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10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Playing at Online Casinos

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 21 Dec 2017


Although some people enter the realms of online gambling hoping that it will bring them easy money, the harsh reality of the matter is that the mistakes you make can end up costing you dearly. The good news is that these mistakes can easily be avoided – usually, only slight behavioural adjustments are enough to escape online gambling harpies.

To fight the demons you will first need to learn how to recognize them; in some cases, you may not even realize that you are doing something wrong until it is too late and the damage is already done. It is of course never too late to change your ways and introduce a system to your gambling habits. Following a few simple rules will not only pay off in the long run – it will protect you from the gambling pitfalls and help you dodge 10 of the most common mistakes traditionally made by online casino players.

#1 Providing false credentials when opening online casino account 

Anonymity is one of the main reasons players opt for an online casino and registering with your personal details seems to defeat this purpose. At some point however, you will need to withdraw your funds and submitting false personal details will prevent you from doing so, especially if you are trying to cash out a more substitutional amount. Online casinos may require additional documents in order to confirm your identity and any inconsistencies may result in permanently blocking your account and the online casino’s refusal to grant withdrawal.

#2 Not taking the time to develop a strategy

The worst thing you can do when joining the online casino table is taking a jungle path and playing without employing a gameplay or a betting strategy (unless you actually want to be a schmuck).  Not taking the time to learn the strategy basics will inevitably mark you as the table’s fish (term used to describe an unskilled player, usually at the poker table), making you an easy target for the more experienced players and online live casino dealers.

#3 Partial understanding of the rules

One of the greatest advantages of online casinos is the integrated rulebook which helps the player to stay on top of the game. This does not dismiss the need to learn the rules, betting options and payout tables thoroughly. Failing to do so can cost the player dearly and result in an unnecessary and, most importantly, perfectly preventable financial losses.

If, at any moment, you are not able to understand a certain aspect of the game, the simple truth is that you are not ready for it and that should clearly indicate that it’s time to go back to the drawing board.  This mainly applies to the card games such as Poker and Blackjack, where understanding the rules is essential for developing a successful strategy.

#4 Disregarding the fine print and wagering requirements 

Welcome bonuses can be extremely appealing and it is therefore no wonder most of us hastily submit our first deposit, hoping for a deal of a lifetime. It is not until you try to cash out your winnings that you learn about the wagering requirements. Reading Welcome Bonuses terms and conditions can save you from a lot of aggravation and grief; reputable casino will provide a clear layout of all conditions, leaving no room for manipulation.

#5 Lack of bankroll management plan and betting strategy

Sadly, not all of us can afford the thrill of high limits and VIP tables. Even if you are made of money, bankroll management will help you with keeping your privileged status or at least soften the blow of long losing streaks.

The longer you remain in the game, the better your odds are to recover from the losses, which is exactly why the betting strategy is just as important as the gameplay plan. Carefully managing your bets is probably the most important skill a player can acquire and the one that differentiates a professional and smart player from an impulsive amateur.

#6 Going for the low RTP games or not checking the return to player rate

This may be the least fun part of online gambling, but you will need to know what you can expect from the game and whether or not it will pay smaller but more frequent winnings or keep the player suspended in the expectation of a life changing amount. The choice of the two will depend on your gambling style, but having a background knowledge will help you predetermine the funds you are willing to invest and eliminate unpleasant surprises.

#7 Betting on side or “sucker” bets

Attractive as they may be, certain bets come with an extremely high house edge and should almost always be avoided. Despite the high payout potential, these bets have such a low frequency rate that they may drain your budget in no time.

The best example of an unfavourable bet is Tie in Baccarat – it rarely wins and has a house edge of over 14%.

#8 Not taking the time to do a background online casino check

This should be done for obvious reasons. You will hardly want to learn about an online casino’s unreliability at the time of withdrawal. Fortunately, the players who have been swindled are happy to share their cautionary tales, blacklisting the online casinos that are not honouring the agreement terms.

#9 Taking excessive risks

If you are an adrenaline junkie and enjoy games with a higher risk element, make sure that this habit is under control. Letting one’s hair down feels great and we are all for it, but not to the point where one might suffer severe financial or psychological damage.  If you are tempted by the Gamble feature some software developers provide, at least wait until your balance is increased by the winnings and try to gamble towards the table minimums. The risk element will still be present and the blow of a potential loss will be somewhat cushioned.

#10 Not knowing when to quit

The first and last rule of gambling. Quit either while you are ahead or when the losses continue to pile up. Sometimes it’s better to just leave the online casino without attempting to recover the balance and use the losing streak to reflect on the possible reasons for the unsuccessful session. This may help the players pinpoint their mistakes and change the strategy accordingly.



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