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Combination Bets in Football Explained

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We can all agree that accumulator bets are some of the most popular types of wager in football betting. When it comes to combination soccer bets, though, accas are just the tip of the iceberg. The multiple method bets we’ll be talking about come from horse racing, which is where they’re most used. However, there’s a place for them in every football punter’s arsenal.

Combination bets combine several selections into a bunch of individual bets – as many as you can get from those selections. The best way to explain how combination bets work is to use the simplest as an example – the Trixie.

Trixie Football Bets – How They Work

The Trixie is the smallest form of multiple method soccer bet, so it’s easy to understand and try out. Essentially, the idea is to find 3 selections and combine them in every way possible. That might sound scary, but it’s not in the case of Trixies.

The smallest combination you can make is a double – two selections combined into one bet. Since you have 3 selections in total, you can make 3 doubles. Furthermore, 3 selections can be combined into a Treble, which is another part of the Trixie.

For example, let’s call the selections A, B, and C. A Trixie soccer bet made using these three selections would consist of:

  • 3 Doubles: AB, AC, BC
  • 1 Treble: ABC

Now roll all of these into one, and you have yourself a Trixie. The main purpose of making a Trixie bet in football would be to spread your stake over several bets, minimizing risks. Furthermore, it allows you to get incredible profits from just three matches.

Also, note that you can always throw in A, B, and C as singles. In this case, the bet would be called a Patent.

As far as cutting down risks goes, think of it this way – a Trixie bet can be partially successful. For instance, if selections A and B win but C loses, you only win one of the doubles. This won’t be a great profit, but at least you’ll cut down some of your losses. This factor is considerably more noticeable in larger combination bets.

Other Combination Bets in Football

A Trixie is simple enough to make but doesn’t come with all that many benefits compared to a simple Treble. This is why you can always use more selections to hedge your bets and get even more value.

For instance, the next smallest combination bet is called Yankee. Yankee uses 4 selections to make 11 wagers rolled into one – 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and a four-fold accumulator. As you can see, things get exponentially more complicated as you add more selections. The most common types of combination bets in football (besides Trixie, Patent and Yankee) are:

  • Lucky 15: 4 selections like Yankee, plus singles, combined into 15 bets.
  • Canadian/Super Yankee: 5 selections combined into 26 bets.
  • Lucky 31: Super Yankee plus singles for 31 bets total.
  • Heinz: 6 selections rolled into 57 bets.
  • Lucky 63: Heinz with singles – 63 wagers in total.
  • Super Heinz: 7 selections, 120 bets.
  • Goliath: aptly named – 8 selections, 247 bets.
  • Super Goliath: Goliath plus singles, 255 bets.

As you can see, things can get very crazy quickly. Beginners should probably stay away from bets like the Goliath – any bet with literally hundreds of acca bets should give you pause.

It’s worth noting there is no real unified name for this kind of bet. Some call them full-coverage combination bets, others stick with ‘method multiples’. Either way, some experienced football bettors swear by bets such as the Yankee – and here’s why.

Why Use Combination Bets in Football Betting?

The beauty of these bets is that they offer incredible returns of the kind only the best accumulator football bets can. However, the profitability comes at a fraction of the risk. Let’s look at an example.

Say you’re making a Super Yankee bet – which amounts to 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold Accas, and 1 five-fold accumulator. Now, getting 5 selections right is extremely difficult even for the best bettors and top accumulator tips. Getting 3 out of 5, though? Quite reasonable. In this case, this would win you just enough to recoup your losses with a small profit.

The downsides should be quite clear as well. First of all, finding enough selections for good acca bets is hard enough on its own. And you need a lot to make combination bets for this to work. That’s why this approach to online soccer betting is reserved for experienced punters – you need to be on top of your football predictions.

Moreover, you’ll need a healthy bankroll to cover all the required stakes. Remember, even though any decent online sportsbook can automatically place these bets based on your selections, they are still technically separate wagers.

So, should you use Trixie bets in football betting? Well, if you’re the kind of player who loves Accas but hates the feeling of losing everything because one selection fell through, definitely. Good combination bets take a lot of digging and strategizing – but once you get one right, you’ll profit massively.


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