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How to bet on corners in football

Stefan Budur in Soccer Betting Strategies 6 Nov 2023


The sports betting industry is growing every year, with more bookmakers entering the market.

With this growth, the bookies are competing to get more clients and are doing so by offering a large variety of betting markets.

Bettors are also getting versatile, switching from the usual full-time result and betting on goals to other markets like betting on corners. In this article, that’s exactly what I will try to explain.

I will try to show you how to bet on corners in football using statistics and examples.

What is Corners Betting?

Corners betting is similar to betting on goals scored or cards during a regular 90-minute football match. In one way, you can consider betting on corners to have a lower risk. The full-time result or how many bookings a team will receive will not be your concern.

What are the most popular corner betting markets?

The corner betting markets don’t give you so many options to choose from like the goals or the cards markets. You still have a few options to pick from though.

The most popular corner bets are:

  • Total corners in the match refers to the number of corners at the end of the regular time, regardless of how many corners each team has. The bookies will set up a line leaving you with 2 options from which you can choose one. Your selection will always be Over or Under (ex. Over/Under 5.5).
  • Total corners 1st half allows you to choose how many corners until half time using the Over/Under pick.
  • Total corners for a team gives you the option to pick how many corners a team will have at the end of the regular time.
  • Who will have the 1st corner has you to pick which team will have the 1st corner of the match.
  • 1×2 corners gives you 3 options like in the full-time result market. You can choose the hosts or the visitors to have more corners at the end of the match, having also the most unlikely outcome to pick both teams to have the same number of corners (draw).

 The best strategy to win football corner bets

The best strategy will always be the one that will bring you profit in the long run.

Now that I have explained the main corner bets, let’s see the 3 most important factors you need to consider before placing your bet:

  1. The competition plays a key role since there are football leagues where the match is open with both teams attacking, ultimately resulting in more corners. Stay away from leagues where many teams are defending which usually results in a low number of corner kicks.
  2. Team selection is the most crucial factor. You want to look for teams that have good wingers and are able to put quality crosses in the opposition’s box.
  3. The match between 2 attacking teams will always result in more corners compared to having 2 defending teams where all the action takes place in the center of the pitch.

What is the best competition for betting on corners in football?

Choosing a competition that is averaging a high number of corners is the 1st step to winning at betting on corners in football.

English football is very well known to have open games with all the teams being focused on scoring rather than defending. This leads to high-intensity matches with a lot of corners for both teams involved in action.

How to bet on corners in football

I will recommend you choose games from a competition that is considered more reliable in terms of information available. The best football league in the world, the English Premier League would be a perfect pick in this case. It boasts a good average of corners and you can easily find very reliable information for your pre-match analysis.

 What teams have the highest number of corners

Looking at the below table we can see that 6 of the 10 teams matches with the highest number of total corners per game are from the UK (England and Scotland). This fact is backed by the highest number of corners by competition where England and Scottish leagues are dominating the charts.

Manchester United and West Ham are 2 sides that like to play with wingers (4-2-3-1 system), delivering many crosses into the opposition’s box. Their opponents are taking advantage of the free space left behind the back line putting pressure on the defence. This type of match will always lead to many corner kicks. Selecting the best teams is one of the best ways to bet on corners in football.

How to choose the best match when betting on corners in football

Let’s see why Manchester United vs Crystal Palace was the perfect match to bet on corners.

The Red Devils start of their campaign was very poor. Erik ten Hag’s players struggled to find form at Old Trafford with unconvincing results. His team pulled narrow wins against Wolves and Nottingham Forrest, also suffering a heavy defeat against Brighton.

Manchester United’s previous 3 Premier League matches played at Old Trafford had an average of 12.66 corners/match. On the other side, Crystal Palace games played away resulted in an average of 10 corner kicks per game.

The above statistics bring a feeling of deja vu when United were dominating the possession, creating many chances to score but always missing the target. Roy Hodgson knew that the Red Devils would dominate the game so he set his team for counterattacks. It was a perfect match when an out-of-form favourite plays against a good team capable of hitting on the break.

The bookies are always one step ahead of the punter using odds to their advantage. You can try to overturn this disadvantage by doing the following:

  • Bet live to get higher odds by using time to your advantage. This is a good way to further enhance your knowledge of how to bet on corners in football and win.
  • Build an Acca using more safe picks. Go for a 3 to 4 fold to boost your final odds and still keep the probability of winning your bet. Choose here teams with a high average or corners/match using statistics.
  • Use bet builders combining multiple markets from the same match.

Track your bets and give yourself feedback. Use a betting strategy that will allow you to lose enough consecutive bets without losing your entire bankroll. Gamble responsibly and wager only the money you can afford to lose!


Stefan Budur

Former owner of Betting Mojo, experienced bettor and former punter at Betadvisor, Stefan has done it all when it comes to soccer betting. With more than 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, he gained a lot of knowledge that he'd like to share with readers so you can position yourself better every time you place a bet.



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