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Blackjack Money Management: Place Your Bets Responsibly

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 30 Apr 2020


So, you want to master the game of Blackjack? Once you have learned the game basics and the proper strategy you should apply, you think you are ready to start playing? Well, you should not start playing until you learn how to manage your funds. It is as important as learning all about the game. Only by handling your money efficiently, you can be successful at any casino game, and Blackjack is no exception. Stay with us as we bring you an ultimate guide to Blackjack bankroll management. 

How Big Your Bankroll Should Be? 

The first question you should ask yourself is how much money you will set aside as a bankroll you will use to play Blackjack. Obviously, it depends on how much money you have in your account and how large your monthly expenses are. However, we can help you do the math. First of all, you need to know the amount you can afford to lose, as no matter how good you are at Blackjack, there is still an element of luck. So, hope for the best plan for the worst. 

Another factor you should consider is the minimum stake supported by the Blackjack table you want to join. Your bankroll should be at least 50x the minimum stake value. Yet, if this is too much for you, go for 20x the amount. The most important thing is to be patient and not risk more than you can afford. If you can set aside 10% of your salary and use it as a Blackjack bankroll, it will do just fine, but the amount can be smaller as well.  

How to Set Your Bet Value?

Now, onto the stake value. It should reflect how much you have in your bankroll and how many rounds you can play with this money. What you must not do is risk the entire amount in a single take as this is quite risky. A better option is to keep your stakes low and increase them once you have built a substantial bankroll. To do so, you must set your win and loss limits and do not exceed them at any cost. So, if you reach your loss limit, you should consider it a red flag that you should quit playing until you collect money for the next bankroll. 

Also, you should be cautious with winning streaks. They may be tempting as once you see your bankroll increases, you may believe that it will go on forever. This is not the case, though, and you may end up losing what you have won while on a winning streak. That’s why you should stop playing the game as soon as you reach this limit. 

Keep limits in mind when setting your stake. Although some say that progressive betting systems can help you bring back your lost funds, we don’t support their opinion. As a matter of fact, we suggest not using them at all as they can drain your bankroll in the long run. A rule of thumb would be to adjust your stake so that you can play at least 50 or 100 rounds with your bankroll.  

Blackjack Money Management Tips & Tricks

Now that you know how to set your bankroll and your stake, let’s learn some tips and tricks that can enhance your overall gaming experience. 

  • Find Blackjack tables supporting low stakes: This especially applies if you are new to Blackjack. No matter how good you think you are, start at lower stakes and raise them gradually. 
  • Know the strategy: Blackjack offers options like doubling down where you can increase your stake and double your winning chances. However, you should do it only when the strategy tells you so. 
  • Claim online casino bonuses wisely: Online casinos offer different incentives all the time, and not all of them are suitable for Blackjack players. That’s why you should study the terms and conditions and see whether they are suitable for you or not.   
  • Join Blackjack tournaments: They can be an excellent option for Blackjack enthusiasts who are confident about their skills. The prize pools they offer are massive, and sometimes, you can join these tournaments without buy-ins, which is the best deal you can have. 
  • Don’t play side bets: At least, you should not play all the time. They can suck the funds out of your bankroll without giving you anything in return. All Blackjack side bets come with high house margins, so think twice whether they are worth risking the money you can wager on the main bet and actually win.  

Closing Thoughts

Now, you are ready to start playing Blackjack. You see, Blackjack is all about skills and knowing how much you will wager and how to place your bets is the skill that can make all the difference. Take care about your funds, apply the strategy, and you can become a successful Blackjack player! Good luck!



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