Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Barca to sell Eto’o to buy Ade

Camp Nou has been the centre of most transfer activity this summer. The Catalan club bought enough players to build a satellite squad capable of playing in the Champions League, but it has failed in one aspect. Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola wants to offload some of his prima donnas in order to finance the purchase of more superstars.

Eto’o, Deco and Ronaldinho have been told that they have no future with the club and Giovani dos Santos has been sold to Tottenham, but apart from that, it has been more in than out for the Catalan club. According to The Sun, the club has already spent £56 million for players this summer, and they plan to buy Arsenal’s Adebayor as well.

The same Sun reckons that a move for Adebayor will not go through until Samuel Eto’o is gone. Arsenal are resigned to losing their Togolese striker, but they want a fair price paid for him. That fair price is thought to be £32 million if you like today’s Sun or £25 million you you like yesterday’s Daily Mail. Either way, Barcelona needs money for such a deal to go through.

The money would come as soon as Samuel Eto’o is sold, but that might not happen any time soon. The Cameroonian has had horrible injury problems in the past two years and his club demand £32 million for him. According to The Sun, he is chased by AC Milan, Inter Milan and Chelsea, but none of the clubs is willing to pay the outrageous price that is being written on his forehead.

[Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail]


Andrei Dobrogeanu



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Makinde Razzaq
Makinde Razzaq
13 years ago

Barcelona should please not sell Eto 4 Adebayo, Eto is still usfull 4 us they should not let him go.Adebayo is not ready 2 play @ the camp nou he said is going 2 san siro.he’s not a kind of player we need @ the camp nou. BARCA 4 LIFE

13 years ago

We should sell eto’o for Adebayor as he is younger and shows more promise, eto’o lacks determination and over the past 2 seasons he has not been the same player as he was the seasons before. Yes because of his injuries but he has had more than enough time to get over them. Adebayor is a up coming star personally picked by Wenger who is excellent at picking out great players, he is a must at the camp nou. Eto’os time is over.

13 years ago

barca should let them(Deco,dinho&Eto) go but not to buy Adebayo,they should rather go for big&good player not Adebayo type.

13 years ago

Please Barcelona, do not add insult to injury. It’s true that Adebayo is a young and promising player who any coach will be hot for right now, but the fact here is that Adebayo can’t fully replace Eto’o right now. I ask that Barca shouldn’t let Eto’o go. barcelona has already made a dumpt mistake by selling Deco, terminate Frank Riijkard and these mistakes can never be corrected. If they sell Ronaldinho and Eto’o, then the Name ‘Barcelona’ will again go in the dumpster for some decades as it was when Riijkard pick it up.

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