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Live Baccarat Strategy

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Playing Baccarat online can be as fun as playing the game at a brick-and-mortar casino. We have already introduced you to Baccarat variants you can play online. They include live dealer versions of the game which will provide you with a genuine casino atmosphere. Knowing that these games are available in the real-money mode only and that you cannot play them for free, we bring you Live Baccarat strategy you can apply when you join a live table.

What you should keep in mind is that Baccarat is a rather simple game to learn. Players have only three main bets to choose from. However, it is a fast-paced game and at live dealer tables you have a limited amount of time to complete your bet. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to know the rules of the game and apply the optimal strategy to make the most of it. We don’t guarantee that you will win on each hand when applying the tips below, but they can help you get an advantage over the casino.

Bet on the Banker

This is the first tip you learn when it comes to Baccarat and it applies to the live dealer version of the game as well. The Banker bet comes with the lowest house edge of 1.06%, which makes it the most preferable of all the available wagers. Other two main bets, Player and Tie, come at a house edge of 1.24% and 14.36% respectively. Based on the house edge, you can easily tell that playing these main bets involves more risk. At Live Baccarat tables, you can also find side bets that you can play on top of the main bets. These optional wagers also involve more risk, but you can go for them every now and then as they can pay some big awards. However, they should not be your regular routine. Look at them as a deviation from your regular course. The same applies to Player and Tie bets, which you can play from time to time if you want to add more excitement to the gameplay.

Avoid No Commission Baccarat

The downside to the Banker bet is in the fact that it pays an even money prize reduced by a 5% commission. While some live casinos offer the No Commission version of the game, which just like its name suggests, has no commission reduced from a 1:1 payout, it comes with a rule that can reduce payouts on Banker bets even more. The rule may vary from one game to another. Yet, it is based on the premise that the game pays 1-2 when the Banker bet wins on a certain number. For instance, if you win with the number 8 on the Banker bet, you only win a half of your wager back.

Use Baccarat Roadmaps

Live Baccarat tables come equipped with the functionality called Roadmaps. If you have played Baccarat at land-based casinos, you are familiar with this feature. When you join a Live Baccarat table, you will easily notice this tool in one of the corners by circles in different colors. These circles are graphical representations of the results from the previous rounds. You can track how many times different main bets have won and base your next bet on that. If you want to learn more about this feature, read our article Introduction to Baccarat Roadmaps

Keep an Eye on Your Bankroll

Given that Live Baccarat can be played for real money only, bankroll management should be the thing you take care about most. Don’t let high stakes tables allure you if you are on a tight budget and avoid using progressive betting systems no matter whether you are on a winning or losing streak. Set your bankroll along with win and loss limits and stick to these amounts. Although some advertise betting systems as strategies that can help you cover your losses and even win big, the truth is that they can be detrimental to your budget. Always choose bet amounts according to the sum you can afford to gamble. The good news is that Live Baccarat tables typically offer a wide betting range, allowing all kinds of players to join them.

Closing Thoughts

You can join a Live Baccarat table even if you are not an experienced player. However, we suggest you to practice the game first at virtual, RNG-operated tables that can be played for free. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn the ropes and practice the basic strategy. Once you join a table hosted by a real-life dealer, you can enjoy a Macau-like atmosphere and have fun playing the game. As a novice to this game, try to avoid the fast-paced versions of the game such as Speed Baccarat by Evolution as you may not have enough time to make a move within a set amount of time.

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