you can play four types of Odds bets. For instance, you can play a Pass Line Odds bet on top of your Pass Line bet after the point is set. It will earn you a prize in case the point is rolled out before a 7 and you lose on it when the dice show a 7. These bets have no house edge and pay prizes that vary depending on the number established as the point.

In most cases, you can wager up to 3x the amount of your original wager, but sometimes a multiplier can be higher and go up to 5x or even more. By playing Odds bets in Craps, you can lower the house edge to 0.83%, which is the case when you play a Don’t Come bet with 2x Odds, for instance.

Closing Thoughts

If you are new to the game of Craps, you may be a bit confused with all the terminology. Take your time and play it at online casinos offering free-play. This is a table game which is not available at live casinos, so you have to settle for second best, that is for the RNG-operated version of the game. When it comes to Craps, it is not a bad thing as virtual table games are in most cases available for free, meaning that you don’t have to risk your own money until you learn the ropes. In one of our future articles, we will discuss the Craps bets you should avoid.


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