Monday, June 18, 2018

Great signing for Tottenham as Van der Vaart move gets the go-ahead


You’ve got to hand it to Harry Redknapp. I saw the Tottenham boss saying at lunchtime on transfer deadline day that it was very unlikely that his club would be making any moves in the transfer market.


I also heard him tell another reporter who described him as a ‘wheeler, dealer’ to “fu*k off, I’m a football manager not a fu*king wheeler, dealer”.

Then, what do you know, two hours before the deadline closes they move in to make a signing. Not just any old signing, but Dutch international midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart for £8 million from Real Madrid.


The transfer of the twenty-seven year old was held up due to technical difficulties but was completed yesterday.

Van der Vaart was Redknapp’s second deadline-day signing following the purchase of Croatia goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa on a season-long loan from Russian club Spartak Moscow.

Redknapp claimed that the Van der Vaart deal was all done at the last minute.

“It was a last-minute job. I think he was going to Bayern Munich on Monday for £18 million and suddenly he became much cheaper. They let me know around 4pm that he was available for £8 million and, for that money, he is a top player who will definitely improve us. The fee has come crashing down because the deadline is so close.”


A statement from Real Madrid totally refuted what Redknapp has said.

“It is absolutely false that Real Madrid received an £18 million offer from Bayern Munich for Van der Vaart. In fact, the German team never showed an interest to sign the player, so the allegations made in England have greatly surprised us.”

At the risk of being told to fu*k off, that sounds a bit like wheeling and dealing to me!


So what have Tottenham got for their money? He has never really produced the goods at Real Madrid where he has been since August 2008 and has now become surplus to requirements under Jose Mourinho.

He made his reputation at Ajax where he played well over one hundred games and helped them to two Eridivisie titles. He then moved to Hamburg where he enhanced his reputation scoring fifty goals in one hundred and sixteen games before moving to Madrid.


At international level Van der Vaart has played eighty-three times and appeared at two European Championships and World Cups. He is also a veteran of fifty-two European appearances at club level.

In essence Redknapp has bought in not just a very good player, but one who can provide an enormous amount of experience to the side as they tackle their first Champions League campaign.

Obviously Harry wasn’t wheeling and dealing, but whatever he was doing, I think he has done it very well!


Graham Fisher



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Tottenham have got themselves a very good player and one who could just elevate Spurs into a truly top 4 PL team.
Yes I know they achieved that last season but now that could become the norm and Harry must be congratualted for doing such a great deal.
I am a Wolves fan by the way, so Van Der Vaart’s move has done us no favours as we play you soon but all the best to Spurs for the season, you should now make a serious impact on the PL.


Yes quite a good signing indeed! But believe me the are no Wolves fans outside of Wolverhampton LOL… what are your goals for the season, not to lose too many games LOL. Get real, with or without Van Der Vaart, Spurs can screw up Wolves so bad ! LOL


You could be right ‘Cold Turkey’ but you seem to have a very, very short memory!
Does last season ring any bells?

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