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The Evolution of Soccer Betting: From Traditional to Online Platforms

Stefan Budur in Soccer Betting Strategies 21 Mar 2024


The interesting narrative of football betting’s evolution has taken place over a hundred-year period. In this post, I will examine how football betting changed over time, from its inception to the present and the future.

Technology has elevated football betting to a completely new level. Starting from a dubious past to a fantastic present, we seem to be heading towards a grey future. These days, you may place a wager anywhere, at any time, by just pressing a button on your smartphone.

The beginning of soccer betting

The history of wagering on soccer began in 1923. Football bettors at the time placed wagers on twelve games and were awarded points depending on their predictions for the outcome. It resembles a lottery ticket where you must guess the match result in a win-draw-lose fashion.

Football betting took some time to become more firmly established by businesses that were involved in the industry at the time. Gamblers were more drawn to wagering on dog or horse races, which generated a lot of interest and were governed by underground laws.

Sports betting was nonetheless frowned upon at the time. For instance, land-based bookies had to have their windows tinted to prevent outside visibility. This prevented gambling operators from attempting to draw in new clients using advertising. However, the legislation was loosened in the late 1980s, following huge pressure from the gambling industry.

It has even been feasible to put televisions in street shop betting agencies to broadcast live matches since 1986. The offer was still rather limited, mostly to televised contests. Additionally, it was not yet available to gamble on only one event per ticket. A soccer bet then required at least two events to be considered legitimate.

The 1990s soccer betting boom

As new TV channels could broadcast more live matches thanks to technical advancements, sports betting began to pick up steam in the 1990s. The selection of bookmakers at the time grew as more games were broadcast.

Businesses have seized the opportunity to advertise their soccer betting offers goods using ways like:

  • TV adverts
  • Radio Adverts
  • Steet board panels
  • Online advertising using the internet

As a result, publications and guides featuring data for the available matches started to appear. Additionally, operators begin accepting wagers during games, known today as live betting.

People have had the opportunity to experience the charms of online sports betting for over 20 years. The initial operators emerged in the late 1990s, marking the beginning of online gambling.

Options to bet on corners, cards, and penalties were added, thus increasing the soccer betting markets considerably. The best part was that you could place a bet anytime, anywhere if you had a stable Internet connection.

Soccer betting innovations in the 20th Century

An increasing number of clients were drawn in by the ongoing innovation and new solutions offered by online operators. One major benefit that has improved customers’ chances of winning is the ability to wager on a single event per ticket since the 2006 World Cup.

The Evolution of Soccer Betting: From Traditional to Online Platforms

Utilising advances in technology, the interface and graphics have gotten considerably faster. Deposits have been made instantaneously in subsequent years, and withdrawals have also been made very quickly.

Furthermore, nearly every event that is offered, including games in lower tournaments as well as big leagues like La Liga and the Premier League, features live betting. Additionally, a cash-out option was introduced by premium betting companies to secure the winning during a live bet.

Present gambling developments in soccer betting

The gambling industry has exploded in the 22nd Century, surpassing 500 billion dollars in revenue in 2023. With the internet cover being available worldwide, football betting revenues are expected to hit the trillion mark by 2030.

As the number of clients increased, so did the number of betting companies. Since soccer betting is a very profitable business, the bookmakers are in fierce competition to attract new customers.

Live streaming services and the Bet Builder options are being offered by an increased number of gambling companies. Also, regular promotions, prizes, and free bets are being given to loyal customers. Many bookies have a VIP section, rewarding their high rollers with gadgets, merchandise, and stadium match tickets.

What does the future hold for soccer betting?

With the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence, it’s unclear where football betting will go. All we can do is guess as to how fans of a certain team will soon place bets.

Given that soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world, historical analysis leads me to conclude that football betting will spread worldwide. With nearly 500 million viewers, the 2023 Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter was the most-watched event of the year.

The FIFA World Cup, in which Messi defeated France to win the most coveted trophy in soccer, set numerous records with 1.5 billion views, just a year prior.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if bettors soon placed rival wagers, choosing their markets and odds with the bookmaker functioning more as a middleman. Additionally, AI may be programmed to bet on football automatically when you’re at work or asleep, for example.

Artificial Intelligence will probably take away our ability to wager. It might turn into a robotic motion devoid of feelings. The bettors who like the excitement and thrill of placing a wager on their preferred player or football team will suffer as a result.

The betting community as a whole needs to safeguard the gamblers by maintaining the bet-making process as a human action, especially because other sectors have begun to express worry about the use of AI.


Stefan Budur

Former owner of Betting Mojo, experienced bettor and former punter at Betadvisor, Stefan has done it all when it comes to soccer betting. With more than 15 years of experience in the gambling industry, he gained a lot of knowledge that he'd like to share with readers so you can position yourself better every time you place a bet.



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