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Match result and Over/Under betting explained

Stefan Budur in Soccer Betting Strategies 27 Feb 2024


Match result and over/under betting explained is a tutorial that will show you how to successfully combine 2 betting markets in a single bet. From what is the Match Result and Over/Under in football betting to which is the best way to place match results and over/under bets, we got it all covered.

What is Match Result and Over/Under in football betting?

Match result and over/under is a special bet that combines 2 markets into a single bet:

  • the final result
  • the total goals

In other words, to win a match result and over/under bet you need to accurately predict the final result using a win/draw/lose pick and how many goals will be scored using the over/under option. Regarding the goals, it makes no difference which teams score.

Match result & over/under betting options explained

You have many options to pick from when you consider placing a match result and over/under bet. Also, some bookies will use the classic 1×2 instead of the match result term.

While some options are more realistic, others have a very low probability of occurring.

Let’s take the Seria A clash between AS Roma and Torino as an example to break down the most common picks and their meaning.

Match result and Over/Under betting explained

  • Roma & Over 1.5 goals will be a winning bet if Roma wins and at least 2 goals will be scored in the match (2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 etc)
  • Draw & Over 1.5 goals could pocket your money if the game ends undecided with a minimum of 2 goals on the scoreboard (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc)
  • Torino & Over 1.5 goals (0-2, 1-2,0-3 etc) would be a major upset at Olimpico, hence the high odds attributed (5.80)
  •  Roma & Under 3.5 goals is the most probable outcome according to odds (1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 2-1)
  • Draw & Over 2.5 goals is priced the same as Draw & Over 3.5. That is because both options refer to the same outcome (2-2, 3-3, 4-4 etc)
  • Torino & Over 4.5 goals would be a shock in the Serie A. The bookie is offering very high odds (27) for such an outcome (2-3,1-4,0-5 etc)

Top betting tips for match result & btts

Because it is considered high-risk gambling, I advise you to keep it simple when you place match result & over/under bets. Pay attention to the odds displayed and go for the most probable outcome. Also, remember that some options will give you a wide range of outcomes.

Don’t confuse the match result & over/under with the match result & both teams to score. Although they are similar in some ways, they are not the same. The main difference between the 2 betting options is that it matters which teams score the goals in the match result & btts.

Let’s consider Roma’s Danielle de Rossi wins and 3 goals will be scored in the game. The match ends with a 3-0  victory for the hosts. In this case, you won the match result and over/under bet. However, you just lost the match result & btts wager since you needed Torino to score as well.

 Match results & over/under betting types

Match result and over/under picks can be used in many bets. From singles to ACCAs and in-play betting, I will show you a few examples you can use to diversify your betting game.

Single bets

Placing a single bet using the match result & over/under market can bring great value to your bet. If you test and set up a long-term betting strategy you could stand a chance to make a profit.

Follow these guidelines when you place match result & over/under bets:

  • back top sides to win & over 2.5 goals (Liverpool, Arsenal, Inter, Real Madrid etc)
  • bet on a draw & under 2.5 goals in derby games between lower-quality teams
  • back favourite teams to win & under 2.5 goals (Champions League final, FA Cup final etc)

There are many other scenarios you can take advantage of the match result & over/under betting. Sometimes you can back a top side to overturn an away result deficit.

For example, Liverpool won many times at Anfield in Europe after they lost the 1st leg. The legendary comebacks against Dortmund and Barcelona were the perfect home team to win and over 2.5 goals option bets.

In-play bets

In-play bets are one of the best ways you can get value betting. By using time to your advantage, you can get higher odds compared to a pre-match bet. Although this is a skill you will master in time, you can start placing live bets as early as possible.

Bravo and Koper are looking to finish this season in a Conference League qualifying table position. According to pre-match odds, the visitors had a slight advantage in front of the hosts. With 30 minutes left to play, FC Koper’s pre-match odds for a win and under 1.5 goals went from 2.50 to 4.25.

As time passes and the score remains the same, the odds will gradually increase. You just need to explore this opportunity and place your bet, backing the team your pre-match analysis indicated.

Match result & over/under accumulators

Although I am not a big fan of accumulators, they can bring you good value betting in some situations. Besides, you don’t need to add many picks to your ACCA since the match result & over/under selection is already classed as a high-risk wager.

Kee it simple and bet on sides you know very well that are in top form.

Adding well-known top teams that score many goals each round is the best way to build match result and over/under ACCAs. Backing Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham on a 3-fold ACCA has yielded great total odds (5.65).

Although City facing United seems to be the most tricky match on the bet slip, despite the odds given, Guardiola’s side has proven many times to have top goalscorers in the team.

You can use the same strategy to build a match result & under 2.5 goals. Since this is the opposite of the above, I advise adding derby game selections from low-average goals-scored competitions.

Before you place any bets, set up a betting strategy and test it with small stakes for longer periods. This way you will learn how to gamble responsibly and get used to Match Result and Over/Under betting.


Stefan Budur

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