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Casino Games with Best Odds

Staff Writer in Casino Strategies 15 Jun 2017


With today’s overwhelming offer of online casinos and a wide selection of releases that they promote, selecting a game that will suit your needs can prove to be a trying time. Apart from taking a load off and having some fun, a bit of money won’t hurt. In other words, if you are going to spend a decadent night in the casino, you may as well make it worth while and go for the games that have decent odds and carry a potential of turning some of that fun into profit.

The appeal of the games listed below is not only their low house edge – although some of them are centuries old, their popularity is not ceasing. If anything, they grow even more popular with the expansion of online casinos and live dealer tables, especially for the kind of players that prefer high stakes, sudden shifts in the game dynamics and unpredictable hands.


Besides being one of the easiest table games offered by every online and brick and mortar casino, blackjack has a sort of a timeless appeal that has nothing to do with high return to player percentage.  The house edge of 0.5% is however helpful in keeping most of us in the game. Translated into loses, this means that in the log run, a player can lose $0.05 on a $10 bet, using only the basic playing strategy. Better yet, your chances are significantly improved thanks to the blackjack one-on-one structure, where the player only competes with the dealer.

The journey of mastering this game starts with adopting a few simple rules that will govern your every move. Advanced players will naturally move on to counting cards, but even the basic knowledge of the odds and possible outcomes can take you a long way in the game of blackjack.  The decision of which course to take will depend on your own hand and the up card.

Even if you do not know how to count cards, you can always rely on common sense to guide you; thus, hand totals of 8 or less will prompt the player to Hit. Hard 17 (or up) is likely to bust, which is exactly why we do not want an extra card and most players will decide to stand on this hand.  Doubling your bets is recommended for hand totals of 9 and dealer’s 3 –  6 up card, while doubling down is a preferred option on a 10 or 11 value hand and 2 – 10 up card.

Another strategy that keeps the house edge on the low side is avoiding the side bets – the payout may be tempting, which is exactly why they have a significantly higher house edge and most us  would rather see ourselves winning than a casino making profit.


Thanks to Mr Bond, Baccarat is known as one of the coolest card games, although extremely simple to learn. The power of Baccarat is in its simplicity and risky nature, as there are no proven strategies that can influence the course of the game. High rolling players who can afford both generous stakes and corresponding losses, tend to be more attracted to Baccarat than those of us who are on a budget.

Even so, anyone should  experience this game at least once in their lifetime, as the excitement level is unparalleled and the house edge is pretty appealing – 1.06% for Banker hand win and 1.24% for Player. With the Tie bet, the house edge will increase to 14.4%, although this type of bet is usually avoided and called the sucker’s bet.


Possibly one of the most popular games in Asia, Craps offers a variety of betting options that seem extremely complicated at the first glance. Once you manage to memorize this intricate network of betting possibilities, you will probably wonder how on earth you’ve ever managed without it.

In its essence, the game is simple enough. The “shooter “ rolls the dice and the players place their bets, trying to predict the result.  On the first dice roll or the “come-out”, the players can bet on either Pass or Don’t Pass. Pass bet wins if the dice total is 7 or 11; with the totals of 2, 3 and 12, Pass bet will lose.

House edge on craps is extremely low – 1.41% for Pass line bet and 1.36%  for Don’t pass line bet .


In terms of payouts, Roulette is at the very top of the games offering the most favourable odds. The payout ratio is connected to the type of your bet. The lowest ratio for example, comes with the Outside types of bets, such as Red/Black, Odd/Even and Low/High; here, the bet will pay even odds (1:1).

Inside bets have a higher payout ratio, without changing the house edge.

It should however be emphasized that the low house edge of 2.7% does not apply to the American double zero variant. The introduction of the double zero has positively affected the house edge, almost doubling the rate in comparison to the European/French version.

Fortunately for the players who enjoy Roulette, the European version is still popular and included in the offer of literally every online and land based casino.


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