Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Chelsea throw money at Drogba

Scolari has made his intentions to keep Didier Drogba at Stamford Bridge clear after he stated that he wants “him to stay 100 per cent. No, 200 per cent,” as reported by The Sun.

The Ivory Coast striker has been frequently linked with moves to Italy and Spain after he made it very clear that he is considering his future. However Chelsea believe they know just what to do to make their striker happy again.

According to a report in The Sun, Drogba will be offered a new deal which will hike his current pay check – believed to be worth about £70,000 per week – to £130,000, which is thought to be the amount that John Terry earns.

This news will be welcomed by Chelsea fans who have seen talismanic midfielder, Frank Lampard push for a move to Inter Milan.

[Source: The Sun]


Andrei Dobrogeanu



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Chibueze Ogbuagu from Nigeria
Chibueze Ogbuagu from Nigeria
13 years ago

I have said it time and again that a prolific scorer like Drogba is pure gold and can be irreplaceable at Chelsea! As a fan, allowing him to leave Chelsea will be suicidal. Having seen proven strikers like Shevchenko and Anelka under-perform (so far at Stamford Bridge), I want to draw everyone’s attention to the vacuum left behind by the departure of Arjen Robben (despite the injury lay-offs during his stay). Up to now, Chelsea does not have any player as fast and unpredictable (as Robben) who can make things happen out of nothing. It would have been even a… Read more »

13 years ago

Compliment to our new and thanks for resolving some corrections to the club. My own suggestion pertaining to the club is all about NICOLAS AINELKA what are doing on is own issue.Also, pls try all your possibillity best to bring player like;ROBINHO,QUARESMAR,RONALDINHO to chelsea so that nest session will be easier for the club.THANKS

Gen Joe(joshua)
Gen Joe(joshua)
13 years ago

I think drogba is just too good to let go,if he leaves chelsea can be able to find his kind,so i think he worth what ever they are offering him.

13 years ago

i agree with them true Chelsea fans the Ivorian is true blue and for long deserved even much better,thats positive but it was long over due.the ivorian only now needs to be focussed on scoring more and more goals for the blues as they have shown their appreciation of his work.Scholari should also increase the supply line to the Ivorian for blue magic

Jay Sendolo, from Minnesota USA

Job well done Scolari, Giving Drogba such a mammoth raise in order to secure his service, is a great accomplishment for you and the Chelsea Team. I think you are now working like a great coalition builder. I’ve been kind of little bit grim since I heard some rumours that you (Scolari) wanted to let Drogba go for Eto’o. Frankly speaking, I’m a 100% Eto’o’s fan, but equally so, I do regard every great soccer player. From my perspective, I think Drogba is a great player and he does possess every quality a great player needs. Regardless of Drogba’s age,… Read more »

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