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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi

Nemanja Lazarevic in Half-Time Soccer Specials 31 Mar 2011


Lionel Messi is widely considered to be the best player in the world at the moment and some even believe the Argentine is the best to have ever played the beautiful game. At 23 years of age he has accomplished much more than anyone could have hoped for and his life is pretty much an open book for soccer betting fans around the globe. However, there are some things that you probably didn’t know about the Barcelona star.

1.) Messi’s style of play, impressive technical skills and small physique earned him comparisons with the legendary Diego Armando Maradona, and it is interesting that the Barcelona forward managed to mimic Maradona’s two most famous goals he had scored in the World Cup game against England. Messi first scored a brilliant goal after a solo effort against Getafe, before scoring with his hand against Espanyol in the very same season.

2.) Messi was asked to play for Spain national team, but decided to wait for a call-up from Argentina. Had he accepted a call from La Furia Roja, the Argentine would now have probably owned a World Cup winner’s medal.

3.) His debut for Argentina only lasted for around 40 seconds. That was the time he spent on the pitch before being sent off. The fact that he hadn’t deserved the red card was probably poor consolation at the time.

4.) You may be surprised to hear that not only girls drop their pants in front of Messi, but some guys as well. A man was so desperate to get a picture with Messi that he chased the Argentine around the airport and when he finally thought he had caught him, a clothing failure prevented him from accomplishing his mission.

5.) In March 2010 Messi became UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and he now works with the organization helping children around the globe.

6.) While the whole world loves watching Messi from the comfort of their homes, the Barcelona star once said that he never watched highlights of himself.

7.) In the Champions League game against Panathinaikos, a Greek fan invaded the pitch only to show Messi the middle finger, probably tired of constantly watching the Argentine making fun of PAO’s defence.

8.) He won the 2009 Ballon d’Or award in front of Cristiano Ronaldo, by collecting 473 out of possible 480 votes. How do you think the Portuguese handled the results?

9.) Barcelona signed the Argentine when he was just 13 with the scouts needing just half an hour to realize the player’s massive potential. That will soon prove to be one of the best decisions in the history of football.

10.) Following Barcelona’s 6:2 victory over Real at Santiago Bernabeu, Messi achieved the unthinkable and received standing ovation from the home fans, having scored two goals to help his side record a memorable win. Cristiano Ronaldo would have nothing against getting the same treatment at Camp Nou, but Real will first have to beat Barca for that to happen.


Nemanja Lazarevic

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A good article on Messi. 😉


What makes him a great player apart from his obvious out-of-this-world skills is his humility.


Another important facet about messi is that he is quick to accept correction.Besides he is humble to all. Just that c.Ronaldo play free kick more than him,but what about speed i cant really say i think both have speed.


he have skills more than cronaldo


Wow! 23 years old and considered to be the worlds best soccer player with a humble personality. This guy will go far as long as he keeps his head clear and his focus where it should be. Anyhow, great article and very well written about a great player. Thanks for the ability to comment.
Best regards


messi is a boosted soccer star, he is the curent world no1 player bt he is failing at his home country. I regard CR07 the best nd he broke the record jst a season in spain nd he did it in england 2

Orakpo Helios

He is realy a star. But we shouldn’t compare wit cr7. Ronaldo has personal records, stil waitin 4 Real. But Messi’s team has good achievements.


Leo messi ws undoubtedly d best player to hv played d round-leather game because of his stylish style of play.He got loads of skillz than CR 7.

sobowale Dare

Messi is undisputed for now.He is a football tycoon.


‘what a wonderful messi the god of football’ messi’s wonderful display speaks for him. Must importantly his so humble unlike rude c/ronado. For those that kwn’s nothing about the god of soccer messi. Knw it now that at country level messi has won the olumpics,fifa y.champnshp. Where was c/ronado den? I need an answer. What did maradona play that messi has not played. Maradona is not even a match for messi.

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