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Worst Craps Bets You Should Avoid

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 30 May 2019


Craps is a highly popular game at land-based casinos but gamblers love to play it online as well. One of the key features that contribute to the popularity of this game is the variety of betting options it offers. However, if you don’t know which bets are good and bad for you, the game of Craps can destroy your bankroll.  After we have presented you the best craps bets you should go for, we want to discuss the bets that you should never play. Stay with us to learn all you should know about the worst craps bets you should avoid.       

Any 7

When you play an Any 7 bet, you predict that the dice will roll a 7. This is a Craps bet with the highest house edge of a whopping 16.67%. If the dice show any other combination, this bet loses. While the house edge is quite high, a payout you win when playing Any 7 is not attractive at all. It stands at 4:1 only. With low odds and a mediocre payout, this is probably one of the worst bets in all casino games. 

Betting on 2 or 12

Another single-roll bet with a high house edge is when you bet that the next roll will result in a 2. It comes with a house edge of 13.89% and pays 30:1. You can easily get how risky playing this bet is when only one out of 36 dice combinations gives this total. If the dice show any other combination, the bet on 2 loses.

Betting on a 12 combination comes with the same house edge of 13.89%. This is also one of 36 dice combinations and a payout it earns you if you get lucky stands at 30:1.

Horn Bet

Horn bets are a bit better than above-mentioned ones as they win in several situations. When you play a Horn bet, you predict that the dice will show a 2, 3, 11 or 12. In any other case, this bet loses. The probability of winning with this bet is higher than when you play Any 7 or bets on a 2 or 12. The house edge is 12.5% while payouts vary depending on the combination the dice roll. When 2 or 12 lands, a Horn bet earns you 27:4 while a payout on a Horn bet winning on 3 or 11 stands at 3:1.

Yo (11)

The name of this bet may seem odd, but if you have ever played Craps at a land-based casino, you are familiar with situations in which a dealer shouting “yo eleven”. Some players hear “eleven” as “seven”, so “yo” has been added before the number. When you play a Yo bet, you predict that the dice will show an 11. This bet pays 15:1 and has a house edge of 11.11%, which makes it quite risky.


Another bet paying 15:1 is so-called Hi-Lo. With this bet, you place your wager on the dice rolling a 2 or 12. It is more favourable to the player than betting on a 2 or 12 and has a house edge of 11.11%.


Named after the game itself, a Craps bet wins when the dice show a 2, 3 or 12. Although odds of winning it are a bit higher than winning with a Hi-Lo bet, a Craps bet pays only 7:1 which increases its house edge to 11.11%.

Big 6/Big 8

This is probably the worst even-money bet in the history of gambling. It comes as no surprise that some casinos have removed it from their Craps tables. This is one of the multi-roll bets where you win if a 6 or an 8 is rolled before a 7. What makes this bet particularly bad is that it pays 1:1 only while the true odds are 6:5. Due to this, Big 6 and Big 8 have a high house edge of 9.09%.

Closing Thoughts

These are not all bad Craps bets but are definitely the worst ones you can play. Now that you know which bets have a low house edge and which ones are the riskiest ones you can play, you are ready to join a Craps table. Remember that it is a game of chance where you can gain leverage over the casino only by choosing bets with a lower house edge. Before you start playing the game, read our guide to online Craps strategy and make sure to practice it long enough for the best results.   


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