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Live Poker Variants You Should Consider Playing

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If you are a Poker fan and you prefer a genuine casino atmosphere instead of playing RNG-operated games, Live Poker variants could be a perfect fit for you. Although they are not as numerous as Live Blackjack and Roulette tables, you can still play a few variants of the game thanks to reputable software providers who made sure to have all types of card games hosted by live dealers on offer.

Live Poker differs from standard Poker games in two ways – the game is operated by a real-life dealer and you play against the house, not other players. All the games use a 52-card deck with cards shuffled after each round. Some of live dealer Poker games also offer progressive jackpots, so stay with us to learn what Poker variants you can try your luck and skills on and what their key features are.

Live Casino Hold’em Poker

Several reputable providers of live casino solutions have Live Casino Hold’em Poker tables on offer including the industry giants Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. These games share the same rules with payouts going up to 100:1 on an Ante bet. Once you place an Ante bet, you will be dealt two cards face up while the dealer gets two cards face down. Three community cards will be placed face up in the middle of the table and they are common for you and the dealer. You can use them to complete your hand and make a Call bet to continue playing or Fold and lose all bets that you have placed. A Call bet is always double the Ante bet. Focus on the gameplay and use the time you have to make a decision and move or your hand could be automatically folded.

To make the game more exciting, Evolution Gaming also offers Live Casino Hold’em Poker with the Jumbo 7 Jackpot. It uses the same set of the rules and offers a side bet that can earn you a progressive jackpot starting at $1 million if you manage to create a 7 Card Straight Flush hand.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Another highly popular version of the game Texas Hold’em Poker is offered by Evolution Gaming and Xpro Gaming. The game starts when you place an Ante bet followed by a matching Blind bet automatically placed by the system. You are dealt two cards face up and the dealer also gets two cards, but face down. The dealer places three community cards face up on the Flop and two more community cards called the Turn and the River after a pause. You can use community cards to make the best possible five-card hand.

You can Raise or Check after the cards are dealt and place so-called Trips bets that win when your final five-card hand is a Three of a Kind or better. When playing a Trips bet, the maximum payout is 50:1 for a Royal Flush hand while the same hand pays 500:1 on a regular wager.

Evolution Gaming also offers a progressive variant of the game. If you place a side bet and create a Royal Flush hand, you can hit the First Five Progressive Jackpot starting at $50,000.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is another popular Poker game. It is a variation of Texas Hold’em Poker and you can play it at live dealer tables powered by Evolution Gaming. The game starts with placing an Ante bet after which both the player and the dealer are dealt 5 cards with only one of the dealer’s cards face up. You can Fold or Call, which is worth a double Ante bet and check out if you have a better hand than the dealer.

The player can place an optional 5+1 Bonus bet which wins when their five cards plus the dealer’s first face-up card create a five-card hand of Three of a Kind or better. The game pays up to 100:1 for a Royal Flush hand on the Call bet and 1,000:1 for the same hand on a 5+1 Bonus bet.

This is the first Live Poker game by Evolution offering a progressive jackpot which starts at $50,000. It can be won with a side bet and a Royal Flush hand.

Live 3 Card Poker

Offered by Evolution Gaming and Playtech, Live 3 Card Poker or Brag is a fast-paced version of the game where you have to beat the dealer with a three-card hand. The game starts by placing an Ante bet and both the player and the dealer get 3 cards with the dealer’s cards face down. The dealer must be dealt a Queen High to play. The player can place an Ante bet as well as optional Pair Plus and Six Card Bonus bets that provide them with a chance to win up to 100:1 or 1,000:1 respectively regardless of the dealer’s hand.


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